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  • Re: Was Alpo wrong for killing Rich?

    never liked dry snitch threads

    plus how do you " overcharge" a nigga for weight?

    either you have access to a connect or you don't.........and if you don't a nigga will charge you his market rate

    I don't see how a dude could be all upset over paying too much for some supply

    and if that is your man like that, how do you figure he overcharging you unless you are a sucka for real?

    Na I use to cop ounces of gas from a Patna of mine along time ago. I was his boy so I was paying 300 for a O DA rest of them niggas he taxed em 550. The regular price for a O is 400 but since he was da only real plug niggas ain't have no choice but to buy from him. But you see u gotta follow street law to, if the known price for a drug is 400. an u taxing niggas gonna get heated cause they know everybody else getting there shit cheaper.

    $300? You was still getting ripped off. I woulf say more on gas prices but i may incriminate myself.

    Depends on the yr.In ATL loud started off at $600 in about 2003-2004.By 2005 it went to about $550 by 2006 they were at about $450,by 2007 they were 400,by 2009 they were $300 by 2012 $250 currently about $225-250 for the real deal

    Now keep in mind I'm talking weight prices.

    A dude who just smokes still will pay $300 or more in 2014 in ATL because ATL doesn't have those low west coast prices

    A dude who knows ppl can get it low as 175-225 depending on grade and your relationship w/ them

    you usually still pay a dub for a G.Niggas be claiming they got 15 dollar and 10 dollar G's but I bet they are more like .7's

    This is just shit I heard.......
  • Re: Remy Ma - shEther (Nicki Minaj diss) She goes in

    KamPushMe wrote: »
    Social media should be only for females tbh.

    Lmfao and people cosign this!???? LMFAOOOOOOOOO . What y'all think this is?LMFAOOOOOO

    Basically this forum is a type of social media......
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  • Re: Remy Ma - shEther (Nicki Minaj diss) She goes in

    Can't believe Pap was the next to blow in '05.

    Damn shame it took this long for hipsters to catch on.

    K-slay should of dropped his album at the peak of his hype when he used to be all over the smack DVDs etc.

    Dropped the ball on that one.

    Pap got caught in the trap that all lyricists in 2004-2005 got trapped in.

    The southern sound took over at the time.LiL Jon,TI,Ying Yang,etc etc.

    There was a purgatory of dope MCs signed and unsigned stuck in position.

    Then snap/dance music took over after Crunk music.

    Ppl like 50,even Eminem,Outkast,Most of NYC,kinda had to regroup. And new ppl like Pap,Saigon,Banks,All members of slaughter House and many others got kinda lost in the shuffle.
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  • Re: Syrian family voted for trump, now their family is barred from America

    I got a black muslim homie who was talking that Trump shit.He thought the NOI backed Trump,but the NOI didn't support anybody specifically.

    I wonder how he feels now.

    I hope trump deports this couple too just for good measure.
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  • Re: Husband catches his wife & her pastor having sex in daughters bedroom so he went & got that roscoe…

    So I guess he won't have to pay Tithes
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