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  • Re: The Official 2015/2016 NFL Season Thread

    fortyacres wrote: »
    this Lovie Smith situation is bullshit breh

    Naw, it's a smart move. Dirk Koetter leaving is a huge part of it. You saw what happened to the Falcons offense this year compared to last year? Last year they had Dirk Koetter. As soon as I saw other teams wanting to interview him, I said I hope we fire Lovie to keep him.

    People who think it's racist think about the situation more in depth. If we keep Lovie, then we lose Koetter. So now black Jameis has to learn a new offense each of his first 2 years in the league which usually ends up poorly. And the new OC he gets will likely be less talented than Koetter. So we'd likely end up doing bad again next year (which is the 1 more year you think Lovie deserved), so he'd get fired anyway. Which probably means they clean house, and Jameis is now learning a new offense AGAIN in his third season, and not comfortable with it until his 4th. That fucked up development, AND Lovie being fired is what you wanted?
  • Re: The Official 2015/2016 NFL Season Thread

    Smh....Coach Kutty

    Never know what you got until it's gone and you end up with a Shannahan.

    I still think Lovie should've got one more year to rebuild that defense.

    A Falcons fan letting y'all know how good he is with offenses. We would have lost him, and Lovie. You don't do that top your rookie franchise (hopefully) QB
  • Re: Cam Newton for MVP? The madness has to stop...

    R.D. wrote: »
    You keep discounting that they're not a passing team and his receivers are not very good

    Jonathan Stewart Is ok I guess

    I been keeping an eye on Carolina games and everytime it's time to make something happen, Cam been coming through

    "Cam, use these guys that can't start for any other team in the league sans the Bronwns and do what you can" and they're undefeated

    Sometimes it's just more to it than the numbers(right or wrong)

    I'm not discounting that though bruh, I've said it as a negative. The QB of a team that isn't a passing team is the Most Valuable Player in the league? The strongest part of the team is the defense. So a player that's not even a part of the team's biggest strength is the Most Valuable Player in the league? Like i said, Cam's having a good year, no doubt. But he's not the MVP.

    Rodgers last year was hands down the best thing bout the Packers. Peyton's record setting TD year, he was hands down the best thing about the Broncos. AP 2000+ yard (from scrimmage) season, he was hands down the best thing bout the Vikings. Rodgers again the year before that with his 45 TD's and 6 INT's was hands down the best thing bout that Packers. The defense is the best thing bout the Panthers. That's not disrespect towards Cam, it's just the truth about the team.
  • Cam Newton for MVP? The madness has to stop...

    People are gettin WAY too caught up in the Panthers record and calling Cam Newton the MVP. This dude shouldn't even be getting serious consideration in my opinion. His numbers aren't that great, and his team is pretty damn good without him. MVP is usually chosen from 2 categories, and he's not leading in either.

    1) Individual stats and level of play
    2) How essential you are to team success.

    AP or Brady I get. Cam Newton? Hell no

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  • Re: The Official 2015/2016 NFL Season Thread

    aneed123 wrote: »
    aneed123 wrote: »
    Lol Bennett did the ravashing Rick rude

    I used to like Bennett (he was in Tampa), but then all the undeserved hype he got in SEA made me hate him

    He a good dude him and his brother are hilarious to me

    They're both assholes, haha. Entertaining though