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  • Reason Interview: Nah Son

    5th Letter- Where are you from?

    Nah Son- I live in Southern Germany close to the city Stuttgart. I was born and raised here but I'm of Turkish origin and most of my family still lives in Turkey

    5th Letter- I thought you lived in the states, what's it like in Germany?

    Nah Son- Yeah I guess you ain't the only one lol. When I started posting I was in Turkey for a year and I remember back then you could name a location under your IC avi. So I put Istanbul on there and people stayed shitting on me no matter what I posted lmao. I could be like "Yo this and that album sucks" and got responses like "Man shut your foreign ass up" "The fuck would you know about rap" etc. So I was like damn I don't need all that drama lol. I never hid the fact when asked about it but I also kinda kept it on the low I guess

    Living in Germany is pretty cool its a stable country and lets everybody be what they wanna be. But because of my background I don't really see myself as a pure German even though I was born here. Turks are the largest immigrant group in Germany but many locals don't really accept us so I'm kinda torn between two national identities

    5th Letter- If you don't mind answering what do you do for a living?

    Nah Son- I'm a law student and I'm about to finish my degree so I don't have a real job yet. But my main passion and goal is to make a living as a writer. I've written two books and now I'm working on the third one. This far it doesn't really pay the bills so I also have to do some part-time work in journalism. But I will continue writing and just hope I can catch a big break someday

    5th Letter- What are you studying in law? What were your books about?

    Nah Son- I study every aspect of it but the emphasis is on labor law which mostly deals with the relations between employers and employees. If I were to work in that field I would like to help out people who get fired for unjust reasons. But to be successful as a lawyer you shouldn't really care about justice, it's more about which client or case brings in the most money. Most successful lawyers will defend a murderer or even a child rapist with no fucks given. I always think of the Jay-Z line "Your lawyer screams 'Appeal!' only thinkin' bout a bill, when your chances are nil" and its true. That mentality doesn't really fit me well thats why my main focus is on writing

    My first two books were non-fiction. The first one was about a soccer club cause soccer is a big thing over here and I've been playing it all my life. Then the same publishing house approached me about writing another one and I told them I wanted to write about hip hop. They were reluctant and said hip hop books don't sell well but then they agreed. It didn't make me rich but it got positive reviews in magazines and online media. And I learned a lot by doing it

    5th Letter- What made you choose labor law?

    Nah Son- To be honest I wanted to choose criminal law but its the most popular emphasis area and I couldn't get a spot smh. Labor law is cool too but in criminal law you learn by solving real life cases mostly and you hear some wild stories. For example my first exam in that field was about a married couple who kept getting stalked by some psycho who would regularly break in their bedroom at nights and just stand in the corner and stare at them. So the man got himself a gun no Nas and one night he shot that faggot in his leg. But it was outside and the dude was running away so you have to decide if it still counts as self-defence or not. Theres not a clear right answer to that in an exam its more about the way you build your argument

    5th Letter- What was your early life like?

    Nah Son- I grew up in a small town and my parents always worked hard and put food on the table for us. Looking back I appreciate that and don't take it for granted.
    As a child I would hang around with my turkish friends cause immigrant families over here stay among themselves for the most part. We would play soccer all damn day and swear we were gonna be world famous players one day lol. Then I went to grammar school in another city and had to make new friends cause none of my friends from my neighborhood were there.
    Some of my boys from my childhood are in fucked up situations today. One of my best friends is a drug addict and has to stay at a mental hospital cause he lost his mind, another one fled the country to avoid getting locked up. But I never put myself above them and I still try to keep up with them cause growing up together creates a special bond

    5th Letter- What's it like in that town?

    Nah Son- I left it when I finished school but I guess it's home for me because I was born and raised there. I couldn't live there anymore though because it's a little place and most young adults leave like I did. Some of them go back after college but I don't think I will cause I prefer living in a city

    5th Letter- How did you get into hip hop?

