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  • Re: Lmaooo Funny AF .

    Yall bugging for laughing at this shit.
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  • Re: A Genius Leaves The Hood: The Unauthorized Story of Jay-Z (trailer)

    Success will always be a catch 22
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  • Re: Biggie's Murderer Found! (LAPD Dective Tells All)

    Ok fellas your boy is lost... Am I looking at this correctly some LA crips killed Pac who had no relation to B.I.G. Suge hired Poochie to kill B.I.G. not in retaliation but to make it look that way?

    “Suge Knight was absolutely enraged. Not only had he been shot at, but his friend [Tupac Shakur] was killed next to him in the car. Suge always knew who was responsible. He looked directly into the eyes of Keefe D, who was in the shooter’s car. Keefe D was a member of the Southside Crips and a well known person to Suge. That explains why the next day this huge war broke out in Compton between Suge Knight’s gang entourage and Keefe D’s gang entourage.

    “Suge Knight ended up going to jail on a probation violation, stemming from the beating of Orlando Anderson [Ed. Note—Anderson is Keefe D’s nephew, also a Southside Crip who allegedly shot Tupac.] in the MGM Grand hotel. While Suge was in jail, he conspired with his girlfriend. Suge gave her the directive to get Poochie.

    Poochie lay in wait outside the Petersen Automotive Museum. As soon as he became aware of where Biggie was sitting in his car, he drove up, and he shot him.

    “Wardell ‘Poochie’ Fouse was paid to kill Biggie"
  • Why are your car interiors so dirty?

    Over the years I've noticed a lot of women tend to keep the interior of the cars really disgusting. Doesn't matter if she's beautiful, average, unattractive, new car, used car, high-end, or low-end. From the cabin to the trunk it'll be a rats nest. As a guy I tend to think that this is a reflection of your hygiene, which may not be the case at all. Those of y'all dipping and whipping what's up with that?
  • Re: Jay-Z Ft. Justin Timberlake - Holy Grail (Official Video)

    I was feeling the song prior, and I'm digging the vid. I love the filters they used, lighting, imagery, shitttt everything. I don't understand it all, I guess it's open to interpretation.

    1. At the beginning of the vid I could be mistaken but it looks like little crosses, it just may be the way the light is reflecting

    2. Also they start of the bid with Jay's verse and bring JT into in later I thought was rally unorthodox kinda cool. Any body have an idea/guess why they may have done this?

    3. I'm assuming the guns bussing from the shadows are haters taking shots at him

    4. He's down by what looks like a pool with a painting on the wall and next to it it says DEEP. I have no idea what painting that is, anyone? What significance it may have? On 100th look it's two angels above a fallen angel.

    5. The fucking white Forest Whitaker chillin in the corridor lmao

    6. The serpent right on that bed of cake, root of all evil huh

    7. Jay is in a room with a chair and book on the table, that same book is shown later with redacted text????

    8. What's the symbolism with the pyramid of champagne glasses????

    9. I think the slowed down parts can be considered normalcy, a break from the fast life... maybe

    10, Wtf is that on the Kurt Cobain "Entertainers" part on the TV screen?

    11. Are the women i sheets to be considered old furniture or ghosts?

    12. The pig roast on the table, the spilled chalice/grail with blood, and that book with redacted text??????? The Last Supper??????

    13. Hov kept it BK ALL Day mving like BIG in a shot

    14. Is JT supposed to look like a priest? I don't get the upside down lincoln town car on fire?

    15. Then through the blaze they give you a quick shot of picture of a skull getting burnt up labeled #9. There's another picture next to it that's not legible labeled #10??????

    16. That one glasses was not apart of the pyramid but the rest fell, does that symbolize him taking his sip while others can't?