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so is the IC fucked up or am I just trippin?


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  • Re: Telling a random female u just saw, that her man is lucky to be with her is

    missjcapri wrote: »
    i dont see whats wrong with it *kanye shrug*

    of course you wouldnt. You are so focused on the attention that you dont understand what his intentions are. You just look at it as a compliment but really this dude is throwin subliminals. your self indulgent ass is too dense to see he is just planting a seed in your mind.
  • Re: What's going on in Miami dolphins locker room?

    everybody gets hazed b. lol at yall thinking yall wont get hazed. but this shit happening now way worse then hazing

    nah only weak ass faggots like you would get hazed, shout out to Dez Bryant for sayin fuck that shit. what the fuck would they do or could they do anyways? kick you off the team for not allowing yourself to get bitched out? they would have a nice big lawsuit on their hands.. I played sports until my 2nd year of high school when I got kicked out of school and never once did I get hazed. in my experience, only weak ass pussies like you that allow themselves to get hazed got hazed now foh chump ass midget
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  • Re: Woman Claims Texans RB Arian Foster Is Pressuring Her To Abort His Baby


    And it's selfish to cheat, have unprotected sex with someone who isn't your wife, only to demand the other woman whom you impregnated to do something that may be against her own personal beliefs

    The girl isn't innocent and maybe this was her plan all along, but at the end of the day arian put himself in this position ....and should be held accountable for his actions for the sake of the child

    And how could fatherhood be forced upon a grown ass married man who is worth millions of dollars by someone who isn't your wife and only 20 yrs old? Smh lol

    So if he wasn't married it'd be different? Hell yea he was wrong for bustin in that bitch. But if she decides to keep it, she should raise the child, and he shouldn't have to do anything but support the child financially. Because she decided to sleep with a married man, she didn't make him wear a condom and she doesn't want to get an abortion. How the fuck you gonna have half of my DNA potentially growing inside you but I don't have a say so in ANYTHING? That's selfish. She is looking for a payday. Hope that bitch dies giving birth.

    The fact that he was married just makes his actions all the more self serving

    And why are you continuing to throw around the word selfish as if both parties arent acting with their own self interest in mind...

    Nobody can force arian to be apart of the child's life physically, but it's more than reasonable to ask him to financially support a child he played a part in creating

    Time people realized once you decide to enter a female raw or with a condom you yourself had not purchased you are basically signing up to become a father or at the very least an atm...

    Thats bullshit and that's why women torch niggas in court all the time cuz of shit like this. She was grown enough to fuck, let him go raw and who knows what type of shit, than she is grown enough to take care if a child that she wants. And I sincerely believe she only sees this child as a payday. 2 years from know we will revisit the topic I bet you this bitch will have no job, no income, but a big ass house, tons of expensive ass purses and shoes and she'll be riding around in something luxurious. I say if a woman doesn't have a job she shouldn't get child support, because that money goes to supporting a grown ass person. My mom and pops stopped buying me shit the day I could legally work. She shouldn't get to live off that man cuz she is a walking cum dumpster.

    Lol...and arian was grown enough to know you fuck a woman raw your chances of becoming a father grows exponentially

    You may not like the system, but is there a better alternative for the children involved, society as a whole? Should we abolish cs and ask tax payers cover all the costs? Physically force women to have abortions because the father of the child is having second thoughts? Lol
    So you just throw the responsibility of contraception on the guy? She doesn't have to do shit right? And that people, is why woman win in court 95% of the time. It's always the guys fault. Women can't control themselves they must have raw nigga in them at all times. I hope the world blows up tomorrow and everyone dies.

    I don't care if arians pockets are raped because at the end of the day he put himself in that position...

    All I care about is the welfare of the child

    and you are a bitch...
  • Re: Grand Theft Auto V

    _Menace_ wrote: »
    soooo.... Rockstar took all our money, Menace still has a vagina, and Killa Cham still a sensitive bitch that think he tough with a mouse in his hand. Aint shit changed.

    Quit playing with your life before that avi turns red again

    life? lol I dont give a single fuck about this site, its far from my life. can you or killa scam say the same? I think not.
  • Re: Scarface Says Hip Hop Is Intentionally Being Dumbed Down

    Lab Baby wrote: »
    5th Letter wrote: »
    5th Letter wrote: »
    But just as long as the beat is hot, the hook is catchy, and it makes bitches shake their asses. Nothing else matters. Hip hop is still recovering from the damage the ringtone era did to hip hop in the mid to late 2000's.

    you right but hip hop isnt recovering from that. its just living with the effects of it. its like the ringtones are gone but the whack ass music is still around.
    I think there has been a slow transition to lyricism in hip hop again. The dumb shit really isn't as prevalent as before IMO.

    True, but the transition is too slow, and these new cats are gonna fizzle out before they make a real difference. A lot of these new niggas are just as dumbed down as the ringtone rappers, but they just say shit faster with more words. Kendrick, Drake, Wale and Cole are the only true multifaceted lyricists in the mainstream. Four dudes out of the dozens of other mufuckas with a record deal. Facemob may have a point come to think about it.

    hell naw... and u said Drake was a multifaceted lyricist lol foh