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  • Re: Famales being popular on a messageboard leads to doing Porn

    haute wrote: »
    ...Those who know how to break bitch knows this
    8 Ball approves:

    It takes a nigga that's hard from the start, you gotta have heart;
    To meet a bitch, mack her down, then rip her apart.
    It's all in the game; a nigga can't change.
    If you don't break a bitch, then your game is lame mayne.
  • Re: She fine...but

    doubletee wrote: »
    Fing Lee>>>
    Elly Kim Hong>>>
  • Re: PORK! whats wrong with it again?

    Most anti-pork arguments are supported by common-repeated anti-pork rhetoric, that's irrelevant when talking about the meat of commercially-domesticated pigs in the US.

    Vintage anti-pork argument ether:
    fiat_money wrote: »
    It is. The "pork and coke" thing is a myth, properly cooked pork will not have roundworms. Even uncooked pork is regulated well enough so that it won't have parasitic worms in it.
    fiat_money wrote: »
    I watched both videos. Neither supported your claim that "the pig has more diseases than any other animal".

    The first video was of a preacher describing the pig's diet and digestive process. Firstly, he attempted to use the fact that pigs will scavenge as a means to declare them unfit for consumption, however turkeys will scavenge and goats will attempt to eat almost anything if left alone; additionally, catfish, crabs, lobsters, and shrimp already do so in the wild. Secondly, he tried to compare the pig's digestive process with that of a cow, to imply there was some significance in the differences. When in all actuality, cows are herbivores, while pigs are omnivores, it takes considerably longer to digest grass, because plants such as grass have cell walls; which can not be broken down easily. This is why humans can't eat grass, we can't digest it. So of course different animals with different diets, will have different digestive systems, there no significance in it, for it is accepted that cows and pigs are not the same.

    The second video was of another preacher who was trying to use the fact that pigs will eat feces as a means to declare them unfit for consumption. What it seems he doesn't know is that the feces of herbivores is full of semi-digested matter; which contains a lot of nutrients, and corophagia is quite common in the animal kingdom.

    But the reason both videos fail, is that commercially domesticated pigs are not fed feces or carrion; so it's moot to use "what they would eat, if able to" to claim that their meat is somehow soiled as a result.

    So, do you have a proof to support your "the pig has more diseases than any other animal" claim? Or is it anti-pork rhetoric?
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  • Re: ask pico anything

    Long story short, I'm at this bitch's apartment getting some cereal, and this whore says she had milk. Bitch had "almond milk". But I'm like "Fuck it, I'm a real nigga. Titty, utter, almond; shit don't matter.". So I pour this shit out, and it's brown with the consistency of orange juice mixed with syrup; don't ask me how I know, that's another story. Ok, once upon a time, I mixed orange juice with syrup, the end. Either way, this "almond milk" was unfuckingacceptable. At this point the bitch could see the discontent on my face, and I'm standing there looking at this terrible "milk" as the bitch's life starts to flash before my eyes. Then I think, "No fiat, we can't kill this bitch.". The bitch seizes this opportunity, and says "I forgot to say it was almond milk...". Bitch said it like she was informing me of something. Of course, since I'm real as fuck out here, I'm like "I'll eat this cereal.". Did I mention it was Fruity Pebbles cereal? What kind of bitch buys Fruity Pebbles, and "almond milk"? Seeing the unholy creation unfold before my eyes as I mix the multicolored Fruity Pebbles with the brown "almond milk", I start to re-evaluate this bitch's position in my life. I mean, you have to be a sick fuck to see no issues with getting Fruity Pebbles and almond milk. But then I remembered I like chicks who are a bit "off" mentally. So everything was cool.

    Worst cereal I've had in my life though.icon13.gif
    Stomp Johnson
  • Re: Whats your current ringtone?

    Mosquito sound.