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  • Re: So, I Just Found Out I Fathered A 14 Year Old

    I got three possible kids outchea.

    Outta sight....outta mind my nigga
  • Re: Keeping The Dollar Black

    Black entrepreneurs cash out to white moguls. Can't have black dollars when they ultimately end up under white control.

    Blacks that achieve grand levels of success eventually cash out for an all access pass to whiteville.

    We have no contemporary legacies, no contemporary empires...nothing that says we invested in our culture.

    The one thing we did have (hip hop) that changed the world on a significant scale was infiltrated by Jews and used to manipulate three generations into not wanting anything substantial in life other than fast cash, fast bitches and fleeting fame.

    The black dollar doesn't exist. It's a myth.

    Currency itself isn't even our invention. We hunt, barter and donate. We were peaceful. Money served no purpose to children of the Sun. That's why we are at the bottom of the totem pole. We are the root.

    The last thing white america wants is to see us get back to our foundation and use the knowledge given to us to build us up. Just off the strength, we can build our own society without a damn dollar just off uniting and working to uplift and empower each other for free. Food, clothing and shelter can be achieved just by feeding each other instead of self.
  • Re: Fair or Foul: Workplace romance edition

    You work at a call center? What type of no class having mfs scrapping at work?

    Both of their asses need to get let go. Then homie try the preemptive strike and go snitch first?

    Niggas more bitch than the bitches nowadays b
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  • Re: New York City Circa 1983

    Can't even lie, I'd rather for shit to be like that over the way it is now.

    I feel more comfortable around grime and unrefined living.

    Shits too plastic and shallow now.
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  • Re: We Are ALL Kings

    A lot of times parents brainwash children into being who they want them to be. Lil homie may be intelligent but those ideals were scripted by someone much older than him.

    Leave him around kids his age for six months and I'm pretty sure he'll be saying and doing kid shit.

    Sometimes parents are so focused on producing "great" offspring, they forget to let a kid be a kid.