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  • Re: From Reddit: Black peoples' position in the world is due to indolence not racism

    Has points of truth and some points that come off condescending and judgement.

    Like all race related issues, it's driving theme is blame. Most arguments are either placing the blame on whites or placing blame on blacks.

    Probably gonna get some flack for this but I think we should just ignore white ppl period and focus on getting our own shit together. Racism exists but so does overcoming the obstacles in place because of racism.

    We literally have an entire continent ripe for development by means of the American dollar. Our money and energy is being wasted. Going back to Africa isn't that bad of an idea. It took some time and maturity for me to actually understand what that means and now that I do, it seems like the best course of action for black America. Take our America resources and skills and build up our our nation. But idk man. Something on that scale would require total uniformity amongst us all and I don't see that happening any time soon.
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  • Re: Somebody will say we being sensitive....

    All I know is football has always been the buffer in race relations. From grade school to middle school to high school. I was in a few programs and played for the most racist teams. The only common bond was the gridiron. Texas football is the prime example for the NFL archetype.

    Racism has always been an undercurrent in the game period. Coaches will set their bias aside if they know you are a playmaker. I legit got out of so much bullshit because I produced on the scoreboard. The thing I'm grateful about is not letting the shit get to my head. I knew I wasn't shit but a nigger with a football to them.

    Shit ain't changed but the rules of the game but the way they treat players will remain the same.
  • Re: Most "Liked" Tweet Of All Time....

    This pretty much sums up the Barack Obama legacy.

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  • Re: Should Conjoined Twins Be Euthanized At Birth?

    If they made it to birth, obviously the parents wanted them.

    Abortion is the most common option for an unwanted pregnancy. Your question sucks
  • Re: Hooters is changin, yall comin?

    Business is business. Surprisingly they get a lot of family traffic. Only makes sense at this point if they aren't trying to deal with the hassle of launching an entirely new restaurant branch.

    They're just keeping up with sales trends. Chain restaurants are taking huge hits to their bottom line simply because ppl are aware of their options regarding food. Times have changed. Niche establishments and conscious eating have dealt a major blow to all big name chain eateries.