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    Jaz looks like she likes to play fight before sex
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  • Re: DJ Khaled - I Got The Keys ft. Jay-Z, Future (Finally Here)

    Song is alright.Video is dope.It's pretty av for Jay

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    Day vs Ill drops 4th of July if yall ain't know
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    Irrelevant if he hits or not his backstabbing on her dad will come to light and she will kill him...that's the only way to complete her and his arc as well btw...she has to kill him

    One of the starks does. Could be arya. I don't think it has to be her.

    Only so many left and she has direct ties and themes mirroring him Caitlin and ned. She's going to kill him even if he did become king and she gotta oj him.

    She's already planted the seed that Jon is a Bastard so propositioning himself for the North, he has the Vale already but once Jon's true parentage is revealed, his arc is pretty much over. Sansa definitely kills him...Arya kills Cersei Lannister

    We're R and L married? Just wondering if he's a true bastard.

    Yes they were married secretly I think,but he was already married.IDk how that works?But he's still thought of as Ned's bastard
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    Yall are delirious and it's funny cuz when Triggerfinger pulls the carpet from under yall watch yall gonna be surprised. We use you for our gain then drop yall when we get what we want. Yall fall for it every time. Stupid Larks lolololololol

    He ain't making it out of this game alive tho.

    This is not a Disney movie.......

    I bet you GRRM won't kill Varys or Triggerfinger

    I ain't betting shit but he betrays people left and right someone's gonna slice his ass up. Maybe not varys tho.

    At maybe not Varys, Varys wouldn't bust a grape in a fruit fight

    Son.....can pedofinger even lift a sword? They're on the same level.

    Lickle finger shot a dude with a crossbow after plotting on killing Joffrey
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  • Re: Game of Thrones Season 6 Thread

    I got a Jon Snow theory at the end of this recap

    Okay so they wasted no time.Dani is on some shit.Dani looking sexy.She on some Targ shit.Cersei gonna use that wildfire.

    Lol when Dani told them this was a meeting about their surrender.Really you gonna slaughter the dragons?Dragon scene Darthraki came Harpys bitched up.

    Sansa on some G shit.You're going to die tomorrow.Lol at meeting to talk about fighting.Ramsey is a biotch.He don't want the fade.Jon looking like Ned more and more.Them Bolton banners are dope.

    Even Sansa knew Rickon was a wrap.Maybe she read the spoilers.

    You already know Davos will find out about what happened to Stannis" daughter.Interesting Mance/Stannis comparison.

    Lol Mel like "you coming back if the lol says so.Fuck yo feelins

    yara/Dani connect.Tyrion is hilarious.Yara lesbo freak ass said she down to lick dragon pussy.

    As we most knew,Rickon got that work.No respek on his name.

    This battle scene is all that and then some.Wun Wun.Jon is a savage.when the whole army came towards him,he was ready to die fighting.That should have been in the trailer.Jon looking possessed.That nigga is a psycho now.

    It got real bad for Jon and them when they did that Shaka Zula left flank,right flank.Dope strategy.Boltons looking good rt now.Hoe ass at no leg man.Wun ripping niggas in half.

    Jon damn near got trampled.Dope camera work.Felt real.

    Lickle finga of course.I'm loving Sansa rt now.Jon like Imma beat yo ass bitch nigga.What was Ramsey thinking?

    Noooooo not Wun Wun

    Aye yo Ramsey,are ya finish or are ya done?I thought Jon was gonna beat him to death and smash his face in.Jon put the hands of god on that bitch nigga.

    Sansa's 1st body.Poetic justice.Lol the dog ate the nigga's face.Good.Sansa drops mic

    Starklife.Winterfell is ours.

    So my theory,I got from my man makes sense.At 1st I thought it was regular tv shit where the good guy doesn't get shot by a miracle,but no lol is protecting Jon."3 shots never touched me devine intervention".Ramsey couldn't even hit him close range.Them arrows were going far through Jon's shield and still could have hit him.On the battlefield the arrows went around him.