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  • Re: who's owed more? natives for stolen land or blacks for forced free labor?

    5th Letter wrote: »
    Indians been getting reparations for years, black people have yet to receive anything..

    follow the title bruh...

    it's not about who's getting what...its about who's owed what.

    if natives are owed 2 billion just because they was pain 209 mil...there debt was still 2bill

    get my point

    I get what the title means. And I did answer the question. Black people are owed more because black people haven't gotten anything. Whereas Indians have already been receiving resources. I don't know how else to explain it.
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  • Re: Midwest Region Rd Of 64.... #6 Chance The Rapper vs #11 Freddie Gibbs(Gibbs with a knockout)

    I gotta refrain from voting, I don't listen to these niggas music like that.
  • Re: South Region Round Of 64.... #6 Rick Ross vs #11 Killer Mike(Killer Mike Advances)

    This site must be for the def

  • Re: Reason Interview: sr_the_freshman

    5th Letter- How did you discover the IC?

    sr_the_freshman- When the music from my father's crates ran dry, I looked to the internet. There was a point in time in which googling "hip hop site" would yield as it's unquestionable first result. I had to have been like 13-14 when I did this for the first time and discovered Illseed like many others on the board. At the time, I specifically wanted to follow along with every beef imaginable, and the rumors section was my go to for it. So during that whole G-Unit vs Game shit, I was here. During that Dipset vs Jay Z shit, I was here. And so on.

    At a certain point, even that wasn't enough for me, cuz niggas with the inside scoop at my lunch table always got the extra cool points in terms of Hip-Hop conflict. That was our bread and butter outside of sports and video games. And that's when I discovered the IC. I distinctly remember lurking the site after school on a weekly basis, and watching the slander matches between oldhead posters like _blank, towers and so on. At the time, I was still a relatively young dude, so I opted to just lurk and collect knowledge like a bug on the wall, or young scrap in a barbershop. But I studied the art of the post and the ways of slander so that when I was finally ready to join the discussion, it came from a place of confidence.

    5th Letter- How long have you been on the IC?

    sr_the_freshman- Well over a decade in terms of the lurk game with a little over half of that being active.

    5th Letter- What made you decide to sign up

    sr_the_freshman- The dialog. The slander. The jokes. The exposures. And Ima be completely honest knowing this is going to be a point of contention between my fellow readers and I, but the points system that the board introduced later on was, at first, a huge plus for me, setting it apart from other sites. From a readers standpoint, it streamlined the conversation so niggas wouldn't have to sift through pages of redundant reaction gifs. From a poster's perspective, all we gotta do to see how receptive our posts are to the rest of the board is check the reactions. It keeps shit interesting, similar to Reddit's upvote / downvote situation. This unfortunately has devolved into niggas just flagging other niggas without really contributing to the conversation, and being passive aggressive girls. But that comes with the territory, and I've always kinda just accepted it for what it was. The posters who wanna write quality content will shine with or without it.

    5th Letter- What are some of your earliest memories of the IC?

    sr_the_freshman- All the fuckshit from Donkey back in the day. iheartCali exposure. EBRC movement simply off of that powerful meme. Classic debates on the reason. I regrettably missed that whole Shenco / Bruse Wane era as due to inactivity. But all the classic slander matches from the Reason in the mid 2000s.

    5th Letter- What are some of the craziest things you've seen since you've been on the IC?

    sr_the_freshman- It has to be the iheartCali exposure as mentioned earlier. Niggas had been pulling the sheets off other posters since I'd been lurking here. Hacking or whatever had been a regular occurrence. But that was some other shit. Looking back on it today, some of us can just laugh it off, and it was clearly the result of some reckless movements on the net. But at the time? From the outside looking in? A nigga swore up and down lives were at stake from that shit. The whole ordeal was a valuable lesson on how you maneuver in these IC streets, or the internet as a whole for that matter. Tighten up, man. Cold niggas snatched that ladies tracks clear the fuck off her head IC style.

    5th Letter- Who are your favorite and least favorite posters?

    sr_the_freshman- I don't really interact with niggas outside of the threads, so I naturally enjoy reading posters who's views align with mine, are undeniably funny, or I can at least tell approach the culture in an objective fashion. illedout, GetoBoy, LcnsdbyROYALTY, built 4 Cuban Linx, Chicity, Cain, IceberyTaylor. BackInWhite funny as shit to me. bCotton's stanery is hilarious to me and I greatly respect his ability to stay in character at all times. You cool too 5th. I enjoy a lot of you niggas, otherwise I wouldn't bother coming back to talk to ya'll. I could go on.

    Honestly, the only niggas on the board I seriously don't fuck with are the ones who reinforce shit that I feel is damaging to the art. If you ever were on that "Everyone ghostwrites, so it doesn't matter" fallacy boat, then I'm talking to you. For example, I thinks its a relatively known thing that Peezy and I don't get along, but it's only due to his super liberal approach to the music that I don't respect because he feels like everything is up to interpretation or opinion, and I'm a staunch proponent of objectivism and balance. I don't have a personal problem with him. He's entitled to his taste. But there are other posters on the board who go out of their way to defend bullshit in the name of their favorite artists IE the emerging Beige Brigade Drake fans, even if this means tearing down the legacy of other proven artists. You faggots know who you are and only get half a bar; Fuck ya'll niggas.

