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    - Ghostface Killah punched Ma$e in the face, "if you knew how my face felt, you would know how Ma$e felt..." , that verse from Kanye West was in reference to that debacle.

    - Canibus got beat up at his own album listening party (I forget who the culprit was, I wanna say it was Ghostface Killah and Chef who beat him up but I can't remember)

    - Nas used to date Sade

    - Cormega was one of the first true independent rappers and one of the first few rappers to buy himself out of record deals and fund his own videos.

    - U-God from the Wu-Tang Clan actively posts on the IC

    - In 1995, GTE Interactive Media paid Jermaine Dupri $20,000 to be on the cover of their SNES game, Street Hockey 95 (which was actually released in 1994) dressed in hockey gear. One of the levels had a loosely based instrumental version of Kriss Kross' "Alright" song.


    - Angie Martinez' baby father is Nokio from Dru-Hill

    - Young Jeezy has Bell's Palsy (as stated in his documentary)

    - Master P almost bankrupted Universal taking and pocketing $30-60 million after they played him out of $6 million. When Universal tried to sue him he filed for bankruptcy and moved his assets into a shell corporation and Universal was unable to recoup a dime or so much as masters from Master P. They held the lawsuit for 6 years before finally discontinuing it. Although Master P chooses not to disclose his net worth, it is estimated that he is worth north of $350 million to $600 million.

    - NaS can paint art and is an accomplished painter, he paints in his own spare time

    - Kanye West sold his first beat for $9000 to rapper Gravity, he later took the money and bought a Jesus Piece (SMMFH). 'Through the Wire' cost $35,000 to create.

    - here's an interesting irony - It is often thought that most battle rappers suck as rappers and can't make a hit to save their lives, ironically enough, the biggest and one of the most recognized worldwide rappers is Eminem - who in fact got his start from battle rapping and has gone on to sell an estimated 100 million records worldwide.

    - Reasonable Doubt was originally going to be named "Heir To The Throne"

    - After Cash Money fell on hard times, Lil Wayne almost signed to Rocafella for $5 million

    - Mary J. Blige once dated Dame Dash

    - If you look at the executive producer credits on Stillmatic, you'll see "Destiny Jones" as an executive producer. NaS did that so that she would always collect royalty checks for the rest of her life.

    - Shawnna of DTP originally passed on the beat for "Golddigger" which Kanye West and Jamie Foxx would later turn into a big hit. Fun fact ? It was going to feature Kanye and Shawnna but she felt Jamie Foxx would not be a good fit for the song and was reported as saying "I don't want [Foxx] to sing no jingles, this rap, not comedy". That record went on to become one of Kanye's biggest songs ever. In the same year Shawnna's debut album sold 300k, Jamie Foxx ? 2 million worldwide & earned him 2 grammies to boot....

    - Lupe Fiasco almost signed to GOOD Music and Rocafella early in his career. He avoided the ROC because they were on the verge of breaking up.

    - Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco and Pharrell were suppose to create a group called "Child Rebel Soldier". According to Pharrell, from 2004-2007 they recorded enough music to put out 2 albums. Pharrell claims that Kanye is sitting on those records in his vault...

    straight hoodrat bird logic right there
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    Jodeci back performing at the soul train awards. This could go really good or really bad
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    Im not sure mike miller will make it through the season healthy starting

    He played all 82 games last year in Memphis.

    Still can't believe he achieved that. His last year in miami looked like it would be his last
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    damn this nigga rose fast as fuck
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    lol... Hard to see a player like Kobe not go out on top though...

    Imagine Jordan's career fading like this... or the Bulls trying to push him out.

    But then again, look at what happened to Iverson.

    Hopefully Kobe can redeem his career, imagine him going to another squat though.


    Bulls kinda did push him out. Jordan, Pippen and Phil wanted to return but Reinsdorf didn't want to pay any of them