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  • Re: Life's: humbled, regrets, delusions, what ifs, ethers, woulda,coulda and shouldas. share ya stories.

    charles2 wrote: »
    Knew my wife forever before we got together for good. Had a kid very soon after and moved in together. Should've seen some signs I overlooked and had to deal with certain bullshit over a 10 year period and 2 more kids. Nothing's as bad as it has been and it hasn't been that bad in a while, but I can't get over the bullshit. At the same time still love her and refuse to break up my family. Guess I got to get past some shit, but I'm getting harder and more petty all the time.

    Should've seen the signs but love is blind and all that bullshit. Passed up on some bitches that loved my dirty draws too, but I love the challenge and chase, more bullshit.

    bruh....see a therapist for about a year an you'll be cool.

    everybody goes thru not alone but you need to get past it and make sure she past it.

    makes things easier

    i dont see the bad part in in normal shit
  • Re: Tony Robbins: To be truly successful, avoid these 3 mental traps

    HafBayked wrote: »
    if I can make money telling you how to make money.....why wouldn't I do it an why would you pay?

    it's obvious alot of yall niggas are clueless...that's why he is living good.


    man I got an associate thats real deep into that shit

    like always at seminars and what not....I think its all about marketing....he's always pushing about some travel agency shit, and has shot it at me a couple times in the past....from what I understand, there's no money being made (yet), just a shit load of pep talks and high fives

    of course there are fakes and hustlers out there...

    how do you seed through that?

    and for a person thats working 40+ hours a week, has family and other obligations, in your opinion is it really beneficial to use your free time in that manner?

    you have to be able to educate yourself enough to know if your truly getting help..

    you can listen to podcasts during your drive or at work.

    you sift thru an find what you need.

  • Re: Hackers threaten to wipe millions of iCloud accounts if Apple doesn't pay up by 7 April - report

    i still get clowned for saving shit on my external drives ....then unplug them an put them in my safe.
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  • Re: Protesters Call for Boycott of Missha Beauty Supply Store

    Support your blacc owned beauty supply sellers!

    it's crazy but in Charlotte a somlia dude does own a beauty supply store.

    imma get the address
  • Tony Robbins: To be truly successful, avoid these 3 mental traps

    The most painstakingly crafted plans are useless if we can't manage to act on them.
    That's why entrepreneur and bestselling author Tony Robbins says that success is achieved through a plan that is 80 percent psychological and 20 percent strategic. First and foremost, your mind has to be set.
    "What we really have to do is get ourselves to follow through, and the reason why most people don't follow through is because their psychology is messed up," Robbins tells CNBC. "How do you change your psychology? I don't mean be positive, I mean be smart."

    Identifying unconscious mistakes we might be making is key. In his new book "Unshakeable," Robbins lays out some of the most common mental traps and presents a blueprint for avoiding them.
    -Tony Robbins, Author, "Unshakeable"
    In most cases, Robbins says, our challenges are born from inaccurate recollections and false beliefs. Some of the biggest issues he sees among his clients are confirmation bias, recency bias and loss aversion. Here's how you can learn to overcome each.
    Confirmation bias, or a pattern in which individuals seek only information that will reaffirm what they already believe to be true, can be countered by asking challenging questions of yourself and others and seeking out informed individuals that disagree with you.
    Recency bias is the belief that current trends, good or bad, will continue. Robbins says the solution is to create a checklist of all the steps you're taking towards your goal and refer to it frequently. That will help you stay on track, whatever current conditions may be.
    Loss aversion is the tendency to recall negative experiences more readily than positive ones and to let those darker memories shape your expectations for the future. This can be overcome, Robbins says, by actively planning in advance for challenges and setbacks. These bumps in the road are inevitable and don't need to be feared.
    By identifying the ways in which psychology can work against you, Robbins says, you can establish a healthier outlook. That makes executing a smart strategy far simpler.
    "Psychology either makes or breaks you," Robbins writes, "so it's imperative to have a robust system that enables you to stay on target."
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