    5th Letter- What are some things you'd like to change about the IC?

    sr_the_freshman- I don't know if I'd change a thing outside of the aesthetics as a Developer myself. But outside of that, I really don't know. I've existed through a few iterations of the forum, so I'm with whatever everyone else is with, honestly.

    5th Letter- Word association 2 words or less

    5th Letter- Drake
    sr_the_freshman- Disappointing Ting.

    5th Letter- J Cole
    sr_the_freshman- Cole World

    5th Letter- Peezy
    sr_the_freshman- Opinion man

    5th Letter- Macklemore
    sr_the_freshman- White guilt

    5th Letter- Any last words before we wrap up

    sr_the_freshman- Yeah man, ya'll be cool and stop taking everything I post as an assault on ya'll wack ass tastes. I abide by strict principles when it comes to the game, and I'm vocal because I revere the essence. It's what I was raised on. But I'm an internet nigga like the rest of you head asses and I'm trying to get these jokes off all the same. Shout out to all the niggas who take the time to actually read this or any of my other book long dissertations. And whether positive or negative, shout out to everyone who takes the time to parlay with a nigga. The dialog is what makes the board.
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  • Re: Reason Interview: sr_the_freshman

    5th Letter- What are your thoughts on today's hip hop?

    sr_the_freshman- Niggas better get they tape decks and a cup of coffee, cuz this is gonna be a titangraph. If you would have asked me 2 or 3 years ago, my response to this would have been negative because I was unsure how things would unfold. If we're being honest about a timeline, that's kinda when the true fuckshit was coming full circle in my opinion. I don't necessarily like the dawn of this mumble rap wave, but it slaps at a festival and its still the culture being done on African American terms. If niggas have followed my posts on the board, they'd know my main grievances revolves around 3 things today. The overt whitewashing. The lack of influential DJs on the East Coast. And ghostwriting. All three of these things I feel in some capacity have been addressed or there is at least dialog happening in regards to how it can be addressed.

    I. The whitewashing got addressed ironically through the whole civil rights, black lives matter wave we've experienced recently because of the police brutality being broadcasted. Overtly obvious caricature acts like Iggy Azaelia and Riff Raff were completely put on hold and the otherwise harmless acts like the G-Eazys and Macklemores were put on notice to be mindful of your place while your in the game. Now we got Macklemore out trying to speak as a sort of white mediator between us, the creators, and the white audience which I find mildly healthy due to the dialog.

    II. The whole "ghostwriting is acceptable" wave is being handled through shit like what we're seeing in this Remy vs. Nicki scuffle. J Cole's little PSA as well as Andre's shit last year. Styles P. interviews. Ect. I honestly don't know if Scaff Beezy out here penin' Nicki Minaj's raps like a black Ken doll, but I like how Remy is out here castrating the bitch for it, and how people are ridiculing it. As they should. Niggas are just gonna have to understand, your bullshit trend does not just usurp the natural way of things. Someone not doing their own work in any field is, and always will be met with disapproval. These aren't singers who have to seriously deal with vocal moderation and shit like varying cadences. Singing is a technicality and art in and of itself. This is rap. Any nigga can do it. You bring your voice, no matter how annoying like Freeway. But none of that shit matters if your pen game is on ball point. Niggas these days who like to argue for the ghostwriting shit are getting caught up in the vanity of it all, as if Drake is a special snowflake with a special delivery. You niggas are kinda gay for fawning strictly over another man's voice. People also like to argue that music is a collaborative process. I agree. Everyone has their roll. The producer makes the beat. The engineer masters the sound. And rapper writes his own shit. Ya'll out here blurrin' the lines like Robin Thicke. Chill the fuck out, ock. But I digress. For the niggas who swear up and down I'm a Drake hater of sorts: Go back to the original Drake vs. Meek thread, and find my post from 2015 on page 16. Off the rip, I said if Meek was lien', then he deserves to get his shit incinerated. I'm a fan of the blood sport but I'm also a man of principle first and foremost. That entire situation was wack.

    III. Finally, the fuckin useless DJs, specifically on the East Coast. I don't really feel the need to digress on this too much cuz if ya'll peeped Jay's interview the other day with Frank Ocean, you'll see a lot of the shit I've been preaching for years on here was vindicated in that conversation. Also, go peep the NORE interview from a few days ago. But the bottom line is, a lot of shit music that has become mainstream is the fault of the DJs not having the courage to break good shit in their respective region and that has ultimately upset the balance of this whole shit. NYC for the longest has not had a proper platform, so the region has suffered and it breaks my heart because Hot 97 used to be the shit. Southern DJs have always been on point with breaking their own, and that is the reason why the South, no matter how diluted it has gotten, is the most recognized in terms of it's mainstream appeal.

    tl;dr: So in all, how do I feel about Hip-Hop today? Because I'm seeing these conversations happening, along with quality lyrics making a proper comeback and ghostwriting being fully rejected, I'm feeling Okay.

    5th Letter- I do think the ghostwriting is fine for certain artists.

    sr_the_freshman- Yeah, by all means. For the niggas that wanna be artsy (Kanye) and not considered for Top 5, do your thing. If you wanna be revered as the collaborative artist, or the guy that's known as what I like to call as the composer rapper (Diddy), by all means. If you feel the message and delivery far outweighs your bid for the crown (Cube) then do your thing my nigga. You will be remembered for something far more special. But that's not what's happening with certain other artists.
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