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  • Satanism....and all the misrepresentations about it.

    There are theistic Satanists and atheistic Satanists.

    The former version identifies with various incarnations of evil associated with different religions including Christianity, Hinduism, and Egyptian mysticism. They celebrate and literally believe in Satan, Hades, Shaitan, Set, etc.

    The latter sees the figure of Satan as allegorical, not literal. They don't react as strongly towards religions because they don't actually believe in angels and demons. To them, it's all symbolic and philosophical.

    All Satanists, theists or atheists, basically encourage pure, truthful, unrestrained, righteous hedonism. Do what you want. Be free, but do not tread upon the freedom of others and accept responsibility for your actions.

    It ain't a bad school to study in. It's not Luciferianism, but it's a big step in the right direction.
  • Luciferianism NOW!

    The_Jackal wrote: »
    Nice copying Wikipedia. What it doesn't say is Satan is no person in general and that Lucifer or Devil has always been used as his name. And as waterproof said there is nodogma of women being painted as weak. One of the most revered people in Christianity is the Virgin Mary. Lucifer worshiped himself and this religion is a carbon copy of him.

    1. Neither Satan, Lucifer, nor Devil refer to any specific individual. Those are all titles which are designated to whoever fits the bill. Lux Ferre = light bringer

    2. So your bible isn't sexist?
    2:22 Eve created from Adam’s rib.
    3:16 Eve cursed with painful childbirth and domination by husband.
    4:19 Man marries two wives.
    12:13-19 Abraham prostitutes wife.
    19:1-8 Rape virgin daughters instead of male angels.
    19:26 Lot’s wife turned into pillar of salt for disobeying god.
    19:30-38 Lot impregnates his two daughters while drunk.
    20:2-12 Abraham prostitutes wife – again.
    25:1-6 Keeping many concubines is OK.

    20:17 Wife as property.
    21:4 Wife and children belong to master.
    21:7-11 OK to sell daughters. Female slaves can be used for sex. Polygamy permitted. Unwanted female slaves can be set “free” without payment of money.
    22:18 Kill witches.

    12:1-8 Childbirth unclean, Women need to make atonement after childbirth.
    15:19-32 Menstruating women are unclean.
    20:10-16 Death penalty for homosexuality and various sexual transgressions.
    21:7 Priests must not marry prostitutes or divorcees.
    21:9 Burn daughters.
    21:13-14 Priest must marry virgin, not “used” woman.

    1:2 Census lists only men – women do not count.
    5:11-31 Fidelity test for women only.
    30:1-16 Woman’s vow invalid unless approved by her father or husband.
    31:17-18 Kill all except virgins. Keep virgins for yourselves.
    12 Miriam punished for rebuking Moses.

    20:14 Take women, livestock as plunder.
    22:13-21 Stone non-virgin bride.
    22:23-24 Stone rapist and rape victim.
    22:28 Rape victim must marry rapist; rape victim’s father compensated for depreciation of his property.
    25:11-12 Cut woman’s hand for touching foe’s penis.
    24:1-5 Man can “send” wife from HIS house. Man must not marry “used” woman.
    28:18 The FRUIT of your womb will be cursed – eclectic “pro-life” verse!

    5:30 Women are spoils of war.
    14:20 Samson gives wife to another man.
    16:1 Samson visits prostitute.
    CH 19 Concubine pack-raped and butchered.
    21:10-12 Slaughtered all inc. women and children. Saved virgins for wives.
    21:21 Abducted girls for wives.

    1 SAMUEL
    15:2-3 Attack Amalekites, kill men, women, children and livestock.
    22:19 Kill all inc. infants and livestock.
    21:4-5 Men avoid defilement with women.

    2 SAMUEL
    5:13 David took many wives and concubines.
    CH 13 Ammon rapes his own sister.
    16:21-22 Absalom sleeps with his father’s concubines.
    6:20-23 Mischal punished with bareness.

    1 KINGS
    11:3 Solomon had 700 wives and 300 concubines.

    2 KINGS
    9:30-37 Brutal murder of Jezebel.

    15:13 Put to death unbelievers.
    11:21 Hoards of wives and concubines.

    CH 1-2 Queen Vashti dethroned for disobedience; setting “bad” example to all other women.

