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  • Re: Asap Rocky " I didn't sign up to be a political activist, i talk about fashion and bitches"

    "Still don't give a shit, my ignorance is still a bliss"
    Trill Gate$
  • Re: Terrorist Attack In France: 80 Dead So Far

    You are either hot or cold. There is no in between. If you are one way online but another way offline, well you are a hypocrite. And God says He will surprise all the hypocrites by vomiting them out of His mouth on the day of trouble and desolation.

    Oh but if you studied the Bible, instead of ridiculing it, you would know that.


    First of all, who are you directing that at? All the people you believe need god or someone specific. Two if it's towards me, again, you have deflected. Anytime anyone asks you for more, you dodge answering and throw out more scripture. I realize there is a verse for everything, and many times the bible says it best, but you're inability to expound on verses, to me, shows you only know how to regurgitate it, not understand it.

    If the shoe fits....well


    But it doesn't, but you only hear what you want to hear to further your own personal convictions.

    I can only go by what comes out of your mouth. For out the heart proceed the issues of life. I love you though and Yeshua loves you too! Amen.

    Oh so since people don't spout like you they must not* believe like you, got it.

    Well when you go around mocking Yeshua, mocking the Bible, and mocking the Saints; well it doesn't take a genius to figure out that you are against God, you are against His word, and you are against His people. Amen.

    Like I said, if they don't walk and talk like you, they must be heathens. Your'e the only one doing it right on here, unless they walk and talk like you. You think you got the golden info and scoop from god, got it all figured out, so deep in your own shit you can't see anything.

    No true disciple of Jesus Christ is going to mock the Bible.
    No true disciple of Jesus Christ is going to mock Jesus Christ.
    No true disciple of Jesus Christ is going to mock the brethren.

    Rather a true disciple of Jesus Christ is going to speak the truth in love while loving the brethren. Our love is even extended toward our enemies. Amen.

    Where is the love BA?

    Thus the true disciples of Jesus Christ will know the brethren by the fruit they bear. That is why we must examine ourselves daily to see if we are in the faith. Hence why I call a spade a spade for I only wants the best for you and that is Jesus Christ our LORD. Amen

    You're blind DoU but believe you can see. You believe all these fancy things about yourself but it is merely a puffed up delusion. You yourself have made yourself into something, not god. You do not display humility or meekness, you make a mockery of the wisdom of the bible with your superficial displays you portray here. I feel more bad for than someone who has not "found" god.

    damn that's pretty harsh tho
    i feel like dude really believes he does something good by preaching, and it's not only on here also outside.
    sure it can be annoying if it's in every other thread but ionno who are we to say it's not good.
  • Re: share a time when reality hit you .....

    when police raided my home and sent me to jail
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  • Re: Masta Ace believes Europeans are Hip Hops biggest supporters....

    he s not lying ...they said i think on Drink Champs them 90 s niggas eat well overseas

    overseas could be anywhere tho but they talk specifically about europe
  • Re: Video: A racist white trailer park trash confronts a professional black woman reporter in Iowa...

    amazing, a meth head ranting
    BelovedAfeniYoung Stef