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    Once I play the DLC missions I am really done with this game. I beat Mafia III way back in January.
  • Re: What is the best way to find a new job?

    Well I've pretty much have given up on looking for a job and I'm thinking about taking a few classes at the college I graduated from and entering in the entrepreneur program early next year.

    My problem is I have a physical impairment and I've been dealing with my vocational rehabilitation for about near 1yr 1/2 and all they have sent me through is a bunch of job training programs in that time with only 1 "interview" and that was in the spring. Idk one company that does interviews in an apartment complex. Shady ass shit.

    I done been through so much shit dealing with this VR place it ain't even funny. Then to make it worse these jobs are very unrealistic if you're someone with a disability.
  • Re: The OTTB Wrestling News thread

    They better strike fuck the bullsht

    They ain't got the balls to do it. Also, they would lose $$$
    gdatruth2.0eternal soldier
  • Re: The WWE shows thread (Raw, Smackdown, NXT)

    TonyDubbz wrote: »
    TheBoyRo wrote: »
    NXT question for y'all. Are there any current NXT or former NXT standouts now on the main roster who u would be legitimately pissed if they weren't utilized properly on raw/smackdown? Or are they being used wrong on the main roster now in ur opinion? I would be furious if they misused asuka. Like legit mad

    Asuka, Adam Cole, the AoP, Sanity, Aleister as @MilzOG just pointed out.

    NXT is booming with talent right now, I cant remember the last time the roster was this stacked but if I had to take a guess it would be back when Sami, Owens, Neville & the 4 horse women were all down there together.

    I feel like they've misused the hell out of Apollo.. I feel like they pulled him up way to soon with no plans for him and they kind of fucked him over by asking him to smile and be happy all the time. He wasn't like that until HHH approached him and told him to smile more.
    TonyDubbz wrote: »
    The sad reality is there is way too much talent and not enough time for everybody to shine with the shows that we do have. Adding another show could be a solution but it would also be something that would be frowned upon more than likely.

    Folks like Dana Brooke, Emma, Crews, Bo Dallas should definitely be moved back down NXT. Bo Dallas is nothing more than enhancement talent ever since he was called up to the main roster. Crews got called up too early, Dana sucks, & Emma is being booked like ass on RAW.

    It would be an easy fix for WWE to just add another show or get rid of Main Event/205 Live(show/division is a joke) and actually take it serious and use the talent that isn't shown on RAW/SD every week and just have brand only specific matches and then rotate so we won't have to see the same 2 guys or 4 guys (tag teams) fight every week. WWE could be a whole lot better than what it is now.
  • Re: WWE 2k18

    Already pre-ordered the deluxe from Best Buy.