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  • Re: RBE Bigg K vs Showoff

    The Recipe wrote: »
    One of Blacs best vlogs in a minute

    I don't agree with him.
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  • Re: The Official "Power" Season 3 Discussion Thread (7.17.16)

    This 2nd ep is what the 1st should have been

    We knew Tommy wouldn't kill Ghost

    Okay so Dre is gonna be a problem.He's gonna let his friends get him fucked up.

    Holly is a cunt.Bitch got that check.I wonder why she took it though?

    Tommy is a fucking dumb ass.He's in love with the co co.Beat dude ass.

    Tasha,Tommy,and Holly the get a long gang.Holly needs to die

    I wonder what the son will do with that gun?

    Ghost gotta kill Lobos.I think that cop is on to mike because dude got killed.

    Lobos is gonna escape and because of the John Doe thing he will be considered dead.

    I wonder if Ghost or Lobos got dude killed?

    Trailer gave away too much.

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  • Re: OVO GOONS run up on Joe Budden In Jersey (HOOD DVD EXCLUSIVE)

    Young Stef wrote: »
    @international But But Joey gonna fuck around and make Drake catch a body like that.

    Just like Hammer was goin hurt em, vanilla ice was going to wax a chump like a candle, jay-z surviving off biscuits while he was selling all them damn packs, and Biggie was fuckin kids in the ass and throwing them over the bitch, shall I carry on?!...*sighs*

    Whoa whoa Big said his man did that,not him and Hammer ain't no hoe.
  • Re: RBE Bigg K vs Showoff

    1st round Bigg K,2nd rd is debatable and maybe Show off edged it or they were equal.,3rd Bigg K outbarred him by a wide margin.Show wasted time with 2 slogans plus his "Real talk" was a lot of filler.K had like 10 more hard hitting bars in the 3rd.

    Performance wise Show was dope and he said some shit but ,in between he had a lot of dry spots and sub par lines.He was so confident he fooled ppl into thinking he was winning.

    K was not inspired,but won 2-1

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  • Re: OVO GOONS run up on Joe Budden In Jersey (HOOD DVD EXCLUSIVE)

    LOLCL wrote: »
    MazterChef wrote: »
    LOLCL wrote: »

    People starting to come at the kid who was yelling.

    I am more excited about seeing how this effect this kid's life, if you read past yesterday he has a lot of depressing/suicidal tweets.

    joe put out negativity into the universe and got his karma
    dude dissed his "friend" drake for no reason dropped a fire diss and some hoe ended up the loser by the weekend
    aint nothing gon happen to this kid

    The reason, however stupid, was drake was sleeping with his wife and dropping subliminal hints about it in his music. Obviously Joey won't do anything. I need evidence that this wasn't set up by him though.

    So much fail in this post

    Fab fucked Tahiry before Joe abd they're pretty tight with eachother

    Joe has also tossed some chicks associated with Drake too.

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