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  • Re: Wu-Tang Forever

    I fucked with MGM I still wonder why they never released that as a single. It would've fit in with what was hot at the time.
  • Re: The Reason Debates VIII (need 1 alternate)

    @King Lee
    @5 Grand

    I'd like to start on 6/15 if you guys have any ideas feel free to post them up.
  • Re: The Official 2014-15 NBA Thread

    Cavs in 6
  • Re: American Woman Killed In Lion Attack In South African Park

    She woulda had those windows rolled up if she was in a black neighborhood though.
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  • Re: The Goat Album Tournament - Semi Finals: Reasonable Doubt VS Doggystyle

    I was 16 when rd dropped 13 when doggystyle came out. It was a different climate when these albums came out. The chronic came and fucked the game up. NY niggas was amazed at how well put together that album was. When everybody heard snoop on that album. Everyone knew he was gonna be a star. The anticipation for his solo was tremendous on both coasts. NYC was fucking with that death row movement hard.. Different sound, different perspective, different slang just all around impact. Snoop changed the game. If it wasn't for RTD and illmatic the west coast stranglehold would've been even stronger. That's how strong those two albums were.

    RTD and illmatic saved us. We was always lyrics first beats second. As long as your head was nodding the lyrics did the rest. Yall are right when you say RD had no impact when it dropped. And the reason for that it was to many great artist in NY at the time for him to compete with. Ob4cl had NY on smash. Everywhere you went you heard either ice cream or criminology. That album was to strong for anybody to fuck with at the time. That shit had every rap nigga that thought they was on top reevaluate they own shit. And jay shit just didn't standout. But the thing about RD was like a few before albums before it. The shit was ahead of its time. The nigga was making grown man hustler music that was so coded that you really didn't appreciate it until he dumbed down on Vol.2 and that's when it hit niggas. I really didn't catch it till I was 20. Coming from OT listening to regrets. A 16 year old can't relate to some of the shit he was saying in that song or shit in d'evils. Not saying it was to advanced but you had to be knee deep in it to appreciate that type of angle he was coming from. Aside from ain't no nigga which I don't think is a bad song at all. There's not one bad track on that album.

    So now in 2015 I listen to both of those albums. One gives me a nostalgic Feeling like damn I remember what I was doing when Gin and Juice came out etc etc. but when I listen to reasonable doubt, I see the picture he he was trying to paint. I was just young to see his vision in 96.

    "Ghettos Errol Flynn hot like heroin young pimps is thorough when I pimp through your borough in. You young boys keep your chicks intact cause I walk like a pimp talk like a Mack trick.

    As a young fan that 93-96 era of hip hop was incredible.
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