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walking out the lions den
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  • Re: 6 psychological tricks rich people use to make more money

    i think if you never saw the bottom , middle an top you cant comment on how the other people should live or how you think you would live.

    just because some niggas are stressed and rich dont mean all are stressed an rich....

    we cant stop living to be more than what we are because some other nigga got shit on his mind. we all deal with shit differently.

    no telling what someone is dealing or not

    rich niggas die or cancer just like poor nigga....should only the poor nigga be stressed cuz he cant get proper care cause he dont have money or should the rich nigga who gets proper care not be stressed cause niggas want him to die to get his money....

    coming from a dude that seen all steps on the ladder....i can say i rather be at the top. because middle and bottom still dont stop niggas from hating and wanting to bring you down.

    i just rather be on the beach while they hating
  • Re: The NEW ADHD thread


    wife is sporting your shirts in barcelona and south france in Nice and suiza.....

    people like them
  • Re: The NEW ADHD thread

    i like living my favorite rap songs

    so can someone help me.....

    i am looking for a bitch from pakistani to hang wit us
    when we have the ferraris and the lams wit us

    hopefully she can tear da club uh wit us

    wanna tear da clu uh wit us
  • Re: The Official Game of Thrones Season 7 Thread [In-Production Teaser Trailer Inside]

    white walkers all day.
  • G&S debate Finals. BOSSEXCELLENCE VS YELLOWTAPESPORT: Mass surveillance.

    Hello All,

    We are at the finals.

    we have @BOSSExcellence in the blue corner
    and @yellowtapesport in the red corner

    Todays topic is Mass surveillance: Is it good for society and should it be encouraged or bad for society and should be discouraged.

    This topic is not limited to just video, we are talking about facial recognition software, email, financial tracking, medical records storage, voice recognition, xbox cameras anything that can be used to monitor a persons activities with or without them knowing.

    Boss takes good for society and encourage
    yellow take bad and should be discouraged

    same rules apply. 5 responses each...shit talking inbetween is allowed as long as it doesnt relate to the topic.

    Boss is first after his chiefs lose today. pop pop pop. the last joke will be stricken from the record.

    We ask that all outside opinions wait until after the debate.

    and at the end we ask that people begin to gt ready for the next round of will be a big one and we would like all we can have to be involved as well as the defending champ.

    Good luck gentlemen...

    Valentinez A. KaiserBOSSExcellenceCeLLaR-DooRHundredEyes