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  • Re: The OTTB Wrestling News Thread

    Seth Rollins is officially Ranked #1 in PWI Top 500 for 2k15. Fuck Cena. really can't say fuck Cena after the some of the matches he's been involved in this year. He could have easily been #1 in the PWI 500.

    Lesnar(c) vs Cena vs Rollins - Royal Rumble
    Cena vs Kevin Owens - Elimination Chamber
    Cena vs Kevin Owens II - MITB
    Cena(c) vs Kevin Owens III - Battleground
    Cena(c) vs Seth Rollins(c) - SummerSlam

    I'm not a Cena fan by any means but, Cena could have won that #1 spot or tied w/Rollins for it.

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  • Re: The WWE shows thread (Raw, Smackdown, NXT)

    Watching NXT and I must say creative on the main roster needs to start booking The Ascension better than what they have or get rid of them. Writing & booking is the main reason peoples career get fucked over.
  • Re: Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeros/The Phantom Pain

    This is one of those games I feel like I can wait for...
  • Re: The WWE shows thread (Raw, Smackdown, NXT)

    I had to watch the rest of RAW this morning because I was just too bored with the Summerslam rematches and fell asleep. The way it's going with Seth I would be surprised if they booked him to lose if not 1 but both titles at NOC. I could see him retaining the U.S. Title against Cena but I think something is going to happen in the match with Sting where a new World Champ is crowned.

    I think HHH & Cena will both get involved in the World Title match at NOC. I think when Sting is looking close to victory against Rollins, HHH will try to screw Sting out of the title but Sting survived the attack from HHH, Cena will probably come in to get payback for getting screwed by Rollins in the U.S. Title match earlier in the night and aid Sting in capturing the title. Rollins will probably win it back next month at HIAC or HHH will get greedy and challenge Sting himself again and lose in the match. If HHH vs Sting happens again expect a Sheamus cash-in after that match because I don't see Sting with the World Title pass 30 days.
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    The restrictions on his miami restaurant is racist. Any over the top white patriot is racist.

    When TMZ exposed the Hogan restaurant restrictions story that already let people know what was up. When that tape with the racist slurs was exposed it was the "icing on the cake" for his image.

    Crazy thing about all of it... WWE is going to find a way to bring back Hogan in another year or two.
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