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  • Re: Official Drake - "More Life" Album (Drake Drops 4 new songs)

    aneed123 wrote: »
    what essentiallly Drake is saying is Jay dropped RD at 26...shit barely moved units.....Drake just turned 30 and is sitting on top of the game

    Drake was the hottest free agent in the game upon his arrival into the mainstream. No question. He was highly sought after AND he signed to the hottest rapper at the time. There was essentially no struggle. Jay was an unknown when he dropped RD.

    So Drake is bragging about nothing

    nope Drake is saying all the peers Jay age blew before him. He didnt blow til 98 after Pac and Big died.... Drake comparing it to how he been on top off top. That him talking shit back. We dont have to agree but its a good shot to throw

    Again, Jay was an unknown. Everyone knew who Drake was. THAN he became apart of the YM machine. So what's the pointing in bragging about that?

    Jay was know to a certain extent.. dont try and flip it. Just off of his Jaz Kane and Big associations. And he a New York artist in the late 80s'and 90s thats a whole lot of exposure in comparison to Toronto. I found out bout Drake on the IC. Its a point to brag about in those twos conflcit
  • Re: Young Thug Album Cover and Tracklist "Jeffery"

    Floyd Mayweather go hard ......
    nose piercing in my nose I got diamonds on my nose Giuseppe open toes I got diamonds on My toes
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  • Re: Rick Ross vs 50 Cent

    Yall know damn well 50 aint put out a good album since the get rich soundtrack .... His early shit was fire but he fell off..... Ross been making good music since he came out in 06. WE in the south bumped his first 2 albums heavy.... Ross stepped up the lyricism and production with Deeper than Rap and evolved. this reminds me of the the Jeezy Future thread where past glory is being used when the argument is about current
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  • Re: why you not smiling?

    DWO wrote: »
    is this really an annoying question for men to ask women?

    they went on a long ass conversation on the radio about this this yesterday, and i found it hilarious.

    chicks get mad when a dude ask them to smile?

    like really? that's a turn off
    Man a lot of black women just look angry all the time.... Like they gotta shit or something... Life too short for all that shit. Every nigga speaking aint trying to holla either
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  • Re: Hov Strikes Again! 106 & Park Taken Off The Air Over Blue Ivy Joke

    aneed123 wrote: »
    Fuck that. They baby aint better than no one else baby

    Nobody's baby should be getting disrespected. Besides being Chris Brown's jumpoff what does this bitch even do

    The show would be on if it was someone else's baby. Just like that hospital being shut down for the birth... Elitist ass bullshit .
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