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  • Re: Rappers That Have a Parent who is a Rapper Thread

    ATL_DRO wrote: »


    aint his real daddy.

    just some nigga who molested him and told him he'd make him famous if he didnt tell
  • Re: Jon Stewart- Straight Ether, No Chaser

    Why do we have to change the way people view us? They don't realize its their mentality that paints us all in a bad light. How about they change their way in thinking. Because no matter what I do the thoughts will be there. They fear us in suits just as much as they do in hoodies.

    No matter what we wear we will never be worthy of exoneration. They just need to admit their logic is fucked up.
    They don't mention that they think with stereotypes and preconceived notions. Nope, they leave that out and place the blame solely on us.

    And since when did a hoodie become the uniform of a criminal? everybody wears hoodies!

    niggas dont say shit when "regular" dressed people rob banks or kill they wife or fukk a 12 yr old.
    should catholic priest change they clothes? they stay raping somebody.

    how about all the people on motorcycles that have been robbing banks?

    how about those in business suits that rob whole countries?

    only blacks gotta change how we are viewed not how they view us?

    at the bolded...i have been asking people i get into debates with that same question.

    they watch movies to fukking much.

    didnt the guy from glee wear a hoodie? ya know the guy the overdosed?
  • Re: Do You Believe That Nonsense About Certain Women Being Out of Your "League?"

    fukk no.

    a woman is only out of your league because of your confidence level.

    nigga will always say my wife should not be with me.....but i scooped that ass.

    that saying is more of a challenge to me
  • Re: Police gun down 17 year old unarmed black teen.

    pralims wrote: »
    Smh at these fuckin ignorant white ppl. They are angry at Eric Holder because the nigga said somethin about him being black and relating to the ppl of Furgeson. According to that, he's now a racist..... Yo, these fuckin dumb azz white ppl wanna be a victim so bad. Even in a situation where a unarmed black kid is executed by a cop, they find a way to make this about how white ppl get a bad rap. They do this shit ALL THE TIME. They feel black ppl actually have it good and THEYRE the ones that have to make all the sacrifices. Shit is demonic my nigga

    i have heard this same thing somewhere.

    white people think we got it good here and we should be thankful.

    funny u say that be cuz I know Alot of black people that think the same way. had a black guy tell me on FB that from what he see from us is that we always feel entitled and want some special treatment.. I asked him what special rights have black people asked for exactly... he was quick to divert to we should be concerned about black on black crime....Smh.. I told that Nigga he sounds like a fox news segment...shit is disgusting

    why is it that because blacks want fair treatment and things to be even ...its such a big problem?

    so we are entitled because we want equality?
    ill be damn
  • Re: older men younger women

    zombie wrote: »
    the notion that younger women are so easily seduced or that they are stupid and easy to fuck is a myth.

    i agree with this.
    maybe it was easier back in the day, but not so much now IN MY OPINION

    this is because youngins tend to think they deserve more. they are trying to hold out like they are the hot commodity. this often gets them passed over or when they finally do decide to try an act grown...they get used because they choose with their eyes and not their mind.

    if you want an older guy, you have to know what to expect and what he expects. do not think your beauty will keep him focused and think to yourself, why would this older guy pick me and how can i keep him.

    beautiful women come a dime a dozen and everybody got long hair and big asses now and they all basically throw themselves at a guy they see with money or thinks he has money.

    set yourself apart and bring something to the table other than the physical and watch how your luck changes.