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  • Re: The Official "Power" Season 3 Discussion Thread (No Spoilers Until It Airs On Stars)

    -Angela is so stupid it's beyond sad. She allowed her emotions to make a bad judgment call on locking up Ghost. Karma will be a bitch for her.

    -Ghost made/had a lot bad ideas this season he kept fuckin over Angie & Tasha. Tommy was his saving grace in dealing with Milan. Should have not got involved with Angela.

    -Tommy proved he's smarter than what he's given credit for setting the trap against Milan. Time will tell if making moves with that Serbian dude behind Ghost's back will pan out. Knowing how much of a hothead Tommy is I doubt it.

    -Tariq has shown how much of a dumb ass he by letting Kanan manipulate him. Tasha & Ghost have failed this little nigga worrying about other things besides they own kid. Wouldn't be surprised if he turned up dead next season.

    -I got a feeling Kanan will be at war with Ghost and Tommy for different reasons but he will finally meet his end next season by the hand of Ghost or Dre.

    -I'm glad Holly & Greg Knox are written out of the show. The feds are incompetent and still don't realize they have a mole in plain sight in dealing with Mike *smh*

  • Re: WWE PPV thread - CLASH OF CHAMPIONS (Kevin Owens vs. Seth Rollins) [TONIGHT]

    I swear the womens titles are better than that U.S. title

    I really think they should get another design for the US Title.

    Yeah that U.S. Title design has been around since 2003. Time for a design change but knowing WWE they are just going to make uninspired looking design with the "W" logo in the middle.
  • Re: What is the best way to find a new job?

    hoodsavior wrote: »
    I'm in a tight spot.. I'm over the food industry as far as day to day and looking for a change.. Talk about eggs in one basket smh..

    Yeah I'm in a tight spot myself and I'm trying to work with this vocational rehabilitation place that help people with disabilities (I have Cerebral Palsy) and other issues but I feel like I'm getting the run around. I have a degree where I can work in the Administrative Asst. position but when you go online (they don't want you to call) these companies want 2-5+ yrs of experience and type 40-90wpm at entry-level. With my disability I can't keep up at that pace.

    I been thinking about going back to school for accounting [being that I would only need 4-5 classes from another degree] but I wonder if it's worth the time. My thing is at 34, I'm not trying to start over from scratch. A family friend wanted me to get into another job training program different from the one I'm in but I'll probably end up starting a new avenue from scratch again which I don't want to start from scratch.

    So I'm at a loss.
  • Re: WWE PPV thread - CLASH OF CHAMPIONS (Kevin Owens vs. Seth Rollins) [TONIGHT]

    TonyDubbz wrote: »
    OGDirtyDee wrote: »
    Yall still streaming when the shit is only 9.99?????

    Man bruh I supported that Network for 2 years straight and i probably still would be supporting it right now but i got Kodi because I was trying to cut down on my TV bill and it has add-ons for netflix & live sporting events so u think im bouta continue to pay for it?!


    Yeah I'm really thinking about getting about some alternative options for cable tv & for streaming apps. I'm paying $30 a month now for streaming apps like Netflix, WWE, & Tidal. It adds up every month after awhile. I think when I move again I will be checking for a Kodi device because I really don't watch Netflix or WWE Network like that and having cable tv is waste of my money.
  • Re: WWE PPV thread - CLASH OF CHAMPIONS (Kevin Owens vs. Seth Rollins) [TONIGHT]

    Good match. Right move keeping the straps on New Day.
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