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  • Re: Get Out (2017)

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    Some more moments that may have been missed that may or may not be true.

    1. Rose isn't actually sticking up for Chris when she argues with the cop about showing ID. She's avoiding a paper trail.

    Had the cop run both their licenses, there would be a record that Chris and Rose were together before his eventual disappearance.

    2. Georgina spills the iced tea because Missy accidentally clinks a spoon against a glass, sending her into a brief hypnosis.

    3. Georgina was probably fixing her bangs in the reflection of the window so her lobotomy scars wouldn't be visible.
    It's the same reason we never see Walter or Logan without a hat.

    4. Chris's cell phone camera gives him his first insight into the mystery of Logan's strange behavior. Cell phone footage has been instrumental in shedding light on police brutality cases in America in recent years.

    5. The image of Rose eating Froot Loops and milk separately can be seen as a metaphor for never mixing nonwhite and white things.

    6. Dean has a lot to say about how little he cares for deer and bucks. "Black buck" was a racist slur in post-Reconstruction America for black men who refused to bow to white authority.

    7. Jeremy foreshadows his own death when he talks about jujitsu over dinner. Chris stays "moves ahead" when they're grappling and finally overpowers him.

    8. The knight's helmet we see in the white car has some overlapping language with the "White Knights of the Klu Klux Klan."

    The rest were obvious or already stated.

    Now I get this scene

    Peele said he never thought of this. Also he himself is mixed lol

    LOL when you play with skill,luck happens.

    To me it meant she was literally whitewashing all the different colors of ppl.

    If he says it was a random thing cool,but the metaphor fits perfectly to the theme.

    I loved this movie.
  • Re: Walking Dead Season 7 Thread

    This ep was very meh

    I think this bitch talked like that before the Apocalypse.Bitch was probably a lesbian dominatrix and food inspector.

    Damn this ep was boring.

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  • Re: Remy Ma - shEther (Nicki Minaj diss) She goes in

    Can't believe Pap was the next to blow in '05.

    Damn shame it took this long for hipsters to catch on.

    K-slay should of dropped his album at the peak of his hype when he used to be all over the smack DVDs etc.

    Dropped the ball on that one.

    Pap got caught in the trap that all lyricists in 2004-2005 got trapped in.

    The southern sound took over at the time.LiL Jon,TI,Ying Yang,etc etc.

    There was a purgatory of dope MCs signed and unsigned stuck in position.

    Then snap/dance music took over after Crunk music.

    Ppl like 50,even Eminem,Outkast,Most of NYC,kinda had to regroup. And new ppl like Pap,Saigon,Banks,All members of slaughter House and many others got kinda lost in the shuffle.
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  • Re: Remy Ma - shEther (Nicki Minaj diss) She goes in

    KamPushMe wrote: »
    Social media should be only for females tbh.

    Lmfao and people cosign this!???? LMFAOOOOOOOOO . What y'all think this is?LMFAOOOOOO

    Basically this forum is a type of social media......
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  • Re: BET to shoot new series based on the life of Nas

    I thought Nas only sold drugs for like a week? Dude said he wasn't good at it so he stopped.

    Idk why that would be a key point in the plot if it didn't have a profound impact on his life.

    That was tupac in the resurrection movie

    Yeah word that was Pac.

    Idk what Nas was doing,but I assume he was a block hustler of some sort.
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