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    Sion wrote: »
    Dayum and you know what's wild ?? All the hard work and success Obama did, the credit will go to Trump. So he has a scapegoat for the fuckery he's going to do. Trump will say yeah he "drove out Hispanics but you know unemployment is down !" SMMFH this is the ignorance yall have to look forward to.

    Niggas said Obama did nothing for you, when Trump is done destroying the rest of black America and giving yall another Reagan era or "Trumponomics" niggas gon wish they had Obama in office.

    @Sion I like you but @traestar and I have explained to you that Obama did nothing for black folks while we were getting slaughtered, and Obama wasn't speaking on our plights, or even putting policies that favored everone elses but us. Waken up my man.

    Unfortunately @Sion, Obama gave people the illusion of change. He did do things for the LBGT, Latino community, and women. But we have witnessed 4x as many police executions then we ever witnessed in this country in the last 8 years. Who would've thought that Amadou Diallo style murders would continue to happen at the intense rate in the 2000's-2010's. Those police unions sent a message to Obama and he refused to address AND state action. He instead he called blacks "thugs". Every single president MAINTAINS the status quo.

    What I will say Obama did under the radar that is sort of a blessing in disguise and explains the unexplainable genocide of African Americans is that he went on the Tom Joyner morning show and said "I don’t look at myself as the first ‘BLACK’ president because the word ‘BLACK’ has no standing at law"

    The audio evidence has since been removed but the quote has been on the internet for almost 5 years!
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