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  • Re: Bobbi Kristina Brown's Aunt Says Nick Gordon Is Under Investigation For Attempted Murder.

    It would be wild if he really tried to kill her.

    The way she was found was hella suspect.
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  • Re: Bobby Shmurda accepts plea deal

    This nigga is fucked.It's over.He had 1 single not even on an album.

    He is already forgotten.Niggas on to the next one.
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  • Re: Top Tier General Discussion

    The Recipe wrote: »
    LMFAO Tay Roc daughter talk just as reckless as him.

    I glad his daughter don't pronounce her u's and w's like Tay Roc...

    She does.
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  • Re: Noisey Detroit

    jvlioo wrote: »
    loch121 wrote: »
    Too many Detroit rappers sound the same to me,but some stick out with talent more than others.

    To me the underground captures the city's musical history more while the street niggas capture the street life but they lack originality and the lyrical ability to be relatable outside the city

    I like DBs Idk where the buzz went.Son sighned to Nas is fire and there's a few others who are dope

    For some reason the underground goes natl before the commercial type music

    A lot of the artists sound the same because of lack of above average production. When Helluva prod. for DBCO, they got a hit. Other than that they kinda recycle the same template.

    And in this day and age, lyrical ability is extremely undervalued. Most people pay attention to production, flow, a voice and hook. It's a good number that a pretty original. And when they stay in their own personal sound are dope as hell.

    That low budget heavy 80's kasio slighly almost west coast sound is what Detroit likes locally.It boggles my brain because on the flip side you get real spitters from the D who are more along the lines of a Jada or Beanie and even a Talib or Monch.Kinda wack they left out that whole side besides Danny Brown and his ppl.In the Chicago Noisey they evened it out with a long Vic Mensa part.

    I'm not hating because I love to hear the authentic Detroit street sound,but I feel that there's too much talent there to not be a major force,other than Eminem.Detroit needs an artist like Rick Ross(not the C.O. part) but a guy with the lyrical ability and nuanced saficticated production that would be radio/street friendly on a Natl level.
    What happened?

    Same thing that happened with Gibbs and all of Jeezy's artists.....Nothing

  • Re: Lil Wayne w/ more Cash Money disrespek...

    That nigga still got a double cup smh
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