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  • Re: T.I. Gets His Ass Grabbed Onstage by Male Groupie

    That nigga thought the name of the label was Hand Hustle
    Lurkristocrat JonnyRoccITkingofbama205
  • Re: Walking Dead Season 7 Thread

    Core role,coral,cwarl,car roll

    This was the best ep since the 1st.

    carl is an idiot.

    Carl's eye looks like a strawberry cream Danish

    Negan fucking all the hoes

    Negan is a funny nigga.It's almost like he's a...Comedian....

    Negan used to watch Good Times.Pennying niggas

    Eugene should have made Rosita give him some pussy for that bullet since she wanna ether niggas

    Spencer is a bitch.Gabe actually trying to boss up again with his weird ass.

    Is fucking Negan a bad deal for that fat bitch

    Corow should have went to to another house.

    Like I been saying.Everything is Baby Judith's fault

    Kinda confused on what Michonne and Rick are up to.May have to rewatch.I assume this is after what ever negan has done?IDK

    He might take Judith and Carl if Rick ain't back soon.Negan ain't smart.Rick gonna spaz out soon
  • Re: So apparently U - God is suing RZA for $2.5 Million

    Sue Tang Clan
  • Re: Walking Dead Season 7 Thread

    Syndey bad as fuck.How is her character named the same name as her real name?

    I liked this ep.There was more action than the last 2.But it was real comic bookish.

    It was kinda fun because tara got the attitude of a cool weed smoking hippie in hell.

    I thought Dre was through.

    So yeah Sydney bad as mutha fucka

    That old lady is a lying bitch.I knew they were Saviour related in some way.

    Tara come skipping back in town like it's all good.Nah bitch it's all bad.

    Sydney is like Sasha Jr.Did I mention she bad?

    We get a Negan speech next week.

    This whole 1st half is a lot of filler for the mid season finale.

    Spencer is gonna be a problem.

    Tara ain't super bad,but she was hotter before the baby and she seems really cool.She'll be alright when she gets 100% back.She's just aight,but she has a certain cuteness imo.
  • Re: UH OH: ‘The Birth of a Nation’ Star Nate Parker Addresses College Rape Trial

    Idk what to think.Maybe she got drunk and got freaky or maybe he did let his friend smash.

    If she was down,why would he have to hide his friend's name?He only told her the roomate fucked her because she says she was preggo.

    Let's not act like Penn state doesn't hide athletic program rapes now.

    Yes this only came out because he is putting this movie out,but it doesn't mean he didn't do it.

    I just don't know,but if she knew she wanted to get a train ran on her,why did her life go into so such turmoil?She killed herself.

    I want to believe Nate and his dude didnt do this,but it's very possible.

    The rationale of why he was aqcuited is dumb."He had sex with her before"