    51:5 Sinful since conception.
    127:3 Sons are heritage from god.
    137:9 Seizes infants and dashes them against rocks.

    CH 5 Beware of wicked women!
    CH 7 More of the above.
    6:24 As above.
    31:3 Do not waste strength on women.

    3:16-26 Lord punishes haughty women.
    4:4 Filthy women.
    13:16 Ravish wives, dash infants.
    19:16 Will be like women! (insult to Egyptians)

    9:6-7 Slaughter all including children.
    CH 16 Prostitutes, stoning, promiscuity…
    CH 23 Tale of two adulterous sisters – reads like the script of a pornographic film. I bet you weren’t told this story at Sunday school!

    13:16 Rip pregnant women, dash little ones. (Another “pro-life” verse!)

    3:4… wanton lust of a harlot… prostitution… witchcraft.
    3:5 I will lift your skirts over your face!
    3:13… Your troops are all women. (insult to Nineveh)

    5:32 Husband can divorce wife for adultery. Can wife divorce husband for the same?
    CH 25 Sexist tale of ten virgins.

    2:22 Mary must be purified after birth of Jesus.
    2:49 Jesus rebukes his mother.

    11:2-10… Woman created for man.
    14:34 Women must be silent in churches.

    5:22-24 Wives must submit to husbands in everything.

    3:18 Wives submit to husbands.
    3:22 Slaves must obey masters in everything.

    2:11-15 Woman must not have authority – she must be silent. Women can be saved with childbearing.
    5:9-10 Widows should be faithful to husband and must wash saints’ feet.

    1 PETER
    2:18 Slaves submit to masters, even masters who are harsh.
    3:1 Wives submit.
    3:5-6 Sarah calls husband master.

    CH 17 Destroy great prostitute.
    14:4…they did not DEFILE themselves with women but kept themselves pure.
    "But but but Ruth and Mary!" Ruth isn't an example of biblical gender equality, it is an exception to biblical sexism. And the story of the "virgin" Mary was stolen and watered down from Ancient Egyptian mysticism because the forefathers of Christianity disliked the idea of a woman being elevated to godhood. Isis was a Goddess who gave birth to get another God in the pantheon of Kemetic polytheism. This lie of Mary being a regular ol woman was to devalue her true status as if a woman is only good for childbirth. Look at the way Islam treats its women.

    Why do you think you refer to your G-d as "he"?
  • Common Addresses Possibility Of Nas+Common Album: Nas.Com

    Should be called Com.Nas
  • Luciferianism NOW!

    The_Jackal wrote: »
    waterproof wrote: »
    waterproof wrote: »
    waterproof wrote: »
    waterproof wrote: »
    Judah Back wrote: »
    Jesus said he saw Lucifer fall like lightning

    Modern Day Translation: that nigga got knocked the FUCK out !

    Micha'el put those paws on him

    Do you believe Satan is dead or alive and well? Just curious

    Lucifer is alive and well, and fears me because I have the spirit of the most high and, the child of the most high and I'm a God and he's not.

    Is Lucifer in hell? Or is he living in its own created paradise of some kind on Earth or elsewhere?

    Read the scriptures since you like to quote them and misinterpreted them

    Why don't you tell me since I like to misinterpret the Scriptures. Because as far as what I remember, the Bible doesn't even really mention a specific place called hell.....

    You is dumb smart, shiftless and ignorant, Torah doesn't mentioned hell it mentions Sheol, the NT mentioned hell, you figure out why.

    I don't play games, nor do YAH. YAH IS serious business, and Man is serious business, you have a spirit of a child

    Why don't you just answer the question? Where is Lucifer according to your holy book?

    Peter 5:8
    Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour:

    This thread has already established that "the devil", "Lucifer", and "Satan" are not interchangeable, contrary to Christian false equivalence.

    In other words, that verse ain't about Lucifer. Try again.

    And shame on waterproof for rooting from the sidelines like that verse proved anything. You bible apologists are the worst.
  • Nicki Minaj "Anaconda" new single CDQ

    KillaCham wrote: »
    Bcotton5 wrote: »
    Jhene Aiko heard this shit and said "...and I thought MY song was the worst."
    This was wack as fuck
    ROFL I dunno where you found that joke at but....


    Let me guess, you snapped your fingers three times like a diva when you wrote this post.