    Nah Son- The first rap song I remember hearing and bumping is Coolios Gangsta's Paradise lol I musta been eight years old. I would see the clip with Michelle Pfeiffers sexy ass every day on TV and rap along to that shit in my lil mickey mouse voice even though I didn't understand one word. Rap was just ill to me it was like a instant fascination I couldn't explain. And after I saw the video to Tupacs Changes for the first time it was a wrap. I didn't know much about him but when I saw him walk outta court all casual and smiling and shit dude was the coolest mf on the planet to me. As I grew up and with the internet coming up I was able to dig more into non-mainstream hip hop and all the classics from the eighties and nineties and my love for the music and the culture grew and never faded

    I had a graffiti phase in my teenage years too and I still see some lil pieces I did in my home village when I go back. Unfortunately they're all on @genocide drawings level

    5th Letter- Who are some of your favorite and least favorite rappers

    Nah Son- Let me give you my top 5 in no order

    Pac was just one of a kind
    Biggies flow and storytelling was amazing
    Jay is a flawless MC and can do it all
    Nas made the GOAT album and is a true poet
    Rakim is the godfather of this rap shit

    Other favorites are Andre 3K, Kendrick, Kanye, Doggystyle era Snoop, Jay Elec, Pusha, Krit, Cole, UGK, Luda, Lauryn and the list goes on. I know he wasn't a rapper but I gotta give a big shoutout and RIP to Nate Dogg. It takes a special talent to outshine rappers on their own shit like he could do

    Some of the rappers I don't mess with are French Montana, Schoolboy Q, Danny Brown and Wiz Khalifa. I don't hate em I just can't get into their music

    5th Letter- What are some of your favorite albums?

    Nah Son- Thats a tough one man theres so many but Imma narrow it down to 10:

    Blueprint, Illmatic, Ready To Die, All Eyez On Me, Aquemini, Reasonable Doubt, Doggystyle, 2001, Liquid Swords, good kid mAAd city

    5th Letter- What are your thoughts on today's hip hop?

    Nah Son- I'm not a old head but I think the quality and variety in hip hop has declined a bit over the years. I keep up with the new generation but I'm not really impressed.
    If you think about it what rapper under 25 could you expect to drop a classic? I don't see nobody like that right now.
    So we going through a lil drought but I think that's normal and will pass. Look at what happened after the Ringtone era, cats like Kendrick, Cole and Drake came in and elevated the game. We probably won't see another golden era but hip hop will be fine
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  • Re: Reason Interview: Nah Son

    5th Letter- How did you discover the IC?

    Nah Son- Like most people I checked out the rumors on the front page for a while and then lurked a bit before I joined. This the first and only forum I ever signed up on. Its a good way for me to discuss hip hop cause most people in my everyday life are not familiar with hip hop or they only know mainstream stuff

    5th Letter- How long have you been on the IC?

    Nah Son- June 2010. I wasn't used to writing in English so in the beginning my posts must've read like a hip hop version of Borat lol. My first posts were on some awkward shit like "Hey guys I love hip hop what does this line from Nas want to say?" Lmao so you could say it took me a while to find my style

    5th Letter- How long did it take you to come into your own on the IC?

    Nah Son- Learning by doing pretty much. When I signed up I was a typical rookie posting in damn near every thread I came across. Then I remember a confrontational phase lol when I would just shit on rappers who I felt were wack and posters that were fans of them. But over the years I got more laid back and I only post when I really have something to say about the subject or to crack a joke here and there

    5th Letter- What are your early memories of the IC?

    Nah Son- Finding out about new rappers on here was always dope to me. When Kendrick, Drake, Cole, Krit and Big Sean made it big I was already familiar with them thanks to the IC.

    I remember the long ass hiatus. I came back every day and was like I thought yall said be back by thanksgiving smh. And Ducky the hacker who had everybody shook af. At first I thought it was hilarious that someone called Ducky bullied the whole site and thought it was some kind of a joke. Then I went to Donkey for the first time and seen him expose people left and right and was like

    So I took my ass back to the Reason and stayed here for the most part

    5th Letter- What's the craziest things you've seen since you've been on the IC?

    Nah Son- If we talking craziness I gotta start off with Shadyteam. I don't know if she just a troll or if its real but all these years she been going on and on about the same shit. Shes consistent tho gotta give her that. Remember that Ice Cube skit where they ask him for his last words? If that was Shadyteam: "Yeah. Yeah I got some last words....tell these rappers to harmonize more."
    She fine af tho @Shadyteam if you reading this I'm in London over the weekend for the Giants-Rams game lets meet up for some 8 Mile and chill

    The Shenco and Bruse Wane roasts are classics. The ether was strong on every page in those threads and it wouldnt stop. I died when that one alias told Shenco "I'll give you an atomic wedgie off the Eiffel Tower, then put my dick in your grandma's denture water"

    DJ Premier catching feelings cause of a Busta thread was hilarious too. He was like "Busta Carmichael at allhiphop write your title correct when dealin with me I ain't NEVER been punked!!" lol sit your old ass down. I just checked how it went down on twitter and seen this weak ass apology by AHH lmao

    5th Letter- Who are your favorite and least favorite posters?

