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  • Re: did canibus go crazy?

    He been mental for a while.rememeber when he had that video of retakes talking about J Cole?
  • Re: Scarface At The Breakfast Club

    They took down the youtube link but it's still up at power105:

    And Face is right, there's nothing like Hip Hop in New York City. NY is Hip Hop.

    They had reedited because they played a new song by him that had a sample. That's why YouTube blocked it at first. However thanks to using a VPN I heard the track. It was called God feat. John Legend. Dope song.

    Hmmmmm Are we sure they didn't block it because it's kinda anti religious? It's kinda like Tupac Blasphemy.That's why face didn't really explain the subject matter when Charlamange asked.
  • Re: Can Men and Women Really Be "Just Friends"?

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    jono wrote: »
    I have plenty of "attractive" female friends. I put attractive in quotes because im talking generally, i can see why a nigga would see her in the club or on the street and holla but those niggas dont KNOW her and that FOR ME is always the difference.

    When you get to know people they arent always going to be the most attractive person in the world even if physically theres nothing wrong with them.

    I can tell most niggas dont actually talk to women or listen to what they say. Ive heard bad bitches pretty much admit to being hoes, being crazy as fuck etc and while i can still be friends with her... i will not have sex with her. I just wont do it because i know better.

    I have a thing about not just letting anyone touch or taste my dick though and i know some of you cats care more about your barber than who shares you bed but i dont.

    The bold is the key. Knowing somebody or knowing certain things about them can make them unattractive to you but too many dudes feel like they gotta go after any woman that's semi attractive to them regardless of what logic is telling them to do.

    Edit...and as someone else already pointed out having a female friend that can vouch for you being a decent guy is some of the easiest access in the world to so much pussy from her friends, relatives, etc. You get more out of keeping a good female friend than trying to fuck every woman you come across

    You know bad bitches who are hoes and don't fuck them because they're hoes?Send them hoes to me
  • Re: Can Men and Women Really Be "Just Friends"?

    No.I mean only if the chick is wack,but on a bored Saturday night a nigga would still toss his fugly friend most of the time.

    if you want to fuck the chick she's not your friend,you just may be in the friend zone.
  • Re: The Official "Power" Season 2 Discussion (June 6, 9pm ET) WARNING SPOILERS INSIDE

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