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    Mutha fucking Gus fring
  • Re: (Joe Budden responds)NUPAC aka Troy Ave makes a diss record about Joe Budden and Mysonne

    Nobody wanted problems with the Lox,not even The Roc

    25 mins of 50 disses.Them 50 songs not hard lie these.pause
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    This should be an interesting battle. Joe is far superior to Troy lyrically. But none of that lyrical shit matters when all Troy can do is just talk reckless and clown Budden nonstop. We know Troy gives no fucks word to Steez.

    What can a nigga really say about Joe that other niggas ain't said.I know Troy can't do it any better.

    It doesn't matter if other people said it before. You watch battle rap right? How many ways have you seen people take the same angle and put their own spin on it to defeat their opponent? Joe will drop a 5 minute lyrical diss on Troy and Troy is gonna say some disrespectful shit and joke on Budden. Being more lyrical isn't the only factor when it comes to battle rap.

    Ppl in battle rap hate overused angles.

    if you use them they better be creative.

    Yeah in this case Joe could easily beat Troy.

    Troy ain't the teflon don.He got some shit to talk about.

    A nigga could ether his soul.Light work.

    Joe has battled Game,Ransom,Jay Z(Kinda),Prodigy,G Unit etc

    who the fuck is a Troy Ave?

    Nas and Hov should've easily beaten Jim and Cam but them Dipset niggas kept clowning two clearly superior emcees. KRS One was supposed to wash Nelly, Budden was supposed wash Lil B, Canibus was supposed to body LL, Styles and Jada was supposed to wash 50. Again it's not just about who's more lyrical when it comes to deciding who wins a battle.

    Jay wasn't even rapping when Jim was throwing darts,but Jay sent some darts that way on Kingdom Come a lot.Nobody feels like Dip Set bodied Jay.

    The Nelly vs KRS shit was wack.KRS had no reasoning and he wasn't in top form.Nobody won that.Nelly's little verse was good.Nobody says Nelly beat KRS.

    LiL B is a joke.Period.Nobody gives a fuck about him.He made an album called I'm gay and calls himself a pretty bitch.I don't even know why he dissed Joe.Anyway.he did nothing.He is nothing.

    Canibus did body LL on 2nd round knockout.And his 1st verse was fire he had that started that on 4,3,2,1.Before LL re recorded.And I heard he got a ghostwriter.And LL...NVM

    Styles and Jada did wash 50.They gave 50 the business.Piggy Bank was weak compared to the shit The Lox was saying.50 had to make friends with them niggas to stop that shit.

    It's not always about lyrics,but you need them.50 beat Ja because he's a better MC.

    A good/great MC can beat a lyricist and vice versa.

    Troy Ave is a rapper though.He's not a move the crowd guy or a bar for bar guy.

    He also has a light ass voice that doesn't sound aggressive on diss tracks.

    I think you're missing the point, let me expound. Jay Z and Nas are much more lyrically advanced than Cam and Jimmy, I think we can agree on that. So based on that Nas and Jay should wash Dipset, but that didn't happen. All Cam and Jimmy did was continually clown on Jay and Nas, so in the end the less lyrically superior rappers held their own in the beef. You're making excuses to deflect from the point in terms of KRS One, the lesser talented rapper held his own, Styles and Jada did not wash 50, 50 kept joking on them (like Dipset did Jay and Nas) and threatened their careers by using his power, so whatever bars they spit against 50 was nullified. LL dropped 2 or 3 scathing disses bodying whatever career Bis had left, not saying Bis wasn't spitting. But saying otherwise is revisionist history. Lastly Lil B did to Budden what Jim and Cam did to Nas and Jay, by joking on Budden. Troy obviously has a way of saying things to get under peoples skin. He doesn't have to outbar Budden, he just has to talk shit and clown on Joe, and not let up.

    Scathing LL disses? Scathing my nigga?For that matter Canibus dropped shit afterwards talking about LL getting fucked by his father figure....nigga that's scathing.

    That shit he had against 2nd round knockout is rap trash .Nobody remembers that song while 2nd round knockout is easily top 5-10 diss records ever made.

    So what if they joked on them.They don't have any song where I can say they got at them.

    Jay and Nas didn't reply to them niggas because they knew they just wanted publicity off their names,but rap wise they weren't worth the beef.Jay sent darts though.

    Jay already won the battle having them on his label and then becoming the boss off the company that distributes that company...then held up the artist they had on that label.

    Nelly didn't body shit.His verse was wack.He should never open his mouth to KRS.He didn't win anything.

    Talking shit and clowning isn't beating somebody in a battle

    That's not all he has to do to a battle tested better MC who does this for real.

    You make me not like Troy Ave acting like he built like that on some rap shit.
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    Who thinks Dip Set beat Nas?

    They're the reason the term Nas Lost exists...

    Not on my news,plus I don't rock with that bandwagon shit.Nas is never losing to me.

    His L's would make a nigga whole life better.
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    So now niggas wanna rewrite history like Nelly didn't make KRS-One sit his old ass back down?

    Anyway, Joe Budden is a walking joke. Troy Ave will find a way to make the internet make memes out of Budden.

    How did Nelly make KRS sit down?