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  • Re: "you prepared to die for this pucci" ? -what would you do



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  • Re: Cracker Ass Crackers Carrying Weapons in the Open Are Left Alone,


    Where I'm at whites carry concealed everywhere......

    But, if a minority did the same they would also end up face down on the concrete.....

    Or worse.....

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  • Re: Walgreens Employees Put Hands On An Alleged Shoplifter (Fair/Foul)

    And its not a forgone conclusion that they'll lose their jobs.

    They could be suspended or transferred to one of the other hundreds of stores in the city and never be recognized. Some corporations actually do appreciate people who go the extra mile. We probably will never know how this ends for them.


    @ appreciating a nigga for $9/hr......

    Go to war for a corporate entity if you want....

    & find out how expendable you are real quick.....

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  • Re: Love Yourself: Female Talks Honestly About Her Body And Having Confidence!

    Too much confidence........

    Not enough housekeeping skills.........

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  • Re: Florida Gun Store Sets Up A 'Muslim-Free Zone' After Chattanooga Shooting

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    Also i don't like any cracker who supports the confederate flag however i like islam even less that shit is a greater threat to me than any kkk loving hick cracker.

    You are generalizing an entire religion....

    That threat depends on your location....

    The majority of black Americans face more violence from crackers....

    YES i am generalizing and while i must admit some muslims are nice people unfortunately the doctrine of islam is evil, it's an evil ideology that should be shown for what it really is and i don't see how it is possible to talk about the hundreds of millions of muslims on earth and their relationship with islam without generalizing

    The mental violence and pollutions of islam is worse than the crackers physical violence and in the internet age location not so important. muslims can decide to actually follow the wicked example of muhammd anywhere on earth, they can get inspiration anywhere there is an internet connection

    What are your specific issues with Islam????

    If you dig through any religious doctrine you can pull out damning information.....

    A lot of people claim that the bible and Christianity are evil....

    What is the difference???

    1. islam is evil, it's doctrine is evil . Islam is the teachings, sayings, doings and advice of the so called prophet Muhammad on how to live life in totality. If you look at the things Muhammad did, said and told his followers to do I don't see how anyone can say that he was not wicked.

    Christian history is evil because christians have done evil but Christian doctrine is not evil, the teachings of Christ that we find in the gospel are righteous. Historically Christians have done the exact opposite of what Christ told them to do and now it's devolved to the point where people are blaming the teachings of Christ for the actions of people who actually disobeyed them.

    Christ never owned slaves, never cheated on his wives or killed anyone simply for saying bad things about him. All these things we known Muhammad did from muslim sources.

    2. radical islam seeks to take control of the whole world, is radical islam a representation of the whole muslim ummah ??? no but there are close to 1 billion muslims on earth if even 10% want to rule the planet then they are a threat to me and every non muslim.

    3. islam is responsible for the destruction of African civilization

    4. In the more advanced Islamic nations there is the virtual slavery of people, in the less advanced Islamic nations there is outright slavery

    Good points....

    Can't really argue against that.....

    However, I still think that white supremacy is a larger threat than islam to African Americans.......