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    Young Berg is brave for even showing his face at this point
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  • Re: Kendrick Lamar - "To Pimp a Butterfly"

    Some of you niggas in here GOTTA work for Interscope... you going TOO extra with that bullshit...
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    I'm honestly trying hard to like the album but I just dont.
    Another cracka here I see

    See what Im saying homeboy just said his opinion. Why not be an adult and ask him why he feel that way? Instead he gotta be a cracka. DatsdatbullshitImtalmbout
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  • Re: Post your controversial/unpopular hip hop opinions in this thread

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    C Murder shot a 16 year old not thug. He was rich by then that was dumb.
    Gucci shot people in self defense but generally looks like a retard
    Selling drugs is not thug. He shot his brother. Scary nigga closed his eyes and shot someone that wasn't going to shoot him back nor tell the police on him.

    i like the way you think. real spit that will sadly be slept on...
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    Lot of yall dick riding too. *pause*

    I keep seeing this phrase repeated in the internet world. It seems to be used as often as "hater". Am I to understand that if someone genuinely likes something, and can give relatively objective reasons as to why they like it, they're still "dick riding"? And would it be safe to assume that being a "hater" works in the same fashion? Albeit at the other end of the spectrum? Interesting perspective.

    Or is this simply a case of people being contrarians for the sake of being contrarians? While I do agree that there are those people that will force themselves to like something simply because it comes from their favorite entertainer, which would be "dick riding", having opinions that occasionally fall in line with the status quo doesn't necessarily mean you're a stan.

    A lot of y'all making these "dick rider/hater" accusations need to brush up on your comprehension skills. They're severely lacking if you can't discern the differences in rudimentary topics.

    Hypocritical muthafucka. So its ok if you like the shit to keep repeating and extrapolating on how much you like it, but if you dont you just gotta keep it brief and move the fuck on huh? Fucking crack baby logic....

    well the former actually makes sense.
    the latter doesn't to me. I don't put much energy into what I don't like. so if an album drop and I don't like it, I may enter the thread, give my opinion and that's that

    but you're one of the active participants in this thread and you don't even like the album. just seems backwards
    How does it seem backwards? Its a thread for opinions about the album whether good or bad- not specifically labelled and categorized as a dickrider thread. And again lets count the actual number of posts I made in here. Its not even fucking significant. Bitch ass niggas are blowing shit out of proportion simply because I dont share the same damn opinion. Moreover, I WANTED THE SHIT to be good. Im fucking dissapointed. I liked the songs the kid was putting out here and there after GKMC and was fucking let down by the actual album. By me putting it out there and challenging a muthafucka to think different or reiterate the stance they maintain about it I learn more about people for one, and for 2 whenever Im in the mood to try to give it a listen again Ima look for what muthafuckas said about it in the positive. Im a fair balanced dude. I just dont fucking like it and I dont think I should have to censor myself on a goddamn discussion board cause I aint on no bandwagon. Its not like Im trolling not explaining why I say what I say. A nigga can dialogue or fucking ignore me. But I aint on here doing shit wrong or backwards, my nigga.

    you niggas obsession with using the term dick rider to describe actual fans is disturbing. I explained this earlier. not every fan is a dick rider. not every critic is a hater

    truth is there is exaggerations on both sides but generally, this thread is filled with fans. fans of Kendrick. fans of this album. there's no dickriders. no bandwagon niggas. we're fans. we must be wired differently, cuz I don't put much energy and thought into what I dont like. doing so is backwards to me

    you're disappointed in the album. we get it. so why are you still here labeling niggas whose opinion differs from yours? and under your logic what makes you different from the niggas you're attacking?

    If you look back on the thread its the fans that started labelling muthafuckas who dont like it first i.e. "niggas who dont like this like the Migos" "niggas who dont like this arent black" " niggas who dont like it arent as smart or refined as niggas that do"...all that shit came from fans out the fucking gate. And again..Im not putting A LOT of thought or energy into it so I wish you would quit that silly exaggerating shit. The only reason I put effort into speaking on it at all is because there is previous kendrick shit that I like as well as shit that I dont. The energy expended is because I like music and I have my own website. The results of this is going to end up as blogs on my own website and possible video content all in the name of getting adword money.