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  • Re: Usual Suspects ending vs Primal Fear ending

    Du_Du wrote: »
    just because something is pop culture doesn't always been it was better...

    scarface is arguably the top pop culture crime flick of all time but so far from the best crime movie it's laughable......

    norton killed that shit......

    the part where he started clapping in the cell and Richard Gere standing there looking all butt hurt was awesome cinema....shit blew your mind simply because no one saw it coming...

    the whole set up to Uual suspects was that someone was going to be ultimately be revealed to be Keyser Söze, and the fact that there were so many hints dropped along the way made it a fun movie to where you were genuinely amused to find out that verbal was him all along....

    but the line...

    There never was an Aaron ... counselor

    that shit killed it...

    Are you seriously going to sit there and tell me that all that bullshit you just kicked is coming close to Keyser Soze?? Or that storyboard scene? Usual Suspects has been bit by everybody from Jay Z to SNL. Split personality has been done over and over. Show me one single movie that has anything even remotely close the end sequence of Usual Suspects.
  • Re: Usual Suspects ending vs Primal Fear ending

    You can't be serious...the Usual Suspects ending is damn near pop culture at this point in time. Its iconic, in the same vein as Godfathers intro music...
  • Re: thanos vs darkseid

    If Darkseid ever beats Thanos....its because Thanos planned for it to happen.
  • Re: 13 Cleveland Police Fired 137 Rounds Killing 2 (Video)

    This is why I dont even blink when I hear one of them get got...they've taken their fair share.
  • Spinoff Thread! Is Agent Stahl from Sons of Anarchy

    The most conniving, sociopathic, evil, manipulative, hoeish, vile, trolloping, skettish, cuntish BIATCH (feel free to add on adjectives by the way) in TV history?

    I swear to god I have never wanted a bish on TV dead more than anything in the whole world. She has done some of the most vile shit I have ever seen on film. The thing that sealed it for me was *SPOILER* when she blamed Gemma and then cutting a deal with Gemma to pin the whole murder on her partner/Lover. She then offs her partner in the middle of an operation to get her out off Gemma fucking with her plans. THEN if that vile shit wasnt enough...when they showed that montage of everybody with their spouses all hugged up and happy for the first time in a long time. This bitch is sleeping alone....looks over to the empty side of her bed...and SMILES!!! The fuck???

    Man has there ever been a BISH thats been more hated on TV? I honestly can't think of anyone personally.

    OH, and shout outs to OTTO for beating that bishes head in and for Opie for poppin like 6 rounds in her head at point blank range. Also I never thought Ally Walker was such a great actress. She did a fantastic job with this character, she had me hating this bish so much that if I saw Ally in real life I might steal on her with a quick right.