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  • Re: The Official 2015 Powerful Porno Movement [WE DID IT AGAIN 1 MILLION VIEWS & STILL COUNTING]

    1CK1S wrote: »
    Tyra Moore

    Then: 400px-Monique_Jasmine_Pierce_.jpg

    Now: SlnS0VB.jpg

    She wanted to be a 3D Animation artist specializing in rotoscoping the human body in musical movement. Also works as a fashion marketing specialist,
    She has gone back to school and has become some sort of lab tech.
    Said in her bio "I've had my share of modeling experiences, though now I'd like to establish myself as a professional model"


    Girls gone unwild
  • Re: Vivica Fox Claims 50 Cent is a "Homo-BootySnatcher"

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    Not into that and never let a bitch do it,but a younger Vivica Fox,I might let lick my ass,How could I tell her no?But that's it.No fingers or sex clarify mutha fuckas

    Pause,but Vivica out here giving rusty trombones

    Smh come on fam I got respect 4 u but that gangstalicious shit is suspect...u would bend over & pop ya booty gettin it ate like groceries? No Mann!

    LOL I wouldn't bend over,but I'm a fan of degradation .It would be freaky having some bitch the world think is so this and that making her mouth my tissue.

    I ain't into that shit,but I would get a kick out her doing that nasty shit.
  • Re: The Walking Dead Season 6

    I like the mid season break.Makes it feel like a show never goes off.
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  • Re: The Walking Dead Season 6

    1st off fuck them for not showing what happened to Glenn

    Rick looked funny as hell running to that gate.Gangsta grimes.The Takeover.The tookover

    Damn Erin did cause this.

    Old girl seems suicidal

    Spencer got ether for these fools.Then he had more ether for his mother.

    Jesse with the quote of the night.

    I thought the Dr was for Eugene ,but I got a lesbo vibe when they were talking.Tara be pulling them.Poor Eugene.

    Rosita with her fine ass.

    So yeah Maggie is preggo.That's not a good look for Glenn.

    I though the old chick was gonna off herself

    I thought Jesse's son might try to shoot Rick.

    So Rick finally wants to step up like a man and throw down(Pac voice)...with Jesse

    Fuck this ep.They some bitches for drawing this out.Shit was aight,but not giving the answer sucks.

    So now we got 2 cliffhangers?The Morgan situation w/ the wolf and Glenn.You mudafuckas

  • Re: The Walking Dead Season 6

    I think Darryl guna die. He been all weird n shit. Rick and the crew can barely depend on him no more . He's soft now

    Daryl is gangster.He still mourning Beth I think though.He also feels crazy in ASZ not being able to get his thug on.That's why he likes going out to recruit.Daryl is killer.
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