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  • Re: Chicago rapper Jojo releases beef video gets killed

    This is just more proof that we, especially children, have way too many rights in this country! And some people bitch about having Marshal Law, well in the areas where this shit is happening at (Chicago, Philly, LA, Miami, etc.) the federal government should step in and control parts of the city where crime is ridiculously out of control. Let these niggas go to war with real soldiers who are way better shots, have way better weaponry, and way more sense!
  • Re: Obama named ‘The First Gay President’ on Newsweek magazine cover; creates controversy

    This will sway alot of voters but I will take what obama says with a grain of salt
    I think it will sway a lot of black religious votes away from Obama. I honestly don't know how to feel about him coming out with this. Why doesn't he just favor rights for ANY adult who wants to marry ANYONE as long as they are of sound mind??? What I'm getting at is this, how can you exclude other groups of people who may want to marry someone that the majority of society turns their noses up to such as a sister & brother who may want to marry (rare I know but there are relationships amongst siblings or close relatives that go beyond what's normal) or men or women who would like to have more that one husband or wife??? I'm just saying we have people out here who go on and on about equal rights, civil rights, etc. but in the case of marriage if the door is going to be opened up for gay people to marry because of love shouldn't Obama be just as supportive for the rights of any other couple who wants to get married???
  • Re: NAS "Life Is Good" (Official discussion thread) Release date 07/17/12

    Would be a great day for Hip Hop if Nas, Ross & 50 Cent drop the album on the same day, Nas would probably sell the most of them =)
    Might be a great day for hip-hop, but a bad day for Nas. I'm just being honest about. Ross and 50 would eat up all of the sales that day. I'd buy the Nas album before I would buy either 50 or Ross album, but that's just me.