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  • Re: Game of Thrones Season 6 Thread

    I peeped a vid of Hodor's scenes on the show and I think Hodor has always known he would die with Bran.Notice how he gets very scared whenever they're in a building and ppl are coming or when it storms.Everytime shit popped he really thought he was gonna die.
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  • Re: TI’s NYC Show Ends in Shooting (TroyAve's Bodyguard killed, TroyAve Charged with Attempted Murder )

    bkkbully wrote: »
    Wait, Troy Ave is 33?? I assumed he was around 19-20. damn son.

    That nigga been grinding for years.I know ppl say he's arrogant and hate what he said about Steez,but that dude worked very hard to get on.
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    Mciti wrote: »
    Yall being too hard on Bran, he is a kid who just found out bout his new powers while traveling with some strangers,trying to escape Theon the dickless. Lil nigga is going to end up being the most important piece to this season.

    Nah, Bran was being a selfish dick. He kept disobeying the Raven mostly because he didn't want to give up the freedom he had when he was in the greenseer state.

    We are grown and can't stop watching leaked eps and spoilers.Imagine if you was a kid and had a tree that was a damn time machine?Negro please.I'd be all in the past,future, and present.
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  • Re: TI’s NYC Show Ends in Shooting (TroyAve's Bodyguard killed, TroyAve Charged with Attempted Murder )

    S2J wrote: »
    loch121 wrote: »
    What generation do you think I'm from?Idk where you from, but I'll assume you been to a hood or 2.Niggas always wanna turn personal issues into examples of our whole race.I'm not saying it's right,but once shots go off havoc erupts.If somebody shot me I hope my folks send something back at whoever it is.Ain't no time to think when your life is on the line.I don't claim to be a superthug,but I seen situations just pop off.It is what it is.Brooklyn is one of those places where there are a lot of wild wild west niggas even now when it's calmer.If he shot everybody he's stupid,but if he was defending himself,I can't say he's wrong.

    Why did u feel the need to double down and post more of the same.

    I'll repeat, getback and defending yourself is not the same thing. Whatever situation occurred waa over. From everything qe hearing there waa probably only 1 gun involved. Either way, he wanted getback and it possibly cost his bodyguard his life (if he was the 1 who shot him), and it definitely will cost him a nice decade. They bout to hide him aint nobody finding Troy for a couple presidential terms.

    And in your mind and MANY who think like you... its WORTH IT! Your pride is worth your freedom. Godspeed brother more power to you. Good luck

    You don't know what I think like.I'll triple and quadruple down.You not killing my friend and I have an oppurtunity to hurt you and don't do something if I can.Not for pride or rep,for my own safety and assuming alot.The story I'm hearing is somebody shot his friend 1st.

    What is worth fighting for if your friend being shot and killed isn't?

    If he wouldn't have did shit,I wouldn't think any less if him either.Chill with all this preaching to me like I ain't grown.

    Idgaf.Isn't defending,protecting,or getting back ppl harming you and yours also looking out for your brother?
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  • Re: The Walking Dead Season 6

    King of GA wrote: »
    I don't know why they hating on my main man Ricky G....

    Yall funny though about Dr. Dre's wig...if that wig was clean yall'd be complaining about it being too

    honestly... i though that guy was Namond Bryce from the Wire since they like casting characters from The Wired on the Walking Dead

    He doesn't even look like him