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  • Re: Dr. Dre Cuffed And Searched After Road Rage Dispute

    Cop:Is this your house and car

    Dre: Hale yeahhhh

    Cop:We heard you had a gun

    Dre. Nah I been there I done that

    Cop:We gotta cuff and search you

    Dre:Why what's the difference between me and you

    Cop:Either comply or this won't be Dre day

    Dre:Hale yeahhhh
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  • Re: Game of Thrones Season 6 Thread

    Qiv_Owan wrote: »
    loch121 wrote: »
    Varys on some shit
    First dude show up to Mareen after Dany pull off on Drogon, knowing damn well she wouldn't accept him for what he did. Shit Jorah still ain't catch a break and he only sent the message.
    Now he pulls off just before she returns and the masters attack. Something up.

    Nah I'm confident that Varys is down for the Targs for real.He been saying that since season 1.No way he's with the masters.

    No VArys is for the realm meaning he serves whoever brings peace and stability

    I think it's both. He work for the good of westeros... He's pro Targaryan but might be using the Harpies to run her ass out of Mereen and get moving back home. Dany was trying to stay in Essos for a minute at first

    Dont know if this been said already

    But didnt Varys try to poison that bitch...and she dissed Jorah tho


    This is confusing but the short answer is no.Robert wanted her dead so to play it off he acted like he was with it.He then sent jorah a letter that tipped him off that Dany was in danger.

    But in the books theres some spoilery shit they haven't even introduced on the show that could cancel that.

    Varys is even trickier than Baelish on the low so maybe there's a major twist.He has been going off on his own at weird times.

    The irony is that the throne will be useless if the white cockers I mean white walkers march to the south or if Dani fucks that shit up or both.

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  • Re: Game of Thrones Season 6 Thread

    Team Stark,but I ride with The Mother Of Dragons,team LOL ,and team Tyrion
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  • Re: The Walking Dead Season 6

    loch121 wrote: »
    After letting the cliffhanger set in,as mad as I am,from a show perspective,it was the right thing to do.Let the nosigns roll

    how in the fuck could you possibly come to that conclusion? dont say "because it makes people wanna come back to see what happens" because that was gonna happen anyway. The shit was a ratings ploy and a huge fuck you to fans. I dont care how you wanna try to rationalize it choosing a cliffhanger for this particular moment was not the right thing to do, period...

    They are only doing a TV show for ratings and ads.We don't watch shows w/ commercials in the middle we watch commercials w/ shows in the middle.

    But,storytelling wise,for TV the cliffhanger was effective and will have fans guessing for months.It's not like this was the 1st cliffhanger.

    If I made the show,I would have done the same thing
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