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  • Re: Tariq Nasheed: Slavery Wasn't That Bad For Black Women

    The same niggas that want you to ignore Hillary's racism are the same ones shitting on a black man trying to give black people good information

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  • Re: Reason Interview: Cain aka Cain_Marko

    Cain check out these albums. These are their two best albums imo.


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  • Reason Interview: Cain aka Cain_Marko

    5th Letter- Where are you from?

    Cain- Small town in NC born in raised the country

    5th Letter- What's it like out there?

    Cain- It's straight country nothing but horses, cows and deer. We lived in small neighborhood it was cool though it was a tight knit community. Everyone knew each other or at the least knee your family. Like I said it was small town maybe 1000 people at the most and it segregated blacks had their side whites had their side. It was home though and it was all we knew so you grew to love where you where from and where you lived.

    5th Letter- Experienced any racial prejudice there?

    Cain- That's a trick question? Lol I'm from NC and live in a country ass town running the streets in late 70's early 80's of course I did. We all grew up poor as shit whites and blacks but them goofy crackas thought they were better than us. It was race fights every other day at my elementary school all the way up to jr high. Cops would arrest us just for riding our bikes through the "white side" because some lady would call the police scared. We would get put in the car driven off so they could tell at us and then they would laugh and let us out nowhere close to our houses. Looking back on it they could've easily killed us and not one word would've been said but they didn't. Cops never really fucked with the adults oddly enough just the kids and teenagers

    5th Letter- Was there one specific incident that stuck out to you?

    Cain- Multiple events with the cops and it was always some shit popping off between the rednecks and us. Rednecks jumped a dude from our neighborhood we all got together and met them dudes at basketball court. It was like a 10 on 10 battle royal just fighting no guns or nothing but it went down lol. Cops were called and of course the black kids were at fault but whatever we won so I didn't care.

    5th Letter- If you don't mind answering what do you do for a living?

    Cain- I've been working in telecom industry for years. I've held multiple title's started out as a service technician then became lineman then a copper/fiber splicer to a engineer. Now I'm a project manager for a telecom firm for their fiber optic build out here in Charlotte.

    5th Letter- How is that job like?

    Cain- It's aggravating for the most part I have a about 15 contractors from 3 different firms that I manage and make sure they're doing the work they were hired to do. Have to manage the budget and make sure these dudes are not over charging for the work they performed and I have make sure they are working safe at all times. It's aggravating but it's a opportunity to move up in my career so I deal with it. I've been in telecom construction for the most of my career but I plan on getting project management under my belt then moving over to more IT based gigs to finish out my career.

    5th Letter- How did you get into hip hop?

    Cain- First hiphop song I ever heard was Kurtis Blow's Christmas Rapping. When I first it heard I was like this dude not singing he's talking clear and the beat was cool. Then Run-DMC came around I was like aight these dudes are nice but when i heard Rakim it was over. Dude painted pictures with his rhyme's he wasn't like them other rapper's his style was different had better word play and the James Brown sample on I Got Soul was my shit. I became a hip-hop head then I always liked rap but after hearing Rakim I was now a hip-hop head ever since

    5th Letter- Who are your favorite and least favorite rappers?

    Cain- Favorite: Cube, Big, Nas, Jay, Scarface, Rakim, Kane, Common, J. Cole, Pre Deathrow Pac, Krit, and others. Least: too many to name but Deathrow Pac and his fans/stans BTNH are trash. Most of these new niggas are trash

    5th Letter- What are some of your favorite albums?

    Cain- Mr. Scarface is Back, Amerikkkas most wanted, Ready to die, It Was Written, Doggystle, Only Built 4 Cuban Linx

    5th Letter- What are your thoughts on today's hip hop?

    Cain- New niggas are trash and the fans have let themselves be dumb down by this fuck shit. Hiphop had became beat driven across the board from East to West and South to North. Even the producers are dumbing down their sound and it's all starting to sound the same.

    A producer like J. Dilla god rest the dead would be considered boring now because his beats don't slap or whatever these new age fuck niggas say lol. Yet a producers like Mustard and Metro will use the same beat sequence for 10 different songs for 10 different artist and these goofy niggas will say. I know that comes off as the old nigga hating but it is what it is. Artist have to change with the times I get it but I am from a time where lyrics and complex beats meant something. Even Rick Ross had dumbed down his flow and using more "trap" beats. That dude Desiigner dumb his whole style and to get on. It's so blatant that's it's brilliant to an extent. On camera acts like a babbling jackass off camera nigga is East New York stoop talking nigga shit is hilarious. Future the same way he used to rap like 3000 now he mumble mouth God of hiphop. I just believe Pac and Big gave these dudes two different styles to run with and these new niggas blew it.

