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  • Re: Top Tier General Discussion

    but why would mook wanna battle in this when he wanted to get all this wild money before?
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  • Re: Connecticut girl, 16, shot dead by boyfriend, 27, before car crashes.

    twenty2 wrote: »
    RickyRich wrote: »
    A teenage girl was shot and killed Monday by her 27-year-old boyfriend — who reportedly also fathered three children with the teen’s sister — before the man crashed the car the couple was riding in, police said.

    Evalyce Santiago, 16, was found in the passenger seat of a flaming car with three gunshot wounds to her head and hands, FOX61 reported. The car crashed into the yard of a Waterbury, Conn. home about 10 a.m. Monday.

    Dominique Pittman, 27, is accused of shooting Santiago and escaping the vehicle before it burst into flames. Police found Pittman “visibly shaken” and suffering from “some bumps and bruises,” Waterbury Police Deputy Chief Spagnolo told WFSB.

    Police are investigating the relationship between Santiago and Pittman. The age of consent in Connecticut is 16, but it’s unclear when their relationship began. Francisco Rivera, Santiago’s adoptive father, told WFSB that Pittman was also the father of three children with his other daughter.

    "He was my son in law. I just want the truth," Rivera said. "He was dating my daughter and he has three kids with my other daughter."

    Christy Rivera, Santiago’s aunt, said at a vigil being held for the teenage girl she wished she could bring her back.

    "To have all this happen and not even say 'Goodbye' or 'I love you' to her again, it just hurts," she said. "I hope she's looking down at me right now and knows that I really love her, and I wish she was here with us today."

    Pittman was charged with murder and various weapons violations. He's being held on $1 million bond and is scheduled to appear in court Wednesday.

    A GoFundMe was created to cover funeral and burial expenses for Santiago.




    Right! I got to that part and immediatrly thought "Why the hell is this nigga nonchalantly stating this shit like it's normal???"

    Nobody knew he was dealing with the 16 yr old until he killed her.

    And the thing is he's(the victim's father) the 16 year old's adoptive father,but also her real grandfather.So basically that dude's babies' mother is her aunt but,her sister through adoption.Technically she's her aunt by blood.

    but no,the family weren't aware this grown ass man was messing with the girl.
    Young Stef
  • Re: YouTuber continues to date girl with video of train leaks out

    LordZuko wrote: »
    Let it go dawg it's over

    I know bro. It's a wrap.

    Ain't no pimps on the IC.
    HOH thread should be deleted.

    Nah fuck that HOH is needed more than ever

    These niggas done lost their god damn mind

    Niggas on here thinking a train running ho gonna be a faithful woman

    trust me this bitch got big ass booty which is probably fake which means she probably dances and sales pussy

    And this what niggas wanna put their heart into?

    Good luck with that.

    A regular bitch will do you,but this bitch will ruin a nigga.
  • Re: YouTuber continues to date girl with video of train leaks out

    That bitch couldn't never say shit to me

    Every time she get out of line I would just start playing that shit loud as fuck on my phone,or lap top.

    have that shit playing on the flat screen.

    She bad as fuck,but eventually even if I tried to keep her fine ass,I would just look at her as nasty ass smut bitch.

    And you recorded it bitch.

    I could see if I just heard you did the shit or if you just told me,but bitch you a god damn porn star errrybody know errbody.

    bitch gonna have to sell me her soul for life.
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  • Re: If he was black......

    Thug life

    If this was a nigga I would actually understand the cop shooting his ass