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  • Re: Freemason Grandmaster caught trying to meet 14 year old boy off Grindr

    Qiv_Owan wrote: »
    He was trying to blindfold him and show him "the true meaning of brotherly love"

    Yea i said it

    You get a goat for #Starklife
  • Re: Fat Joe Signs To Roc Nation

    This is craaaaaaazy.Joe used to go at Jay so hard

    As long as they don't talk about the rucker....
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  • Re: how would you reintroduce Candyman to the new generation?

    I actually would focus more on the Othello/slavery/racism element in this time.

    Candyman always deserved better sequels.

    I don't even remember what the sequels were about.

    part 1 is classic.
  • Re: Top Tier General Discussion

    gman82 wrote: »
    The Recipe wrote: »
    216atlran wrote: »
    That high stakes 2 got a meeeeaaaaan card already, I dont think Charron could beat roc in the east coast, the gas goin be in the building.

    What the card bro?

    Suge Vs Hitman
    Tay Roc Vs Charron
    Arsenal Vs Chilla
    Pat Stay Vs Dna
    Chess vs Rad B

    Suge vs Hitman might Could end in a fight.I got Hitman,but might be a good battle.

    Roc vs Charron.Shit is tricky.I got Roc,but will be interesting.he gonna bully him.He better be hitting bar after bar though.

    Ars vs chilla is a weird battle.I got Ars.Chilla ain't the best with aggressive dudes.Idk how his style will translate in that building.

    Pat Stay vs DNA.This is a good look.I got DNA

    Chess is gonna kill this nigga.
  • Re: Walking Dead Season 7 Thread

    That fuck boy at Hilltop gotta go.A character getting their food eaten in Tarantino films and other movies usually die.

    Negan,as apposed to Carol,is actually a great baby sitter.I wonder if Negan,shaving his beard represents him going soft like when he said Rick wasn't the same guy as that wild man on the video when he came to Alexandria.

    Olivia should have took Tara up on that go home shit.I would have pissed in that lemonade

    Aaron should be dead.That's how my nigga Bob died.So I guess we'll see who's boots those are by season 10.

    Glad Daryl out.So I thought Dwight or his wife did it,but it was Jesus.Jesus saved him.Jesus saves

    That bitch in the car w/ Michonne maybe could have came up with some better options,but I assume she was already gonna kill herself.She clapped her ass.

    That dude Richard reminds me of The Governor.I wanna see gangsta Morgan and carol come out.Richard ready for war.

    Fuck it.Father Gabe is cool now.Rosita's a G.

    Fat Joey got his shit cracked

    Spencer is a bitch talking bout he gonna go undercover for months on years?What nigga?Negan played his dumb ass.

    They whooped Aaron's ass.But why?Dude said it wasn't about the note.Was it just because?

    I 'm so glad Negan killed that bitch Spencer.Shit was nasty.Why was everybody out though watching?

    Rosita a G.Yall better not fuck my Latina queens face up.Lucille is Superman,catching bullets with her teeth.They foul for the mini cliff hanger.

    How does Negan know the bullet was home made?Eugene was like "lawd please don't tell"

    fat bitches be in trouble on here.

    Rick was looking at Carl like "he did what?Imma beat his ass."

    Negan with Eugene is gonna be hilarious.

    Now these niggas voltron.How fat Joey happen to have Rick's strap?

    great ep.Okay I think it's gonna pop off in the 2nd half.fuuuuuck 2 months