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  • Re: The Kendrick Lamar Collab You've Been Waiting For....."Bad Blood".....K. Dot X Taylor Swift

    Taylor Swift has fucked a black guy or wants to. I can see it in her eyes. She got that make my mascara run look in her eyes.

  • Re: The Official Jay-Z's "Tidal" Streaming Service Thread (Jayz B-Side Concert Stream Inside)

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    This whole Tidal shit is funny as fuck to me, especially with stupid ass niggas. 6 months ago these same mfs were claiming Jay-z was Illuminati and in cahoots with them. Now these same mfs are celebrating with the struggles of Tidal. Which is it? He sold his sold to these crackas or not, because he wouldn't be getting opposition if he did.

    It seems to me that it's a obvious smear campaign on some deliberate shit. All these companies (Apple, Spotify, Pitchfork, Tech companies,etc) have working relationships with each other. They are protecting investments and being bias with their criticism.

    actually the reverse could be asked of jay. does he want to play with the big boys or does he wanna bitch about his race and say the games not fair. Fact of the matter is part of getting to a billion is he has to face rivals like spotify/apple/google in a flooded marketplace. Just how Jays rocafella empire bodied allot of competing rappers trying to be moguls spotify is doing the same shit to tidal. Jay either needs to fight fair and stop whinning about racism or sell the company and step away from the big boys.

    While his race and his original line of career (rapper) are a very small part of why people are going in on him the majority of the spotify warfare has nothing to with his race. Its because they are a killing machine trying to kill competition. Granted Jays launch and lack of freemium service has killed himself really.

    I don't think this is a race thing for the most part and i don't think Jay-z is making it about race either.To me what Jay was talking about is knowing your value and not being underpaid for your shit. That Mike Brown, Trayvon,etc reference is just giving historical perspective. My shit is why are these consumers and techies even criticizing it so hard or acting like Tidal is DOA. It's too quick to make that decision and the more Tidal's there are on the market the better it is for the consumers. I feel as if people aren't being rational about Tidal at all, like who with a bit of common sense says something is a flop a month after it's released.

    Niggas need to be honest. Jay-z disturbed the status quo. These higher ups know blacks are the biggest cosumers in the music business and that Jay-z has build up enough cache in the game change shit.
  • Re: The Official 2014-15 NBA Thread

    K Love is looking expendable with Thompsons play.
    The Recipe
  • Re: The Official 2014-15 NBA Thread

    Cavs vs Warriors finals gonna be nice. Hopefully both teams are healthy. Cavs perimeter defense vs GS perimeter offense.
  • Re: Floyd Mayweather -- Baby Mama Sues for $20 Mil ... He's a Despicable Liar (Josie Harris)

    Waits for the day science can create babies without the hangover of baby mommas.
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