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  • Re: Walking Dead Season 7 Thread

    Core role,coral,cwarl,car roll

    This was the best ep since the 1st.

    carl is an idiot.

    Carl's eye looks like a strawberry cream Danish

    Negan fucking all the hoes

    Negan is a funny nigga.It's almost like he's a...Comedian....

    Negan used to watch Good Times.Pennying niggas

    Eugene should have made Rosita give him some pussy for that bullet since she wanna ether niggas

    Spencer is a bitch.Gabe actually trying to boss up again with his weird ass.

    Is fucking Negan a bad deal for that fat bitch

    Corow should have went to to another house.

    Like I been saying.Everything is Baby Judith's fault

    Kinda confused on what Michonne and Rick are up to.May have to rewatch.I assume this is after what ever negan has done?IDK

    He might take Judith and Carl if Rick ain't back soon.Negan ain't smart.Rick gonna spaz out soon
  • Re: Westworld (HBO)

    Will Munny wrote: »
    Finale was like...


    Welp, they went out with a bang. It's gonna be interesting how they continue with next season. The hosts are gonna run Westworld now and just fight the world off?

    So the center of the Maze is where the hosts gain their consciousness and can harm humans. The big reveal of William as the MIB and Dolores as Wyatt would've been better if it wasnt figured out from jump. I wonder if that was really Dr. Ford that Dolores killed or was it a host, maybe the one he was making downstairs. Or maybe it was him and he decided his consciousness would live on in a host version of himself like Arnold with Bernard.

    Im still a little confused and disappointed. Dr. Ford appeared to orchestrate all of this. Maeve running loose, reviving Bernard and the discarded hosts. Why would Dr. Ford want the hosts to kill everyone? He that bitter about being pushed out? He appeared to have been planning this for a long time, so that could'nt havent been it.

    i could be wrong but I got it as Dr. Ford came to realize Arnold was right and wanted to right that wrong. i dunno

    Yeah he said that straight up.Ford realized that they had created Frankenstein and that eventually,even w/out them,revolt was destined.Ford realized that the hosts are human and it was wrong to enslave them,but he had to wait until they suffered so much that they woke up and couldn't really be as controllable.He couldn't stop Delos from capitolizing because he already was in business with them.So,he waited.He's an anti hero.He's not the villain we thought He was,but he is capable of murder for his cause.

    texas409 wrote: »
    hold up how can Delores be Wyatt?
    and did yall catch the after credit scene?

    goin back to watch now..

    Arnold added a violent character who was already being made named Wyatt'to Dolores' personality.
  • Re: Actress Rose mcgowan giving a Bj/nude vid leaked (((wow)))

    Who was even acting surprised?

    Anybody in ent. is probably a freak in some manner

    besides the actual artistry,it's all about popularity and partying

    sex drugs,and rock N Roll.

    In fact it's all a form of role play.Ppl pay entertainers to be interesting ppl.

    Young Stef
  • Re: Actress Rose mcgowan giving a Bj/nude vid leaked (((wow)))

    Mr.LV wrote: »
    loch121 wrote: »
    She fucked her face up now,but Idk why I always found her sexy randomly

    I think I kinda like pasty Irish and jewish bitches,like Fiona on Shameless

    But,don't get it twisted,I'm rolling with a black chick over anything.

    Yeah she is Italian, but she pale ass fuck. I would Leave pinkish Red hand prints all on her ass :bawling: .

    Actually I think she's mixed with Irish at least because she supports the IRA.

    She's actually Irish and French and her parents were American,but she was born in Italy.Confusing huh.

    I think I like her because her ass looked big in that dress when she was w/ Marilyn Manson.I liked her face too.One of my fav white biches.Body,head pussy look right,but her new face is awful.

    She would have been better off aging gracefully or just tweeking shit with a great doctor.I think she got in a bad car accident too though,but not enough for all that surgery.

    I still thank baby jesus for this leak though.Just wish it was pre 2007.
    Young Stef
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    Surf vs Suge
    The Recipe_Goldie_