    Nah Son- Shoutout to my Legion of Trill fam Busta Carmichael and T. Sanford they both hilarious and creative as hell, probably the funniest posters on here.

    I fuck with a lot of posters nh I'll probably forget some: Sion, Stew, dalyricalbandit, MrCrookedLetter, Goldie, BobOblah, CashmoneyDux, Lab Baby, Stiff, StoneColdMikey, LcnsdbyRoyalty, i ro ny, AggyAF, LikeWater, rip dilla and many more cant name em all.

    Everybody in the NBA thread Beta, CJ, Axel, infamous, 5th Letter aka you, Ghost, IceBergTaylor. Special shoutout to my fellow Sixers fans O.G., Mister B. and Bossman. Embiid our savior is here #Finals2020 we coming

    I got one or two trolls on ignore but I don't really have least favorites cause I don't believe in e-rivalry. Cant see myself chilling with my girl and have her ask me "Whats wrong with you today, why you mean muggin" and be like "Man this fool on the internet swear he knows metaphors better than me" while swinging at the air like Cuba Gooding in Boyz N The Hood. Shit aint that serious

    5th Letter- How did you become a Sixer fan?

    Nah Son- Basically AI made me a Sixer. As a kid I was reading sports magazines a lot and one had this long article about Iverson and his bad boy image and how he brought a new style to the NBA. Once I saw him play I was instantly a fan. That was in 97 or 98 and I've been a Sixer since. AI was my hero I would buy all his shoes and jerseys and I even went to the only african barber in the area and got me some cornrows. Nobody knew that haircut over here so the next day in school everybody was looking at me like I was a alien or some shit. Mfs said my head looked like a autobahn. Bitches loved it tho

    5th Letter- Word association 2 words or less

    5th Letter- Allen Iverson
    Nah Son- true icon

    5th Letter- Busta Carmichael
    Nah Son- IC legend

    5th Letter- Kendrick Lamar
    Nah Son- young leader

    5th Letter- T Sanfard
    Nah Son- trill dog

    5th Letter- Any last words before we wrap up

    Nah Son- Yeah thanks for the interview I appreciate it. Love hip hop and always will. Let me end this with one of my favorite songs ever
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  • Re: LOL, Mary's J. Blige's Ex Needs a Rack a Month for Clothes and 5 Racks A Month for His Parents

    LPast wrote: »
    There's nothing to argue about. Y'all don't have principles you live by. Simple as that.

    You can't talk down women for doing this, then cosign this guy's behavior... Which one is it?

    There is no right or wrong in this situation. Based on how the marriage system is set up he's entitled to what he's asking for, despite how trifling he is. Maybe if enough women get fucked over this could be the spark that changes things for the better. Change don't occur until the group that usually benefits from certain things begin to feel the pain from rules/laws that benefit them.
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  • Re: Article: Blue lines in New Jersey for police: Unifying or divisive?

    So ILL wrote: »
    I'm still trying to figure out how police officers are held with high admiration like they're gods, like it ain't another job. Yeah, they're supposed to protect and serve, but they chose to do that shit, and they take the uniform off everyday. But yeah, I stopped reading after a 5% black population lol.

    Because this country is filled with racists and white supremacists and these race soldiers posing as cops are murdering black people. It's essentially their way to show their support to the race soldiers who harm black people.
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  • Re: CYOL 2016 Chilla vs Rue

    Future Sales: Flexington ENT, young artists who haven't hit their peak yet commercially who has a chance to grow. Chilla's best artists have seen declining sales over the past few years.

    Longevity: Flexington ENT solid young artists who makes good music who are not clear flash in the pans. Chilla has 21 Savage, who can develop an audience and have the potential for long term success. Chilla's best artists have proven success and have longevity but how much longer do they have?

    Album Covers: Purple Haze, Chilla's album covers were better.

    Tracklist: Tie can't really judge tracklists to be honest.

    Cohesion: Flexington ENT, both labels have cohesion but I'm leaning towards Rue mainly because of long term potential.

    Winner: Flexington ENT