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  • Re: Bobby Shmurda accepts plea deal

    I got feelings for telling the truth?This is a fly by night market.I wasn't even being funny.Ever since Pac,a jail sentence has lowered the profile of way more established rappers.
  • Re: Bobby Shmurda accepts plea deal

    This nigga is fucked.It's over.He had 1 single not even on an album.

    He is already forgotten.Niggas on to the next one.
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  • Re: UH OH: ‘The Birth of a Nation’ Star Nate Parker Addresses College Rape Trial

    Idk what to think.Maybe she got drunk and got freaky or maybe he did let his friend smash.

    If she was down,why would he have to hide his friend's name?He only told her the roomate fucked her because she says she was preggo.

    Let's not act like Penn state doesn't hide athletic program rapes now.

    Yes this only came out because he is putting this movie out,but it doesn't mean he didn't do it.

    I just don't know,but if she knew she wanted to get a train ran on her,why did her life go into so such turmoil?She killed herself.

    I want to believe Nate and his dude didnt do this,but it's very possible.

    The rationale of why he was aqcuited is dumb."He had sex with her before"
  • Re: How Come Mid 90s NY Rap Didn't Sell?

    if u put a gun to my head and tell me to name 5 Mobb Deep songs imma say

    "shook ones" (cause someone has mentioned it on here..)

    "that song wit Lil Kim." (hopefully that counts for somethin?? maybe a half a point if i can sing the chorus.)

    and ummm...

    fuck it! we fis'na fight for this damn gun!!! :joy: :joy: :joy:

    Temperatures rising,Survival Of fittest,The Life,Hell on Earth,Godfather part 3

    No googles.The Mobb got plenty records.I could rattle off 5 more easily

  • Re: How Come Mid 90s NY Rap Didn't Sell?

    not even tryin to be funny but im in the gym, on the treadmill next to two GILFs and Big jus came on the shuffle (SEE I FUCKS WIT THE EASTCOAST!!)

    and i quote "niggas use to be on cruddy shit, took home ready to die, listened, studied it. and now they on some money shit, successful out the blue.."

    nigga even Biggie wasnt fuckin wit that whack ass eastcoast early 90s bullshit..

    shit was played out like Kwame and them pokodots! :joy: :joy:

    Biggie was one of those niggas.Lol to say he didn't fuck with east coast music.

    That line wasn't even for the Mobb.It was for Nas and others who got on that rich shit.

    To call east coast wack in the midst of what is called the golden era is just silly.