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  • Re: Pac's beats

    Pac had dope beats,but they were different than what other rappers rapped to then.

    Pac was more into rapping to RnB sounding beats.

    I liked Pac's beats because he had his own sound.if a a producer knew he was working with Pac he knew he had to craft something more melodic.

    Pac always had a ear for more hardcore/hiphop/ crossover sounding beats.
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  • Re: Breaking News.Chinx Drugz killed in Queens

    that nigga shoulda been home why you posted up on the block

    Kinda hard not to be in the streets in some way as an artist still grinding.
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  • Re: The Official Game of Thrones Season 5 Thread [use spoiler code for spoilers or be BANNED]

    You think the dragons got Daenarys a mother's day card?

    Glad Grey worm is still alive.I hear dude who plays Selmy isn't happy about being killed off.

    Damn.Danny ruthless.Brotherly love sharing is caring .

    Jon been trill.Jon might end up having to kill that kid.Notice how the old man said 'kill the boy"he was talking about Jon,but you know how GOT foreshadows.

    The Boltons are probably in more danger than Sansa .Because...little finger

    Boney ass bitch.Hip bone popping out.Bitch needs to eat.Ramsay #HOH

    I wonder if Ramsay will hit that ass? Funny because due to her history ppl may think Sansa turned traitor...again ‪.

    i wouldn't have trust that bitch.What was her purpose in showing Sansa Theon?Not sure what Ramsays bitch angle is.

    Ramsay is one of the illest mind game players ever.He done trained a grown man.

    Sansa is kinda in the same situation as w/ the Lannisters,but now she's on game.

    Ramsay wild.He jealous of his father having this new kid.I hope the Bolton's implodes.LOL he called his father's wife fat.

    Rape baby Ramsay.he makes more sense now.I so hate a Bolton.They make me hate Michael Bolton ...more .

    Sam is gonna be a beast.

    i would be afraid of not seeing her fine ass again too Grey Worm

    that bitch nigga was just talking that gangster shit talking about "All men must Die"

    What? Danny is gonna marry this guy?He came up.Dude gonna be sick.

    Tyrion a straight alci.

    doooope.That nigga just be doing wtf he wants.Flying anywhere.

    What do those stone men want?I thought they were gonna cliff hang us when Tyrion got dragged down.

    Got eeeeeeem.damn.
  • Re: Is The Walking Dead Racist?....VIDEO *2015*

    I wouldn't be surprised cause I gave up on the show after the second episode in season 1 due to racist vibes and how far it strayed away from the source material....Came across this vid and they made somewhat of a parody of the series pointing out some racial "process of elimination" patterns towards black characters that reoccur on the show.......

    Your opinion doesn't count.You don't even watch the show.
  • Re: Plies slammed off stage by drunk guy

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