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  • Re: "He Knew What He Signed Up For"

    BIGG WILL wrote: »
    When talking about joining the Military, I think, "Knowing what they are getting into" is a bit of an misnomer.

    Personally, when I signed up at the age of 17 war was the last thing on my mind. They sell you you a lot of shit while you are being recruited some truths, some half lies and some gray area shit. My mind was on that signing bonus, free college, and that Va Loan (which I thought was a free house).

    I think (know) the avg recruit fresh out of High School is thinking about getting some cash and getting some training (shooting, hand to hand combat, etc) and some other shit, not war.

    Hell, sitting at the table w/ the recruiter and moms, my moms flat out asked him, what are the chances of my baby going to war? Dude was like man, hes gonna be brand new, so I doubt he goes. Not knowing how deployment groupings work, we accepted this and kept it moving.

    The reality of going to war didn't set in until I was towards to end of AIT when everyone got their orders. The instructors were going around the room asking everyone where they were going to be stationed. They got to me and I said, "1st Cav". They were like oleeee shit, 1st Cav, thats rapid deployment!!! Will, yo ass going to war 1st! They thought that shit was funny as hell.

    Cant lie, I was shook up for a lil bit when we got back to the Barracks. Crazy thing is, I got to my unit Jan 3rd, or 4th. Pretty much the whole unit was on leave due to the Holidays. A few days later they called everyone back because we got orders to deploy. A week later they were cancelled.

    an this is why...people like you and others need to go back to those environments an tell them kids and families the truth.

    the dream sounds good while you know nothing an seen nothing. but then you locked in.
    i hate people that take advantage of other people ignorance. not calling you stupid ignorant...but in the term of not fully knowing.
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  • Re: My lil cousin's a PEDO....But should I ride with him??

    Molesting a child is a little different than justifying robbing a store cuz you got no money. There is no excuse for raping a child. I don't care if they whole family raped them and then they grow up to do it also. They know it's wrong, they've been told it's wrong, they know society is not accepting of it hence why they hide it and lie, no excuses. I don't accept excuses, for anything. I accept people taking responsibility.

    i am not making an excuse for touch kids.
    i think that was said already...we can stop with that part.

    but i am more talking about the mental aspect of it that never seem to be talked about.
    now...while niggas would or will kill the pedo....its the child or children that will need help aswell.

    1 pedo can make 10 more or how ever many more pedos from him touching them an them not getting help and then who ever they pass it on too....
    so no excuses but help is needed for all involved.

    i hate that shit and hate hearing it....but we have to face its a bigger problem in our community than people care to admit to an while niggas say all this shit in this thread......we still play rkelly at the picnic..12play is still niggas shit. but from this thread niggas will disown they family over pedo shit....yet listen to a pedo talk about pedo shit cuz it sound good.
    niggas aint stopping niggas from driving up to high schools...

    doing nothing is doing something.

    but take responsibility how?
  • Re: My lil cousin's a PEDO....But should I ride with him??

    BlackAX410 wrote: »
    An how many of these niggas would go after a thick young girl if they could get away with it?

    How many old niggas came at an underaged gabi? Even after you told them your age.

    But again....only on the IC ....

    Lol u got something u wanna admit? sounds like this hittin home

    i aint got shit to say......the IC thread about the philly rapper getting a youngin prego said it all.

    niggas only changed they turn once niggas started getting clapped.

    just calling bullshit when its bullshit
  • Re: Best fight scenes ever?

    lord of the rings...five armies.

  • Re: Best fight scenes ever?

    lord of the rings...five armies.