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  • Re: Ayo Du maybe I got this all wrong but

    This thread didn't turn out nearly as amusing as I thought.

  • Re: Is terrorism an effective way to advance one cause?

    janklow wrote: »
    what disapproves your point is acting like they're special... unless it's all about them being nuclear. what's the objectionable part of the bombings that makes them terrorism in your eyes?

    well, this is admittedly sort of subjective in that we don't know what's "more terrifying" to people out there, but i'm not convinced that the increased amount of planes involved somehow makes the bombings of Tokyo less terrifying.
    After the two bombings, which were both unexpected--due to the lack of any warning which was given to other Japanese cities before bombing them--and devastating, the president of the United States conveyed this message to Japan "If they do not now accept our terms, they may expect a rain of ruin from the air the likes of which has never been seen on this earth.". This was textbook terrorism (the systematic use of terror especially as a means of coercion).
    janklow wrote: »
    well, you did; this is the quote:
    "Not an extended series of coordinated strategic bombing efforts, as those would be more of a series of attacks rather than one large attack"
    the March raid on Tokyo was, in fact, one large attack. a battle that involves a pile of tanks isn't a series of tank fights, it's one large attack. and again, it's weird to claim any raid is part of "coordinated strategic bombing efforts" and the atomic bombings were not when they were ALL carried out by the same air forces from the same nation against the same target nation.
    The March 10th bombing raid was preceded by another raid just 6 days prior, and was one of several bombing raids on Tokyo over an extended period of time (around 6 months). Hence the wording, "an extended series of coordinated strategic bombing efforts".
  • Re: could u wife or mess wit or have a s/o that looks like a family member?

    dats a nasty way 2 put it.... im not sayin u dont kno if yo fam looks attractive or not.... but still that post jus made my skin crawl.... lol
    I mean, if my aunt/cousin is a certified bad bitch, then I won't hesitate to fuck with the look-alike.

    But if the aunt/cousin is mediocre, then I won't go out of my way to fuck with the look-alike.
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  • Re: Stretch marks vs cellulite

    Hmm, pic is inconclusive.

    I think it'd be best if she posts an updated pic for analysis.
  • Re: My Therapist Told Me I Have No Conscience....

    Real shit, morals, empathy, and emotions are all overrated.

    Unnecessary even.