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  • Re: these dudes at my job said wutang was on some whiteboy ish

    lol a group of 5%ers is whiteboy shit?
    Ear2DaStLouis Devinear
  • Re: Joe Budden: Meek Is A Simp Who Never Got Girls Before Nicki Minaj & Won't Outsell Big Sean

    IDK what the nosigns are for.Tahiry is the most famous chick out of who Joe dealt with and she has not been exposed to the world as much as Joe.

    She doesn't have the internet following and cult Joe has.Check the numbers.She also doesn't have his money.She was a bartender while joe was signing deals with Eminem and E1

    Tahiry was on TV because of Joe.Before then the only ppl who knew her were ppl who watched Joe Budden TV and Joe on Blog TV.

    And musically,Joe is and has been making some of the best music in hip hop for the last 7-8 years IMO.
  • Re: The Official Game of Thrones Thread

    A lot of y'all saying certain story lines are not leading anywhere. Or they are not needed are missing game of thrones main plot. This shit aint never really been about the throne, the houses, and other bull shit. It's about stopping the end of the fucking world. Everything we have witnessed is people forgetting about the great evil that has been looming for centuries. Every season they been saying winter is coming. Winter = the apocalypse, again the 4 horsemen

    many face god(the 7) = arya
    children of the forest = bran & rickan
    dragons, dragon glass, and V steel swords = danny's squad
    Snowman = lord of the light/hero who stops the apocalypse
    theon & sansa = theon's family secrets(The greyjoy's back story on youtube will explain everything.)

    They all gearing up to fight team "the great other" aka thelord of the darkness/cold(the maker of the white walkers).

    The questions I want answered the most is who destroyed valyria(targaryen's home) and what caused the doom? They been talking about this longer than winter.

    Also what the fuck is my nigga varys up too? I been saying since season 2 he up to something big. Everybody has revealed their hands except him. Only 2 seasons left so we might find out in season 6. Varys had his chest poked out all of a sudden when he showed up talking to tyrion. He is mos def bout to show his hand now.

    Varys has always said what he wanted.He wants to see the throne be ran correctly.
  • Re: Rapper Troy Ave SHOCKS fans with stunning album sales....

    You niggas sound like clowns celebrating his downfall but he was tryna blow without signing to a major.

    The whole reason hiphop is fucked is cos the majors control everything and push iggy and give awards to white artists only

    You stupid motherfuckers should be routing for him to succeed and prove you dont need a label

    But your hatred wont let you, this dude is the closest thing we have to actual rap but you rather cheer on drake and wayne and all this other bullshit

    Even 50 had to back down and do a song after tryna talk sideways

    The album was ok im not gonna lie too much singing

    But the fake butt busta tune is cold and factual

    And the fat joe song is fire

    Yh im done

    I totally agree.I don't know why niggas gave you all those feelings.Seems like they're the ones with all these feelings towards Troy Ave.
  • Re: Video: 54yr old man puts the paws on a young n!gga for gettin in his business & leaves him leaking..

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