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  • Satanism....and all the misrepresentations about it.

    You don't need proof. You just need to have faith in the Lord that my words ring true. Trust God.
  • Hey Kai, I'm coming for you and guess what?

    Thread starter has been enlightened by my thread and is no longer a slave to Christianity. Good for him.
  • Satanism....and all the misrepresentations about it.

    Back on the subject of Satanism.

    Although many younger Satanists subscribe to the ideology as a rebellion to Abrahamic religions, there is a growing amount of Satanists who resent the idea that Satanism is merely the opposite of Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. Though they may reference the bible, Qur'an, and Torah, they do so to place emphasis on the significance of beings which have been scapegoated as "evil".

    They understand and appreciate that there is virtuosity in an adversarial society. Humanity can only progress when challenged to do so.

    Hmm I never knew that about Satanism. However, these are the videos I seen about Satanism.

    LaVey is an interesting point of discussion because of the position he set himself in. Starting a church, performing rituals, raising money, etc.

    Satanism is an important school of thought because it's important to get the other side of the story. You can't possibly have the full story when only knowing one perspective. It is just as important, if not more important, than Christianity, Islam, and Judaism.
  • Satanism....and all the misrepresentations about it.

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    you need to be glad people like me stay christian

    LOL Nigga ain't nobody on the internet or in real life scared of a Christian. You all are spineless, cowardly, idiotic, fearful, paranoid, and utterly pathetic parasites who only use power to stop gays from getting married, non-Christians from being elected to public office, and generally make life harder for any group of people you don't like.

    These aren't the days of the Christian Crusades or mass intercontinental slavery. Any one of you who takes that book of yours too seriously can get smacked the fuck up.

    I'm not Atheist or anything, but I agree with this quote. There's a few Christians that are cool, but most are Bullies.

    Do you also support that faggot shit???

    Hey people can do what they want it's a free country. I'm not homosexual, but i'm not a person to judge. Plus in Christianity it says not to judge.

    Why am i not surprised you support that fag shit anyway people can do what they what which means christians don't have to support that faggot shit and we should not be deemed bullies just because of it.

    There is a whole book in the bible called judges people often that not judging out of context.

    I'm neutral on it basically saying I don't care. You seem to have a lot of hate in your heart for being a Christian.

    christians are not perfect and it's not hate for mankind that's in my heart it's the hate of fuckery.

    Yeah sure LMFAO go and do some more coon tap dancin shit.

    You cannot be neutral on a moving train, little boy your silence is support and you are new on this forum no one that actually paid attention to my posts and positions on things would ever call me a coon it's always you newbies and undercover white boys that say that dumb shit or sometimes it's black atheist that don't have a proper way to attack me who say that stupid shit.

    I'm not an Atheist LMFAO. Plus I've been on here for almost a year, so I wouldn't call myself new. Oh i'm not White by the way. If Christian's could do anything it's help the ones who are doing wrong and guide them to righteousness. Even Motivational Speakers are doing it right and have it covered.I'm on the fence on turning to Buddhism or going to a Non-Denominational religious view. The Black Christian's are the fucking worst.

    You have less than 1000 posts you are new because you don't engage enough. I did not call you an atheist learn to read i simply listed the kind of people who ignorantly call me a coon when i could never be one.

    I don't engage enough? What? Also, i've read to little kids and etc, so I know how to read.

    You don't post enough, if you could really read you would have known what i meant. The recital of words is not reading. if you cannot comprehend the words and the messages being delivered then you cannot really read.

    You are a dumbass and I post here everyday. Just earlier this month I had 200 post. Now i'm almost at 1000. Get the fuck out of here you dumb fuck.

    LOL don't do this
  • Satanism....and all the misrepresentations about it.

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    the god of the bible does not support evil.

    An all powerful being which knowingly allows evil to exists is thereby supporting its existence. It's called inaction.

    If god did not allow evil to exist then that in itself would be evil because it would be taking away the free will choices of thinking beings. but allowing evil choices to exist does not in itself cause evil


    You would understand if you just ask god into your life and repent of your foolishness.

    Been there, done that, I actually feel more enlightened and happy without relying on an evil Biblical god day by day. I try to be ambitious and at the same time one with the world, which brings me enough contentment.

    And which god? There are so many of them. Not one that supports rape, genocide or slavery I hope. You know, your god.

    if my God supported genocide you @trashboat and @soulrattler would be dead long time. You want to be one with the world but the world is wicked so you want to be one WITH wickedness .

    Yeah and what's your lazy god doing about all this wickedness? Sitting with a tack up his ass?

    you keep asking for god to appear to show himself this line of questioning shows that you have no understanding of the holy spirit

    Excuse the laziness of the Bible god all you want. It just means more and more secular people homeboy.

    God is anything but lazy he works in my life and the lives of many others you just cannot see the work being done. and as for secular be careful how you use that word many religious people are actually secular to some extent.

    It's a good thing many religious folk are secular then. If Christians in America and worldwide still took their religion seriously, we would have more stuff like this being supported....


    we do take it serious in fact we take it more serious than the people in that past did that's why slavery was ended and jim crow was ended remember the abolitionist movement was basically a christian one.

    The trans-Atlantic slave trade was also basically a Christian movement.