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  • Re: Official Battle Rap Thread 2K14: Charron Destroys Charlie Clips

    LOL Quest used a metaphor I used on one of my songs,"Dreams" that gets played on Shade 45 and other stations "Do shit/ douche it"

    Either way Quest ain't missed a step.

    Wish we got 3 rounds.

    Pause on getting "hit with 69's boy whoop there it is"

    But also a pause on Quest saying he'd pick up Day's kid by his balls

    LOL Faith Evans

    Can somebody explain that 'That's a meme" line to me

    Glad day came w/ bars

    He used that Obie trice extra lip shit already,but I must admit it was much more effective in Detroit.

    I hate how Day kept rhyming in here towards the end.

    My opinion is Quest outbarred and was better on a technical level,but it's debatable.Glad day came with bars.

    I got my nigga Quest winning this.
  • Re: The Iggy/Azealia/TI/Eminem/QTip/Lupe/Migos/Ross/Gucci/Coontastic Mega Thread

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    This is a bit off topic - but hang in with me there.

    I have been on AHH community for a while now and the past 3 years I have seen posts by users of the community about how whack Eminem is and how he is stealing from black people blah, blah, blah. Anyways, what I never understand is if someone has skill or fuck it, a passion for Hip Hop why are people always hating. I don't give a fuck what anybody says Eminem will rip most of your rappers in your top 5 - easy! Regardless of whether you agree with that or not is besides the point, but you have to respect the amount of content he has put into Hip Hop over his career. He is a legend in the game, but people are still hating because he is white. Simply because of his skin colour - now correct me if I'm wrong, but that's racist right?

    I can understand to a degree that Hip Hop was created by us black people to tell stories about our struggles and project our lives into the media. But like with everything it evolves, changes and differs over time. Now to be clear I don't like Iggy, I think I have only heard 2 songs of hers (fancy, work - I liked this song) but if she likes hip -hop let the chick be man! The whackest rapper in the world to me can bring out music, but as long as they are not taking the piss and you can see their real intent on their passion for hip hop then I don't care. You people want to go in on Iggy selling out hip hop but don't say nothing to Soulja Boy, Lil B, Chief Keef, Young Thug and all those basketball players trying to rap - YOU AIN'T GOING IN ON THESE WHACK GUYS!!!

    But seeing someone in pale skin pisses you off so much that you can't let them shine too. GET ALL THE WAY THE FUCK OUTTA HERE YOU FUCKING COOKIE MONSTER EATING BITCHES!!!

    If I don't see a forum or tweet saying how Lewis Hamilton's rap album is destroying music you people are fucking bitches!!!

    P.S. Let the white chick shine man!!!

    Niggas been slandering all them wack niggas you named.I got a video about soulja boy on Youtube from yrs ago with hella views.

    All those dudes get this work from real hip hop heads,yeah I said it

    Not with the same intensity. And they are seen as more of a joke rather than taking from the culture as supposedly Iggy is doing. Look, I don't like her music but I know white people that are really passionate about Hip-Hop, just as much as us black people. Same way you will see a black guy that is into Latino music. What, because you are not from the race of the people that originated that form of music you can't be passionate about it. I'm sure you can...

    Well they are black so of course it's not viewed the same.There is a history of white ppl taking our shit and making it their shit,like us as ppl when they kidnapped and made us slaves.......

    but also Rock,Jazz,and RnB to some degree.

    Judging from Iggy's content she's only passionate about the superficial side of rap and making money.

    She's not making music with a message in anyway and using the bare minimum to succeed.

    There is still a context in which those groups make since due to them being in the environments they were in except LiL B,I got nothing for LiL B.

    Iggy is a a white bitch from Australia who's putting on a fake southern black female accent and calling herself slavemaster.

    And to conclude I personally went into a rage about all those type of groups soulja Boy especially in this video...

  • Re: Who Has the Most Legitimate Claim to the Iron Throne?

    You know nothing Jon Snow
  • Re: Horrific Racist Song At Charity Event ... 'And He's Dead, Dead Michael Brown'

    In the words of Fat Joe "That's why I just laugh when I hear somebody smoked their ass"
  • Re: Better Call Saul

    black caesar