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  • Re: American Horror Story, S6 Teaser Trailer

    Okay chapter 4 focused on freakshow season 4 a lot.Dandy's relative built the house and Kathy killed the colony in a mass killing like Dandy did.Also though Pigman coming out the shower was straight season 1 shit.Also like season 1,the husband "cheated".

    Shelby with her snitching ass.The pigman is scary.Okay so the professor got the answers.

    Shelby lies in her interviews.Peep how she shakes her head like "no" while claiming she's telling the truth

    They tore them nurses up.How hard do you need to pull to rip a bitch's arms out.

    Kathy Bate's character is not nice.

    There must be a reason why the ghosts are keeping Matt,Shelby,Lee,and Flora alive.Clearly they could kill them.They need them.I think Gaga needs Matt to get her pregnant and somehow Shelby will have the baby.Idk why she couldn't have sex with Mason?Why Matt?Maybe Matt is the one w/ powers.

    Why did this Asian family move to there?Bad move.Here piggy.LOL he pushed that girl down the steps

    Built in 1792 by Edward Mott.That's the freakshow/Dandy connection

    They tore them nurses up.How hard do you need to pull to rip a bitch's arms out.

    Did Flora get fed while she was there?it's been 4 days.

    Welp, exit professor.He caught that work.

    Cricket back in the game.Crazy backstory on the butcher and Gaga.She tossed them niggas up
    So who is the god Gaga and the colony sacrifice for?it's not the devil.

    Cuba can't leave that white puss alone.Dirty Gaga.I thought she might have been Lilith,Adam's 1st wife,but she's an Irish warrior myth called Scathach,but the angel of death in asylum's name is schachath.

    exit cricket.That was a horrible death.That was sick shit.

    yaaaay we got Flora back.So why stay?

    Sidenote,Sarah Paulson is a lesbian amd she's 41 dating a 73 yr old actress,Holland Taylor,who's been in movies and TV forever.She usually plays a snooty old lady.Anyway,yuck

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    iron man1 wrote: »
    Theory going around that each episode so far is tying into the previous seasons. Episode 1 the murder house, episode 2 the crazy nurses, and episode 3 with the witch and medium. Season 4 seems to be pigman/twisty

    I been pointed that out the 2nd ep.
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    _Goldie_ wrote: »
    Expound. Lying about what exactly?

    Maybe they aren't even Matt, Shelby,and Lee

    Maybe they are really down with the towns people.

    Maybe they're possessed

    Maybe they're dead already

    Plus due to Ryan telling us there's a 6th ep twist,we have no idea what we're watching really.They are saying it will flip everything.
  • Re: The Official "Power" Season 3 Discussion Thread (No Spoilers Until It Airs On Stars)

    How yall see it?It's not on demand
  • Re: Bobbi Kristina Brown's Aunt Says Nick Gordon Is Under Investigation For Attempted Murder.

    It would be wild if he really tried to kill her.

    The way she was found was hella suspect.
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