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  • Re: IC Business Owners Appreciation Thread!

    i missed this thread somehow.

    but i got a long ass story and i am not trying to make it seem like im stuntin like niggas always imply i am doing.

    but anyway. long fukkin read

    after high school i went to a technically institute because i liked electronics since i was little and took it up in high school. my dad supported my decision to go to technical school over college.

    after graduating i worked odd jobs until i got hired be a German company. i worked there and became the north american lead tech within a a year. i covered the mid atlantic states to the Caribbean but had to play clean up to all of north america including canada and mexico (trip to toluca was scariest point of my life).

    anyway the company got bought buy a swiss company(nigga in swiss now, aint that a bitch) and when all the techs went to negotiate our contracts, i found out i was making $20k less than the lowest paid dude. i was getting raped and wanted to be compensated properly. the new bosses wasnt budging so i had to make a decision. my cfo and manager flew from germany that next day to tell them to work something out. they said they have 80k people so they wasnt worried about me.
    longer story short, after my non compete clause was up i started my own business doing what i learned and investing my into myself to learn other things. i ended up taking there three biggest customers which were three of the top ten pharmas in the world.

    once they found out i was taking they business...they invited me to a meeting. i went there and they offered me a job. but instead of accepting thier offer..i pulled a nigga move and asked them to allow me to buy their contracts with other companies and we all make money or i'll just take them and only i make money. man they kicked me the fukk it was no way i would give up what i was making for what they was offering.

    so i worked my ass off but knew the technology wasnt going to be around forever. i had to begin to set up for the longer term. so i begin to buy real estate in florida. condos was gaining steam go i grabbed up quite a few of them along with paying off my own mortgage. so i was always broke but securing my future.

    i then begin to invest in some ideas people ran across me. i am up to my fifth company thanks to @Sion‌ . he always had a way with money that i respected. so talked about it, i invited him to the DR to talk money around bad ladies and we signed the contracts.

    during one of my trips to the DR i noticed how poor the people were but how much love they showed me. So i invested in a clinic and hotel there. my clinic is not finished yet, but it will be cheaper than the hospital and i have already secured doctors to refer and work with me. the hotel is strictly for profit but i donate to my friends church there.

    i was trying to work on a company in japan offering tourism. it never got off the ground the way i wanted it too.

    now im just buying up properties in philly, lake cuomo, spain and portugal all to fund the real one i want (really wifey)in Paris.

    alot of what i do or did was because i put myself in the right situation to network. I was always networking and making contacts and keeping in contact. I keep a pocket full of business cards and always entertained people to pick their brain.

    people always said, why are you always paying for dinner or inviting people out. now they understand. the cost of those dinners more than paid from themselves in return with the knowledge i learned.and i can write them off

    you would be amazed at what you can learn if you listen more and not try to shine. be humble to networking. it may give you ideas you never thought of that may be your start.

    too many people listen with their eyes and not with their mind
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  • Re: Matt Barnes Wife Allegedly Forged His Signature To Get $150K

    did anyone expect anything different?

    these chicks they are owed a good life cause they cute with make up on an got an ass.

    this is what happens when you put pussy on a pedestal and you rich
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  • why is it weak to fight for love, but shows strength to walk away?

    its a situational question but i have a homie who will cancel chicks over dumb shit and another homie that will try to fix shit until it cant be fixed.

    talking to them both, one had regrets for not trying harder but the other had regrets for trying too hard. but they both had regrets and both claimed to have loved the chick they was with.

    but from what society says:
    a man who fights for his womans heart is a sucker and weak if he dont cut her off.
    but a man who dont love these hoez or shall i say is ready to be out whenever for whatever is considered not weak.

    how did society come to thee definitions and why do so many people no matter how they feel succumb to what they think other will judge them on.
  • Re: Police gun down 17 year old unarmed black teen. (Update) Grand Jury Now Being Investigated

    thing is black people dont want to take over...we want justice. we can take over with a even playing field.

    only white people think of supremacy.

    we think of excellence
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    i was never scared to approach.

    but this one chick....she was feeling a nigga. she was nice skinny thing and cute ass hell.

    i dont know why i was being a dumb ass about it....she was ready to give me the ass but i was on some cocky shit.

    just lying to impress her when i already was passed that point and all i had to do was ask her to come over.

    one day we talked an she told me about it.

    i felt like a dumbass yet again.
    as i do while writing this.
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