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  • Re: Top Tier General Discussion (RIP Cadalack Ron)

    Tay Roc aint fucking w Rum Nitty

    Rum thinks he can out gun bar the gun bar king.That shit different when Tay all in your face stretching youuuuuuu(pun intended)
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  • Re: Daz, you f*ck around and find your ugly ass smashed in a trash bag...

    I kinda miss niggas rapping like this
  • Re: Big L Murderer caught

    Yeah I always heard it was about his brother.So they saw a chain and didn't bother to check his face to see who it was?Suspect
  • Re: Game of Thrones Season 6 Thread

    Arya caught a bad one.That Milk of the poppy should be sold everywhere.

    The hound is a dog....fucked up that dude died after being fingered,the other dude died with shit on his fingers and worse of all he thought it smelled like pussy.

    The Mountain hates heads.Damn.Dude was dumb.Them other niggas was like "You want some too old man"? "Nooooo"

    Bronn just as bad as dude grabbing pod's dick.He gets a pass cause he's Bronn

    Jaime don't want none from Brienne.

    Tommen got his mom fucked up.No trial by combat biotch.Marg got a plan.I wonder what rumor Cersei is talking about.She got a plan too.An ugly one.

    Tyrion trying to talk to Grey Worm and old girl is uncomfortably funny.Her joke was funniest.The masters are some hoes,but we taking them ships.

    Jaime will catapult a baby to fuck his sister...and not fight Brienne.The things we do for love.

    If dude had the power to hand over the castle,why are they just getting him to do that?I feel why he gave up.They would have lost and his kid would have died.

    Blackfish is trill.Dude ain't dead.I expect him to pop up up north.Btw Jaime's armor is dope.

    The battle at Mereen looks fire....Lol Grey worm checked Tyrion.They told him.We got 2 battles next week.

    Dani came in like "Wtf yall been doing here?"Why the dragon leave?Probably to fuck them up next ep.

    Tyrion was trying to do what he thought was the best option,but Dani would have never made that deal.Theoretically though the masters could have chose to attack without that deal.They were already attacking with the harpy.

    Who is the harpy leader anyway?

    The hound scene was dope and funny.Glad the brotherhood isn't bad now.He always was a perfect fit for them.They're going to fight white walkers I take it.All praise the Lol.

    Idk what type of The Ring,Final Destination,The grudge shit she did to the actress?Bitch turned into T2 and Jason.The oranges were probably a nod to the godfather.

    Ppl guessed that Arya would win in the dark.She's trained to sword fight and fight in the dark.Her cutting the candle was dope.I wish they had shown Arya cutting her face off.

    So Idk what to think of the faceless leader or this trip but she no doubt picked up useful skills.She is a beast with swords,hand to hand,disguises,poison,and sneaking around.As long as the waif doesn't show up she's unstoppable.Arya has the regeneration powers of Wolverine and Deadpool.

    Next week The battle of the Bastards,beef on the northside and the southside.They better make up for not showing a lot of shit with this expensive ass next ep.

    This whole season besides a few eps been all set up for this 9th ep.I have faith
    in them,GOT never lets me down.

  • Re: URL: Heartless vs Chronic

    Heartless 3-0