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  • Re: The DC Movie Universe Has Some Major Problems That Are Being Overlooked

    So DC is somehow both trying too much to be like Marvel, yet also not trying hard enough to be like Marvel?

    You know what the difference between Marvel and DC's approach is? Marvel had the tasks of both educating us on who their characters were while simultaneously convincing us that we should care enough to watch movie after movie.

    DC doesn't have that problem. When you hear the names Wonder Woman, Batman, and Superman, and also Green Lantern and Aquaman, there is instant name recognition. The word "Justice" alone invokes a certain image. Justice League, Superfriends, etc... DC doesn't have to educate us on their characters because we've known them all of our lives. And I'm not just talking bout the comic book nerds of the world, but those of us who get all of our knowledge from the cartoons, movies, and video games of the 80's, 90's, and 2000's. All DC has to do is execute an acceptable incarnation of something we already know and love.

    As faithful as Marvel has been, though they deviate from the source material alot, if they gave us a completely different Iron man or Thor, most of us wouldn't flinch because outside of Spiderman, Hulk, and X-Men, Marvel characters aren't THAT popular in pop culture compared to DC. That's what these MCU fanboy won't admit. They're like the kid who got bullied in school who grew up to be his bully's boss and now it's time for revenge. Deep down, they're just compensating for the past (pre-MCU) that they never had.
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  • Re: The Official Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 3 thread - Captain America:Civil War: (May 6 2016)

    Can't agree with a sovereign Afrikan king being compared to a white washed coon with average skills.

    Hit the feelings
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  • Re: Young coon is ok with his white friend calling him 3/5 human. WTF?!?

    1. I don't see anything that suggests that the kid even knows about that caption, much less being ok with it.

    2. Gotta love the comments section of the Internet. Where armies are formed and do battle until thumbs develop carpal tunnel and phone batteries die.
  • Re: /// Tylea Adore Advances - 2016 Battle of the BBWs RD 3

    Ass > tits

    Every. Single. Time.
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  • Re: /// Ms Michelle Advcances - 2016 Battle of the BBWs RD 2

    A.r.c.h. wrote: »
    A.r.c.h. wrote: »
    Lets get down to it...we like Ghetto Barbie b/c she thick of course...but also b/c the twerk vids... Thats y we having issue with these votes... Real talk. Ms Michelle is overall a badder bitch... No diss to GB. But she really cant rock with MM whole physical package...

    Bruh you can't even tell me what Michelle ass look like cause all of her pics and videos are from the front on at an angle from the side.

    How can you say she has the whole physical package when you ain't even seen it? She could have a pancake booty and you don't even know it.

    AND THEN she's always fully covered so she could have a waist trainer on and you wouldn't know that either. With GB, you know for a fact she has a big, round, volleyball ass and a proportionally small stomach and waist to match. And breasts wise they the same damn size. That's why I'm wondering what y'all see in Michelle that you don't see in GB.

    Dawg, just about 90% of these broads wear waist sure GB wears them too...just not on camera..

    Which is why you can trust that her curves are her own.

    Michelle could be holding in a beer belly for all we know.