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  • Re: Huge line forms for Ray Rice jersey exchange at Ravens' stadium ....really?

    are these the same people who used to beat grown ass men to forget they name and culture and work for free?
  • Re: Bat-Wielding Woman In Her Underwear Storms Elementary School

    why don't people think people would do shit like that but are surprised when black people are articulate
  • Re: Mind-Bending Photo Series Blends Models Into NYC Landscapes

    1. The Brooklyn Bridge

    2. Central Park


    3. Coney Island

    4. D.U.M.B.O.

    5. The Guggenheim

    6. Willem de Kooning Studio

    7. The New York Public Library


    8. The New York Skyline

    9. The Flatiron Building
  • Re: What are some of your best songs to reminisce to?

    ghostface killa- be so simple

  • Re: The Official Boxing Thread

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    @pralims just let it go my nigga...I stopped arguing Floyd s greatness a long time ago

    i try to burh...i really do.

    but i just hate when people try to tear down a very successful blackman.

    he paid his dues, he paid his debt to society and hes the greatest at what he does.

    people tear down bradley and rigo. broner tears himself down.

    its like black talent gets shitted on to make way for yellow or white mediocrity.

    I just like to stand up for my people.

    but i hear you bruh....

    im leaving the thread

    thats what they do in boxing. its fucked up. I like talking about it but folk think I be making shit up and race baiting. Black fighters have the hardest road to travel in the sport and then they get held back cuz of style. the way the dirty shit Maidana did to Floyd and Broner was excused is a damn shame. the way Ortiz headbutted and the focus became oh floyd sucker punched him was a shame. the way Rigo is being blackballed by the sport is a shame. the way Ward is getting treated with his resume is a shame. but rockem sockem brawling b level fighters get pushed to the forefront.
    come the fuck on, every race has dirt, bernard built a legacy off dirty tactics, holyfield headbutted to fame, floyd elbows all his opponents. these things happen in boxing, its part of the game, everyone bends the rules at some point. (shit every puertorican fighter uses a low blow to buy time)
    black talent doesn't get shitted on or blackballed so much as black fans don't put out as muc hsupport as other nationalities.shit floyd even gave up on black money and built an empire off of mexican money. he followed oscars plan and takes the top 2 mexican dates and makes damn sure he has a latin opponent or a mexican undercard.
    broner isn't tearing himself down so much as hes getting attention for his brand (yeah he does some coonery, but its all to make you hate him) hes in a good position to take over when floyd retires
    ward did it to himself with his contract and promotional problems. he also does not want to move from a dead division. how can you blame anyone for that when hbo even gave him a mic to keep him relevant. its all his fault if nothing comes from the opportunity.
    rigondeux is another one (why a latin fighter got lumped into this pro black argument is strange though) he has a shitty contract with a shitty promoter (any fucking promoter that runs down his fighter should be fired)
    he needs to fight it out and move on to better things or do something smart like floyd did to make people pay attention.
    boxing has been a black dominated sport, so i don't get why you would feel they have the hardest road when they get the most attention. if anything its the fanbase that fails the fighters, some can sell out at home (ward, crawford and broner) but they need to make themselves must see.
    most people love the KO, and all these dudes are talented, why not go for the ko? (you don't have to be rock em sockem to knock someone out)

    You make some good points but to the bold. Bob Arum even said it was a mistake for him and his company by not listening to Floyd when he told them to market him to the black community mostly hip-hop community. Black fighters accross the board are not marketed to the black community period. Shane Mosley wasn't as famous as he could have been because he never presented himself to the black community. B-Hop and Floyd are the only recent black fighters to do so and it has paid off well for them. Broner's days are numbered cause he just a ignorant lil nigga who shuck and jives and really is not as good as he thinks he is. Floyd lost money by only fighting in Vegas after a while. The largest concentration of black people in this country is located east of the miss. if I am not mistaken. So the majority is not going to be able to travel to Vegas 2 times a year to see you fight. You build up a real following by fighting in different cities with a large population of black people like fighters did back in the day. There is a reason Cotto's biggest fights were in NYC and why most Mexicans fight in the southwest or west coast. It only makes sense. Black fighters need to step their marketing game up and stop thinking small in terms of not paying taxes by fighting in Vegas while they still not making that Floyd money.

    as a black person you dont need to go to vegas to support.

    you can support with PPV and going to the local bars, movie theatres and shit like everyone else does.

    mexican fighters fight where there people are concentrated.
    cotto fights in NYC always around the puerto rican day parade and the large puerto rican population.
    floyd can stay where he is.
    he commands top dollar outside his demographic. he can take all the money from other cultures and it dont matter to me. what matters is that hes a black man getting they money. rather than another white man getting black money.
    vegas also attracts big gamblers who will pay top dollar to see the fight an bet on the fight. hoez make money. local food spots make money and the casinos make money.

    there are not too many places that have all of that and have the name.

    why do you think pac is being promoted in Macau instead of the phillipines?

    Macau is the new gambling capital. its not about the philipinos. they can support from afar. but Arum is getting that new chinese and japanese money.

    same with floyd. so dont put him in a box. its business