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  • New MileHi app: Tinder of the skies?

    Solo travel can be a boring and lonesome enterprise. One new travel app to the market is hoping to change that. The saucily-named MileHi app is hoping to take some of the tedium out of the process by allowing fliers to meet-up (and possibly hook up) before, during and after the journey.

    For a new kid on the market, the app is performing well. Within two weeks of its launch, it's already clocked up 3,000 downloads -- not least in part to its attention-grabbing name. Innuendos aside, Richard Lloyd, the app's founder insists it's not a Tinder for the Sky.

    "MileHi is a very good name; it's very catchy," he says. "Obviously it's got a connotation, but the idea of the app was really around business or networking, not dating."
    MileHi founder Richard Lloyd came up with the idea for the app when he was waiting to catch a flight from Marseille airport.

    Indeed, MileHi's functions can be used for a number of purposes. Passengers can chat via private messages or in a group forum, and can find and track each other via flight number (this differs to other social networking sites, that rely on GPS). Lloyd reckons this will be the key to its success, as the app can be used to scope out who's on specific flights, including your own.

    "There's a huge global exhibition conference circuit that people go around," he says. "There's also a lot of sporting events that this app could be relevant to, like when people are flying together to World Cup finals or European Cups. People can talk about sharing a taxi at the other end."

    Catering to a niche

    Admittedly, social networking apps for jetsetters aren't new. Though many (Planely, BTSocial and Facebelt, to name a few) launched onto the scene with the best of intentions only to ultimately fall into obscurity.

    Pamela Clark-Dickson, a senior analyst at London tech firm Ovum, notes the market for location-based apps for travelers might be too niche to be sustainable.

    "People already have apps that they're using in order to make those connections," she says. "And then you have some people who don't necessarily want to be social when they're traveling."

    Still, it's early days for MileHi, and with 6,000 airlines on its database, Lloyd is already moving forward with plans to monetize it as he firmly believes he's onto a winner in catering to travelers.

    "I don't think there's any bigger niche than the travel market, with all the numbers of people that do travel for all their differing reasons," he says. "This is very much about a distinct group of people that are flying from the same place to the same destination. And that's really sort of what we're of honing in on."

  • Re: 35 of the Women Pill Cosby Strongarmed for the Box

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    Stiff wrote: »
    To all yall that think he ain't do it, 35 women is alot of women to claim that you raped them and not even come out and be like "nah i aint do it"

    I can see you shrugging off 1..maybe 2.. But when 3 go to the media and i know i aint do it ima start to emphatically deny the shit..this nigga got 35 women out here and all he does is have his lawyer release statements..who does that? Fight back. Seem guilty to me

    I don't care if 10,000 women came out and said he did the same to them. Its not about the number of women for me who come out with an accusation. Its about the lack of evidence as to why I won't say he did it. Cosby may very will have done everything they are saying and more. But I refuse to say he guilty based off what has been presented.

    So in your eyes 10,000 making a claim to have experienced something is no more credible than 1 person?

    My thing is...if you're innocent at least come out and say you're innocent.

    if your innocent do you have do you have a responsibility of proving your innocence or does the person blaming you have to prove your guilt?

    xxCivicxxMaximus Rex
  • Re: The NEW ADHD thread

    Gucci Mane might be the greatest trap rapper ever.....Although that's like getting credit for being the smartest kid in Special Ed

  • Re: 35 of the Women Pill Cosby Strongarmed for the Box

    does he have to say 35 times his innocent? when all it takes is for one to prove guilt?

    after all this time....not one could prove guilt?

    we talking white women here.
    T. SanfordxxCivicxxBARON_$AMEDI
  • Re: What was your experience like, owning a house?

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    J-GUTTA wrote: »

    Also if you can pay 1/2 every 2 weeks it cuts the term of your loan by 10 years.

    Can you explain how this works. I get the paying extra to cut the interest but what does paying half every 2 weeks do?

    Your 1st 10 years of your payments on a 30 year loan are interest. Remember your rate is your monthly rate all though fixed (ideally). Look at your TIL from the sale of your home which shows what you pay at the end of the life of your loan is damn near double. So by paying every 2 weeks your making an extra payment a year and your applying more towards the principal. Why because 13 payments a year they have to apply that to your principal.


    so thats how that works.