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  • Re: Fair or Foul: Workplace romance edition

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    aight so,

    i was out sick and came back to work and found out that a lil office romance got the top blown off the lid yesterday.

    Apparently, a chick i work with was messing with this dude from another dept. According to her, he was saying they were in a relationship and even let his kid play with her kid.

    Well, she found out he was messing with another chick in the building.

    The chick came down to her office and they had a chat and basically laid out the cards on the table. My coworker tells the other girl that the dude had been telling her they were a couple and that she had no knowledge of any other relationship.

    Word got back to dude, and he came to her office to confront her and they got into a lil scuffle.

    He went to HR first and reported her. As i type this, i think they are in the process of informing her that she is about to be let go.

    Fair or foul that the dude went to HR.

    And this is why you don't shit where you eat at.....
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  • Re: Fair or Foul: Women Anonymously Discuss Regretting Having Their Children and Becoming Single Mothers

    Life is about choices and it goes for both men & women. My problem with the article is the comment section though. Some of these women knew they were trying to accomplish goals or finish school but had babies w/the wrong guys and then want to regret being a parent because it's a burden. I think it's insulting to the child because they never asked to be brought into the world.

    The way a person is from their personality when you get with them is what they were before you got with them.
  • Re: The Official 2015-16 NBA Thread

    The NBA still belongs to King James. This is the greatest comeback in NBA history and the greatest win in LBJ's career.
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  • Re: The Official 2015-16 NBA Thread

    LeBron got my head hurting with the dumb shit. Why pass it when you can drive to the basket and get a possible and1.
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  • Re: The Official 2015-16 NBA Thread

    Sorry, guys, took a pizza break. As many turnovers as we have and as many three's we've allowed, we're doing damn good to only be down by 7 at the half. We need to relax and tighten up.

    They got to get LeBron in the paint or LeBron needs to find his mid-range shot. If Lebron keeps playing passive Warriors is going to blow these guys out in the 2nd half.