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    I have no idea why I was banned,but Im back and god damn it some of my predictions popped off early.I wanted that Hostel like scene with them kids
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    Hey Stark set...what happened to that new nigga claiming the set talking about he had GIF skills? I ain't see nothing yet!

    He bolted..... Ramsey.

    You could have had #bars nigga. No bars for you though lol

    That's what the point of it was..... Would have been cheesy to say he Ramsey Bolted #bars
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    The same dude who made ep 9 made ep 10 so we might get some epic shit.Yeah I'm sure we'll get a white walker sighting.

    I hear ppl saying that the wall will fall.Idk where that came from,But ,Cersei will probably burn down parts of Kings Landing.Bernie Sanders dying somehow or Marg or both.

    It would be crazy if the whites attack the wall,while Cersei attacks Kings Landing.Fire and Ice.

    I think we're so focused on ep 9 that 10 is gonna smack us in the face.Last yr hardhome was the big ep,but 9 was fire, and 10 was when Jon Snow died.

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    ReppinTime wrote: »
    u know manipulation is a bitch tactic right!!?
    its the only way they could have any measurable amount of power in a world RULED BY MEN!

    so we got yall bein bitches and Bae over here straight bullyin niggas..

    Talk to these niggas. I don't even like danny but she the most manliest nigga left. All that pussyfooting manipulation and sissy scheming is guaranteed to get pussyfinger killed once everything is out on the table. Even if sansa gotta stab him up in his sleep it's gonna happen.

    Lol At Dany being manly ....the Sons of Harpy showed her real violence at the race track...had her stuttering begging for the ghost ol Khal Drogo....I swear take them dragons and shit away and she s worthless...m

    But aren't we all really worthless without our dragons?
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    GoldieTV wrote: »
    Ending was bullshit tho, this nigga is with those dogs damn near daily and a stranger is gonna walk in and get the dogs to attack its owner?



    You really think Ramsey is a nice dog owner.......
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