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    Bcotton5 wrote: »
    they got a big under 5 dollar flash sale this weekend

    That flash sale was straight ass. PS4 always get shitty discounts compared to PS3. I'm glad I kept my PS3 b/c next gen hasn't lived up to the hype.
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    willhustle wrote: »

    Anybody sees Kevin Owens beating Cena for the U.S. Title.

    hard to say....i know the New Cliq are gonna get major pushes...and thus far KO has had that rocket strapped to his back....

    Taking down Cena AND winning the US Title in your first feud...this is a Lesnar level push

    all that to say

    idk lol...its really up in the air imo

    Exactly. I mean KO is being booked perfectly in NXT imo and his appearance on Raw last night was dope. It would be crazy if creative booked him to hold the NXT title (if he beats Zayn at Unstoppable) & wins the U.S. Title at Elimination Chamber. Like you said, it's really all up in the air then again I don't trust creative at all to do this. Imo, if the company keeps booking him like a Juggernaut I would call him Lesnar 2.0 but I wouldn't give him that crown until he faces Brock Lesnar and if HHH & Vince is smart they would book a Lesnar vs Kevin Owens match for WrestleMania.

    Pico & Chuck and the shit ain't even close.
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    JokerKing wrote: »
    Destination America Can Cancel “IMPACT WRESTLING” in September

    Written on 05/16/2015
    Doug McDonald

    According to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter and F4Wonline.com, cable television network Destination America can cancel “IMPACT WRESTLING” in September if they so choose to do so. In a recent response to a fan in the F4Wonline.com forums, Meltzer claims that Destination America has an out of their two-year contract with TNA Wrestling in September of 2015.

    Lots of rumors have surrounded TNA’s relationship with Destination America as of late. Due to their inconsistent and low viewership numbers for “IMPACT WRESTLING,” it was recently reported that the cable network regrets signing the TV deal with TNA for “IMPACT.”

    The network is trying to bring the number of viewers up, however. In hopes of the product seeing more eyes during the week, Destination America is moving “IMPACT WRESTLING” from Friday nights, to Wednesdays. TNA President Dixie Carter has even reportedly told talent not to even pay attention to viewership numbers, as she doesn’t want the moral of the locker room to drop any more than it already has.

    TNA Wrestling has had bad press as of late on top of the issue with Destination America. Employees of the company have complained about paychecks being extremely late. The company also canceled a live tour in China, which caused talent to get upset at the TNA office.

    Editor’s Note:

    So, if Destination America wants out of the TNA business, they can opt out in September. Could this be the end of “IMPACT?” If so, what will happen to TNA Wrestling?

    Might as well call it a done deal and kiss TNA goodbye. When Destination America cancel TNA in the fall (more than likely) The Carters just need to take TNA from up under Dixie & close up shop for good. The writing has been on the wall for years with that company with homegrown talent such as AJ Styles & Samoa Joe leaving to having guys like Nash, Flair, Hogan, Booker T, and Bischoff walking in the door for big fat payday checks leaving TNA in worse shape then when they came. Signing old WWE talent & rejects didnt do them any favors either.

    Destination America deserves some blame as well for not doing any research before getting in "bed" w/TNA. Idk how they didn't look into TNA's track record before negotiating a deal with TNA. Tbh, I don't see TNA getting another network deal if they end up being cancelled which I think will ultimately lead to TNA's demise.

    Idk how Dixie came into control of TNA but they should of had a real wrestling head running the in-ring booking/talent operations and let Dixie control the finances or something.
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    A lot is stopping me I'm 33 and I'm almost at that point where I feel like my life is almost over. A lot of it is mental a lot of it is from the past childhood shit and beyond. To even have a physical impairment it makes things somewhat harder because of the extra hurdles that I know that I'm going to have to go through to get to where I want to be. I've always been behind my peers in life due to circumstances, some of it due to fear.

    I've already crossed off wanting children I do not want to be a parent at all. These kids now aren't raised worth shit and I don't want to be on grandpa status bringing kids in this world. A lot of absentee fathers and a lot of shitty ass mothers.
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