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  • Re: Chris Brown Finally Tells What Happened That Night Before the Grammys in 09

    Rihanna is an island woman. Nothing needs to be said. Them bitches are nuts. Lol
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  • Re: why is kendrick not considered a rappity rap nigga?

    R2_163 wrote: »
    Niggas wanna say he got Sean on that verse though...smh

    Exactly Sean verse was better imo.

    Jay Electronica easily had the best verse on Control. Only reason K Dot verse stands out is because he named names.

    The reason why he isnt considered rappity rap is because he is a great songwriter with a message. Most of them rappity rap niggas can't write songs.
  • Re: George Clooney and Partner sell Tequila Company for $1Billion

    No one has won in life more than Clooney and Jeter. No one! B) B)
  • Re: ESPN To Layoff over 100 employees

    This is the reality which is have been explaining in other threads for a few years on here. ESPN overpaid for college basketball, NBA, NFL, NCAA football packages in the last round of re-negotiations. And all of them are not living up to the hype for a few reasons.

    College Baksetball: One and done culture and the breakup of the big east are making people watch less regular season college baksetball. They paid more and ratings are down per tourney.

    NBA: They have mostly eastern conference games and lower quality western conference games despite overpaying to renew the contract. TNT gets the better games during football season and gets the western conference for most of the playoffs which is the better conference.

    NFL: Monday night football gets the worse games now due to ESPN going hard at the NFL for concussion stories. And by Monday night east coast guys like me tend to not stay up for the bum ass matchups that start way too late after a weekend of football.

    NCAA Football: Still popular but the playoff has certain years where games are played on New Years Eve which lowers viewership. Also despite the playoff the same few teams tend to be in contention. The SEC is not as deep as it was and the Big 12 has fallen off. ESPN launched the SEC network and the Longhorn network right as the SEC fell off and texas fell off in football.

    While more people are pulling cable packages and going for streaming the amounts they overpaid for content and the content they getting having these issues is a main reason why they are doing this. Living in CT i have seen some people get laid off at different levels of the company in the last few years and it is unfortunate.

    I don't think it's the quality of the league's. Money is tight for people and cable is too expensive. People are always on the go so it makes no sense to have cable. The way people are watching enough entertainment now is different. It's not just ESPN laying off people. Cable providers are struggling and losing right now. BET and smaller networks are hurting.
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  • Re: 4:44 Album - *JAY-Z* (06/30/17).

    From the Adnis sample track seems like this will be an introspective album like a BP or Black Album. I'm here for that.
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