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major pain
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  • Re: Fat Worthless Cops Stand Around Directing Traffic While Man Lay Stabbed At BET Event

    S2J wrote: »
    major pain wrote: »
    All the police can really do is secure the scene for the ambulance, they try to do too much and something happens his family will be millionaires, and worse, homie could die right there on that sidewalk, and they could be at fault. I admit they could've at least been encouraging, or acted like they cared, but as far as administering first aid, nigga he got stabbed. What the fuck you want a band aid. It's always fuck the police for me, but logic come before emotion, they not doctors. His man held him down, his life in limbo, they asked who did it, that's about as far they can go until an ambulance gets there. Once they at the hospital detectives will interview both of them.

    what the fuck are they???????? they are useless unless they are harassing a black person.

    Everybody with a badge ain't out to get you, just like every nigga in a hoodie ain't a criminal, it's just safer for you to think that way until you see different. I've been in plenty situations where a cop did something for my benefit and they really ain't have to. I've been in plenty situations where cops be out of line. You go into any situation with police like they all racist assholes. If you see something different, good for you, but never take your eye off the ball because they will rock you to sleep. With that said, there's time where I've been let go when I should've been cased up, and there's times where I know I hit my signal and they said I didn't they made the k9 false alert to search my car. I don't trust em, and I ain't cool with em, but they not all tryin to lock us all up and kill us like y'all make it seem. But it's best you think that way for your own safety, and freedom.

    why did u quote me as if I made that argument. go suck a cops dick. i don't give a fuck. they have a mandate to fuck with black ppl. believe what u want.

    It's a shame on both sides that there are people that actually believe this is true.

    Whoa now....there actually is evidence proving this.

    Post it. I personally know people that are HPD (Houston) and laugh at shit like this. My real point is, if you are going to put all cops in a bad light because of some stupid shit that some do, you're feeding the bullshit too.

  • Re: The Weekend had a hidden surprise in his video. SMH

    been to jail.

    Has seen (probably committed) homosexual acts.

    Doesn't care about gays.

    continues to explain himself about not caring about gays.

    breh...gon and come out that closet
  • Re: secret societies of hollywood

    major pain wrote: »
    "Damn homie in highschool i thought you was the man homie"

    LOL damn jo you out here doing dicks

    im guessing you new on here... bruh i have never did no shyt like that and will never...

    so back on thread topic...

    i jus watched a lil more of the special... and 2 find out there is a place called Bohemian grove... its a secret gathering where politicians and entertainers go..

    So secret it makes its way onto national TV.

    Sounds legit.
    they dont say what goes on in the meetings... nobody knows... and the people that go are high end politicians and celebs... why would Ronald Reagan and Richard Nixon be at the same spot years before Ronald Reagan (a movie star @ the time) even ran 4 president..

    to discuss how to rob people without blowing them first.

  • Re: Delhi Bus Gang Rape Victim Had Intestines Pulled Out

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  • Re: worst Eddie Murphy movie

    Harlem Nights.

    Get mad.
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