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  • Re: why do so many people call Jay-Z a biter?

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    nineties wrote: »
    the ironic thing is, the album most people regard as Jigga's best album is Reasonable Doubt, the album with 0 homage lines to Big. He didn't need Big's lines to shine.

    This isn't a Biggie hate thread btw. I'm just calling it straight down the line.

    Thats the thing. RD didnt have shine or luster. It was dull and overlooked. 85% of the niggas was watching WB Kids when RD dropped. They fail to believe that the $500 millon dollar land mammal was once just another mafioso east coast rapper trying to fit into Raekwon and Nas lane.

    RD didnt do it for him or Rocafella Records. He went to Def Jam under and let Puffy executive produce vol 1 so he can get that jiggy shiny suit sound.

    But everybody was a jiggy shiny suit rapper in 97. Lox, Nas, Puffy. This another lane Jay Z merged into too late. He saw what real CEOs like Birdman and Master P doing down south this nigga started rapping about Bling Bling, Bounce With Me. Like DMX asked him in 98 "When NY start bouncing?" UGK did him a favor to give him some street cred with real niggas and he re records his verse because our nigga Pimp C murdered him on his own shit. Ungrateful fucker.

    In 2000 after 2 albums the prior year Nas plays the background and releases a crew album based around QB fam. Months later Jay Z does the same shit but instead of being a Beans and Bleek album like he promised he hogs up the stinker but gets outshined by Face and Freeway

    Krs 1 releases a album called Blueprint in 1990. I meant Jay Z releases an album called blueprint in 2001

    He bit from Master P and Too Short retirement book only to come back like Master P and Too Short

    American Wanksta is his biggest lie. This is fantasy drug dealing raps meeting science fiction by warping the fragment of time. After that wack ass Kingdom Bum Jay Z jumped on the trap wave that Gucci and Jeezy made popular in 2006-2007. He bit off more than he can chew on this album. He got his dates, duck tales and even POV refrences all mixed up. Once again I will ask you jigga warrior like i did in 09. What niggas was smoking/selling crack and hollerin "rock boys" in 1970-1971 Harlem.

    WTT was a leech album that not only aged horribly but is the grave marker for Kanye West career. Jay Z rapped about wearing and having swag like Dricky Graham. Shameless whoring of his legacy, his friendship and working relationshp with Kanye just to get an album on the charts. WTT sounds so fucking dated in 2015

    Magna Carta Holy Fail is his coon album. After he saw Nicki, Wayne and Drake successfully cross back and forth between urban and crag charts Jay Z figured he could do the same with that generic euro pop sound. I thought I would never hear Jay Z uninspiringly and lazily belt out the wack shit that he did on Tom Ford then again this is the same nigga who made Ghetto Techno

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  • Re: why do so many people call Jay-Z a biter?

    usmarin3 wrote: »
    I always thought biting was taking someone's lyrics or flow and trying to pass it off as yours. Most of the shit that Jay quotes is well known Biggie, Kane,etc lines. Plus how many rappers have used a Jay lyric or flow ranging from Lil Wayne, Game, Lupe,etc.

    These dudes playing dumb bro
  • Re: Kevin Gates Kicks Female Fan in the Face For Touching His Leg

    If Gates was in any of you lame niggas presence, you would either be hushmouth or hop on his dick like you never hated on him on the internet lol
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    smh even the tracklist is a fuckn bar...

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    Frozenburg stay pulling off upsets...cats still sleep tho
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