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  • Re: Taxstone arrested in relation to Irving Plaza, Troy Ave shooting

    u bring gloves when its premeditated that ur gonna use the hammer.....

    My bad. I forgot this the ic where no one ever walks around without the gloves and gun and bulletvproof vests and clean handkerchief to wipe down guns and magazines.... Pls the ability to spit at any chick at any moment and bang her five minutes later.

    Bunch of James Bonds on the IC. How'd i forget.

    Y'all got this one. Tax shoulda had the gloves. Matter off fact he shoulda had grenades and ak47 on top of it too. Just in case.

    He never should've brought the gun in there in the first place.
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  • Re: Taxstone arrested in relation to Irving Plaza, Troy Ave shooting

    scrapper1 wrote: »
    Taxstone snitched on Taxstone. His podcast is like a weekly testimonial..

    He made a poor choice by being involved in that situation in that moment. He should've think straight but now he's facing a potential life sentence. Welp!
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  • Re: 2016 Reason Awards Music Edition (The Results Are In)

    Artist of The Year

    Childish Gambino

    Album of The Year

    A Tribe Called Quest- We Got It From Here... Thank You 4 Your Service

    Mixtape of The Year

    Dave East- Kairi Chanel

    Single of The Year

    DJ Khaled featuring Nas- Nas Album Done

    Best New Artist

    Dave East

    Collaboration/Feature of The Year

    Kanye West featuring Kendrick Lamar- No More Parties In LA

    Group/Crew of The Year

    A Tribe Called Quest

    Underground Artist of The Year


    Run The Jewelz
    Apollo Brown
    Westside Gunn

    Producer of The Year

    Q Tip

    Verse of The Year


    Andre 3000- Solo Reprise
    Nas- Nas Album Done
  • Re: Why DON'T You Listen To Old School Hip Hop?

    Let's not discredit a white rock group, but let's discredit the true pioneers of the culture on a god damn hip hop message board. I hate y'all motherfuckers.
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  • Re: Why DON'T You Listen To Old School Hip Hop?

    5th Letter wrote: »
    Hip hop is the only genre of music where old school artists and music gets dismissed like this.
    EyeofAsaru wrote: »
    Eye only fuck with certain artists from that era

    Public enemy
    Slick rick
    Kool g rap
    Krs one

    The immortal God emcees


    You can miss me with all that hippity hop don't stop bang bang boogie bullshit..that ish is trash..Everything from that era ain't golden and older heads need to stop acting like music from that era isn't above being criticized..We don't have to bump it because u think we should

    Ain't nobody trying to listen to the rapping duke...have all that dust clogging up my ears

    Don't blink!
    I listen to old school rap b. I'm a hip hop head. I listen to Rakim, BDK, Run-DmC, LL and NWA daily.

    I really can't listen to these new rappers except for when I'm turning up.

    But Melle Mel and Kurtis Blow is a snooze fest.

    "Clap your hands everybooody!"

    BOY IF U DON'T..
    D.D.S. wrote: »
    Because that shit is horrendous and the production is shitty. 90s hip hop >>>>
    P. Town wrote: »
    Them dudes in the YouTube comments be on Kurtis Blow videos talkin about

    "I was born in 1999 but Kurtis Blow is real Hip-Hop. I listen to the Treacherous 3 and Kool Moe Dee. Fuck gay Drake and skinny jeans"
    Quality wise it's just not as good man most of the rhymes are wack if we're bein' honest and the beats have aged horribly.

    Respect where it's due but nah man

    My point exactly. Funny though. Y'all aren't obligated to like it but don't dismiss it either.
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