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  • Re: Joe Budden: Meek Is A Simp Who Never Got Girls Before Nicki Minaj & Won't Outsell Big Sean

    None of Joe's girls are nearly as known as him.All I know is he makes great music
  • Re: The Walking Dead (Season 5)

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    Rick can't fight, I'm every fight scene is him getting beat up and having to be saved. He had the upper hand when michonne clobbered him but there's no reason why Rick shouldn't have curb stomped dude just to prove a point.

    All this commotion got Alexandria bout to try an exile Rick, that's going to be trouble because The Group considers Rick to be the leader. He unstable as fuck though.

    I like how The Group is bringing the drama this time, those people gonna start thinking their lives were better before Rick n nem showed up. Usually it's other people fucking it up for The Group.

    After tonight, I don't think Rick is unstable.

    Mayor lady is out of touch. She wants civilization back so bad that anything bad happening she ignores it.

    Rick knows what is real. The outside world isn't so dandy like they all want to think so.

    They're more so unstable than Rick. They have left people to die. Rick has always been one to try to save someone.

    Micchone pissed me off.

    That's not actually true though. She recognized that they had a weakness and that those guys could help with that. She's been trying to work with them but Rick quite simply does not know how to act. Everybody else is getting their shit together except Sasha, Rick and Carol.

    What's the alternative - are they supposed to run that town like the Governor did? Those people were doing alright for the most part until Rick and them showed up. If they just worked together they'd have a pretty decent thing going.

    While Rick is so busy trying to show them that they can't survive outside the walls he's actually proving that he can't survive inside.

    I kinda agree.Rick and the survivors have become more like the bad guys this second half and I liked that.

    Flat out,Rick is on some Shane/Governor shit right now as far as Jesse.He hasn't even kissed her and wants to kill her husband.He wanted to kill him before he found out about the abuse.

    Now he may be right,but IDK what he wants these ppl to do besides,stop leaving ppl for dead?

    I know something is around the corner,but Rick is looking like The Shining at the end.

    The Alexandria ppl did find some sort of peace in that world,for now......

  • Re: A Young Thug and Kanye West Album Could Be In the Works

    This shit ain't happening
  • Re: Tyga Gets Into Brawl In Front Of Kylie Jenner Outside Of Club, Gun Drawn

    Damn cali washed up niggas giving Ls in Switzerland and they don't even have ls in they alphabet

    Is it fair to call Tyga washed up? He got a few hit records in rotation.
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    LOL like somebody like him is going to just reveal what he's truly up to. You can't be that naive. You watch just as many of these type of shows as I do. This nigga bout to really show his hand in season 6 or 7, just watch. The question is, how exactly does he plan to "help the realm"? I'm not buying the simple stand behind dany explanation. This shit is deeper than rap.

    I got a theory about him and why drogon went crazy and ran away.

    From his actions I actually think he's really about what he told Little Finger years ago.

    He has consistently always been on Daenerys side since season 1.

    He knows he can't be king,so his game is to always be next to the throne

    What's your theory on drogon?
    It's a reach, but it's funny how the dragon just went ape shit out of nowhere and left. Where did he go?, I always found that weird that a big ass dragon flying around didn't start a panic all over the place. Danny gets saved out of nowhere when she was in trouble by drogon? Shortly after varys pops up all cool and calm and has a nice little chat with tyrion. He seemed waaay more cocky than usual. For somebody to just be worried about dany's safety he didn't seem too shook up that she was missing. He may know some shit about dragons or something and somehow manipulated drogon. It also was weird that drogon just so happened to appear where tyrion & nas was.


    Brother sion, no you didn't just associate our brothers and sisters with the fucking new gods. We are blood of the first men. We fuck with the old gods, the forest gods, faces on trees and shit. The many face god aka the seven is some andels aka the second men shit. We don't fuck with the seven in the north. This is why arya the gawd can't complete her training. She got too much of the spirit of the old gods within her.

    ^ @themadlionsfan How was this break down?^

    I think season 6 is gonna be G.O.A.T! I think it's gonna be about the gods and all the supernatural shit they been hinting at throughout the whole series. If you peeped, they been slowly leading us into it. This season was more about the religions and towards the end focused on the gods a little. I think that was leading us into what season 6 in gonna be about. We bout to learn all about the white walkers and their god. It's they time to shine.


    I'ma holla at you season 6. Like I said, I see through shit like this all the time. All the signs are pointing to he's hiding something big(no homo). You don't keep a character like him around all this time for him to make a sudden move towards the end. Just to be some ordinary servant lol. I don't know if it's bad or good, all I'm saying is, it's deeper than rap. Hell, for all we know, he could secretly be trying to stop the white walkers. Acting like he cares about the throne. He could just be setting stuff up to stop them. I find it hard to believe somebody like varys doesn't know about the threat that's coming. Of all things not to be in the know about. I bet he sent some birds the first season to check this out. After dude from the nights watch came running back talking about the white walkers. Ned just chopped ol boy head off and kept it pushing lol.

    Drogon already came back to Dany when she was going through it w/ the harpy before in like episode 2 this season.There's some type of connection with drogon and Dany's emotions or something.