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  • Re: Walking Dead Season 7 Thread

    marc123 wrote: »
    jus finished ep 7.

    All the Negan & Carl stuff was coo. every thing else seemed kinda meh. Cool to see Michonne back on grind tho. LMAO @ when Negan asked Oliva where Rick was. She muttered some bs, n Negan was like "I don't careeeeeeee!" lol

    Happy to see Daryl finally bout to get out.

    lol @ the black broad rockin a brand new weave. broads out there still buyin weaves in the zombie apocalypse tho? lol

    But um where were all the other men from the alexandria safe zone? Why was no other dude watching over Olivia as she baby sat Judith. I know there are other dudes, I remember the ep where Negan & crew came and toke stuff. And Rick had that meeting with all the other ppl, tellin them to do what Negan said. No other dude coulda stayed with Judith and Olivia?

    And how tf Judith get so big so fast?!

    BTW it seems kinda odd to bring in another crew like Zeke and the kingdom. Then we don't see them again for 5 episodes.

    Couple ppl better die in the mid season finale, and not jus be a buncha ppl talking out killin Negan for 60 mins.

    Judith was a new born infant for like 5 seasons.She's due for some growth.She was like Gilly's son on GOT.

    Also,the timeline isn't clear to me on what's going on when exactly.There has to be a reason,Rick left Judith like that so fast.I'm sure they had somebody who supposed to be keeping her,maybe carl was supposed to be.IDK.
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    I'm really glad they didn't let that dude cornhole Hector
  • Re: Walking Dead Season 7 Thread

    R.D. wrote: »
    I think the writing been dope this year

    Normally I would stand up for TWD,because I actually do like it when others talk shit,but this season has not been engaging after the 1st ep until this ep.

    This is slightly better than season 2.With that said,I'm here for the long haul so even if this half of the season is meh,I'm not going anywhere.

    This season been hella meh except this last 1 and the premier.

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    My nigga was rippin pac on every track he was featured on.Rest in peace to the gawd


    RIP,but lets not have revisionist history
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    You know what.I don't even wanna talk to you niggas tonight.

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