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  • Re: Aaron Hernandez found dead in prison cell.

    Max. wrote: »
    He kill3d himself so his wife n kid get life insurance $$$$


    If you kill yourself the beneficiaries don't receive the insurance money
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  • Re: The Official 2016-2017 NBA Thread

    chuck was straight pissed and was lowkey talking about espn first take
    Jonah 2.0WhoisDonG???
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    detcatinva wrote: »
    lol toronto offense look like they playing pickup at the y

    I'm not gonna go in on him again but Casey gotta go. LOL.

    im not a casey fan but the roster aint as good as people think
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    Suns PG Tyler Ulis on Russell Westbrook hunting for assists late to get a triple-double: "That's all he was trying to do. He was wide open, trying to find guys."


    Tried to tell y'all about russ aka rondo on steroids.He a stat padder!!! Sad man

    Doesn't a point guard supposed to find open people lol

    Stop capin & read ulis quote.Down 16-18, 2 assists short and russ forcing passes.He did it earlier in the season vs the pacers go check the box score.Russ had 9 assists thunder up 2-3 and he turning down lay ups forcing passes to adams and the pacers won cuz of it guess how many assists russ finsihed with? NINE

    Despite his flaws(I don't think russ style of play is conducive of winning basketball and understand why durant bounced) I fuck wit russ cuz duke motor is ridiculous but I'm objective it's clear what he's doin.

    I understand what he's doing to... do you really have a problem with him going for a historical record. It's not like the thunder are losing. They max out as a team they're the 6 best teams in the west.

    Okc are one of the worst shooting teamy in the NBA and it's impressive seeing him do it with this type of team.

    Niggas are picking and choosing, when Steph was jacking up wild 3's trying to break 3 point records niggas barely said nothing. Selective outrage.

    He was winning tho.

    So what is 45 wins? You acting like the Thunder are lottery bound. The Warriors were a better team than what Russ is surrounded with right now.

    Maybe if Russ played more team ball the Thunder would have more than 45 wins. Forcing passes, crashing the boards while opposing guards run free, holding the ball the entire shot clock has nothing to do with Russ not having better teammates. But it does have something to do with why they only have 45 wins.

    okc has more talent than given credit for
  • Re: The Official 2016-2017 NBA Thread

    Cavs were fortunate to win last year. The league couldn't have lebron go 2-5 in his career for the finals so they suspended draymond and allowed Cleveland to get back in the series
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