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    I like that.
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    barca got him for like 34m but the new board have an option to sell him back to A.M before July 20 for 30m if they decide they don't want

    So if they sell him back will Atleti then sell him again to someone else?
    I really didn't even know this shit was possible

    Clauses in the contracts these days are becoming rediculous.


    WOW, Arsenal are cheap as fuck.....

    Yo OX, if u don't want cheap ass clubs rationing your minutes, pussy managers mismanaging u, not winning "REAL" Trophies, COME TO CHELSEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Lol @ real trophies. Them shits plastic as fuck.
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    Lmao! Niggas is mad as fuck about spoilers being posted. Be lucky them niggas used the spoiler tags. Haha

    You're one of those eager little children? yup
    Stop crying like a little hoe. I don't post spoilers nigga, I read them. All these homotions coming from you got me wanting to get my shotgun, drag you out to the woods and put you down like the bitch you are. In other words...


    Catch a flight and come kill me since you got the courage to say it. Put those words into action homie.
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    I'm fucking with you nigga. Lol You gotta stop crying though. Niggas is well within their right to post spoilers if they use the spoiler tag. @Sion 's orders dog haha

    It's not the spoilers, it's the "y'all aren't gonna like this" and other small shit people say that ruins it for some. Just post everything you got say in the spoiler.
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    i'm old school. defense got to structured first and foremost. that allows the midfielders to tick with the forward line.
    you arsenal fanbase fixate on offense offense offense, not realizing a mediocre back-line (Over 10 years) will always get expose.

    These was some bad motherfuckers right here from the old Arsenal squad: Ashley Cole, Martin Keown, Mufukin Lauren, Sol Campbell, Kolo Toure.

    No current arsenal defenders can match any of those players. Koscielski slightly to lauren, and lauren was a bad mufuka. Solid enough to make the midfield and forward put in that work.

    Arsenal ain't winning shit without a solid defense, ever. Insanity is a hell of an illness.

    Always something about Arsenal with you. Arsenal this, Arsenal that, Arsenal, Arsenal, Arsenal, Arsenal, Arsenal.

    It's clear as day that we need another CF and we've been saying the defense needs to be upgraded. Signing Paulista was a start, now we need to focus on a DM, which people having been calling for the last few years.

    You speak about past Arsenal teams as if they could be easily duplicated.

    They won the FA Cup last year and could win it again next weekend. You sure about ever? Lol

    Focus your energy on inter Milan, not Arsenal.
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    Chelsea have no historical way of playin'. Fuck it if they were a bit cautious for half a season. I see no problems

    No history at all.

    I agree tho. Do what you have to do to win. Not mad at that.