    Oh and before some jackass respond to what I said with "there is other artist out there that is rhyming". Shut up......the mainstream is what our culture is being judged by the masses at this point in the game. A Ab-soul will not get the look a Lil Yachty will. A Casey Veggies will not get a look period. Black Milk will never get a look and Krit who is nice won't shone because he's considered boring by fuck niggas and cause he's not rapping about how much dope he smoked and or sold.

    I just want hiphop live up to its potential and not dumb itself down for the turn up
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  • Re: Reason Interview: Cain aka Cain_Marko

    5th Letter- What do you say to people who say old heads hate on the young cats?

    Cain- I will say they're right. Older heads used to hate on my like of cats like Nas, Redman, and Big. It's a part of the game. It's all a cycle the new batch of emcee's coming up in years to come will be hated on by Kendricks,Drakes, and Future fans of today. It happens

    5th Letter- How did you discover the IC?

    Cain- I discovered the site one day I was laid up at home recovering from a surgery I had done. I was looking for hiphop related topics and saw Allhiphop when it had the old newspaper style page lol. Been a member of this site since the forum's opened up when Greg and Creekmoor were posting. Then stopped posting in 02 came back and lurked then rejoined back in 08

    5th Letter- What made you stop posting?

    Cain- I didn't really post that much as it was then and I had work and school going on at that time to keep me busy.

    5th Letter- What are your earliest memories of the IC?

    Cain- I came here like most to see what others thought about hiphop I lurked for the most part. A thread about Pac and Biggie caught my eye and I believe that was my first post. Then I went over to the Let Me Ride forum posted in there a lot I had one of those fast and furious Honda Accords that I was trying to get pointers and see if anyone was into lowrider cars. Then I found Illpix and posted in there and the Reason.

    5th Letter- What are some of the craziest things you've seen since you've been on here?

    Cain- The IC is famous for the exposure's albeit some are funny I don't really believe in the exposing people. I'm more of fuck the keyboard say it toy face person but this is the internet so it what it is. The craziest thing or I should say the funniest was the Shenco roast.

    Dude used to be on here promoting his music back in the day and some of it was not bad BUT when I pushed play on that ear homicide he called Standardize Slaughter I knew it was going to end well. All the gifs and memes was hilarious. Closest thing as funny as that today was the SleepwalkinginJapan roast now that was crazy for all the wrong reason

    5th Letter- What was your relationship with Six like? Did y'all really live next door?

    Cain- I'm a lot older than her but we're from the same place. Never hung in the same circle's but she knowy people I know her people. She's cool very smart girl

    5th Letter- Who are your favorite and least favorite posters?

    Cain- Favorite posters: are the GTA crew, Coalition crew, the females and the Mod Squad

    Least favorite: that mizury chick is weird as fuck don't read none of her post. Besides that none of these goofy niggas are worth mentioning. If they feel a certain way and man enough test their hands hit me up I'm in Charlotte,NC

    5th Letter- How do you feel about those old jokes?

    Cain- I don't pay none of that no attention when I know it's cats on here older than me lol. Plus most these goofy niggas favorite rappers are my age or older so it's all hilarious to me

    5th Letter- Word association 2 words or less

    5th Letter- Bone Thugs & Harmony
    Cain- trash

    5th Letter- Juelz21
    Cain- weirdo

    5th Letter- DWO
    Cain- friend

    5th Letter- Nas
    Cain- GOAT emcee

    5th Letter- Any last words before we wrap up?

    Cain- The IC has lost some of its glory but I still rock with this site till the wheels fall off. IC is still the best forum out there regardless niggas come here to beef and talk shit. It makes other forums feel weak in my opinion. I believe more posters should come out of lurking and engage and discuss their opinions no matter how wack and dumb as shit they are lol. Oh and a more serious note, to all the posters thats on here for hours at a time. Challenge yourself to volunteering a couple of minutes out of your day to help the youth that don't have anyone to help or care about them. Our young black males and females need a role model to look up to and see that there is a better way. A few minutes to an hour out of your day to show a child you care can change things.
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  • Re: 2016 Reason Awards Music Edition Nomination Thread

    @_Goldie_ we can separate the two.