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  • Re: The Official 2017 NFL Offseason/Draft Thread

    moyo wrote: »
    That's sad the Raiders were trash for a decade & a half, finally get a good team and they leave to go to Las Vegas. Shit's fucked up.
    marc123 wrote: »
    play in Oakland for 2 yrs then move to vegas...smh wtf lol. those Oakland hm gms should be infront of 50 ppl

    They already had the lowest attendance in the league last year. They brought a good team, and still got no love from their home crowd. I'm not even mad at them for leaving
  • Re: Is Dak Prescott The Truth?

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    nujerz84 wrote: »
    He's in the right position. Elite O line, elitie Running Back, HOF Tight End, And a Playmaker WR (except against Giants this year).

    Time will tell

    Same thing I said. A lot of QB's are out here looking for a running game, OL, or receiving targets. Let's see how he is when he isn't in the ideal situation. Could still be good. But we're going to have to wait and see

    Name a qb in a bad situation that's good?

    Didn't say a bad situation. Just one that isn't ideal. He has a top tier OL and RB, and a good group of receiving targets. How many teams would you say have a better supporting offensive cast?

    tom brady has had the best teams thru his career and it doesn't hurt his legacy

    Bruh, I don't even fuck with Brady and this isn't true at all. What receivers has Brady had? 2 years with Moss? A few seasons with Welker (who was largely a product of elite QB play)? And who were the Pats running backs? Even the O line seems like it gets shuffled around a lot.

    You're reachin hard as hell saying Brady's had the best supporting casts throughout his career.

    Have you ever wondered an argument against me....nope

    This is another W on my list. You're crazy as hell saying Brady has had the best teams throughout his career. Name some of his best WR's and RB's. Reachin hard as hell.

    @ghost! @its....JOHN B are Pats fans I think. They should know how the Pats roster has been over the years...tell them how Brady had the best supporting casts his whole career.

    I never said he had the best supporting cast wtf. I said he has had the best teams. You don't have to have the best talent in the world to win.

    Now tell me how has brady not had the best situation in football the past 15 years?

    Removing the QB and looking at the offense, plenty of teams are in as good as, or better, situations. Cowboys, Falcons, Steelers, Cardinals, Chiefs, Giants, Raiders, Bengals. A couple more could probably added as a comparable team.

    This man just threw 28 TD's and 2 INT's this season. He averaged more TD's per game, than he had total interceptions. All that with Gronk being hurt for a big part of the year. Last year he had 36 TD'S 7 INT with all his WR's being hurt and missing games, and an average running game.

    All the team's you just named aren't better than the Pats.
    You don't even know what you're talking about. How can you say that the Pats are similar to the other teams but when those teams lose dez or a Aj Green they're offensive isn't the same. Pats lose players and the still win that means brady is in a better situation. Pats gets players that fit there system

    I didn't say those teams were better or similar to the Pats. I said their offensive personnel (with the QB's removed) are as good as or better than the Pats offensive personnel.

    And in the bolded, that's just some hater logic. So if Edelman gets hurt, and Brady does worse, that would reflect well on Brady? Because you're saying if Edelman gets hurt, and Brady keeps doing well it's a knock on Brady (because you're taking credit away from him, and giving it to his system)

    The personal is better talent wise but Pats system is better overall and they have the stats to prove it.

    I'm not being a hater at all. You have these players who step in and and do good . That points to the coaching system .

    You even have a dumb ass pats fan that making my point with it being the system when they lose players.

    BB is the mastermind behind all of this and he has a winning record with out brady

    He's not making your point. You're changing your point. Now it's Brady has a better coach/system. Your original point was he has a better team. That's not the same thing.

    Yes, he did. You're the one that brought up the offenses comparison I basically said the better team. So when you bought up the offensive comparison that's when I alluded to the system and not the players.

    So yes my point still stands that Brady throughout the last 15 years has had the better team. I never brought up the individual players because like I said earlier Pat's run a good system and that's a fact

    The system aspect is an overrated cop out. BB wasn't winning before Tom. Tom hasn't played without BB. They're on their way to their 7th SB, and they've won 4...none without each other. Before Tom this was Bill's career.

    - 5 seasons in CLE, and 4 of them were losing seasons. Overall record 37-45
    - 1 season in NE with a 5-11 record (2000)...this was pre-Brady. Overall record 42-56
    - The following year the Pats start 0-2 (Bill is 5-13 in NE and has an Overall record 42-58
    - Brady becomes the starter in game 3 and the Pats go 14-3 to finish the season and win the SB.
    - Brady goes on to go 207-61, winning 77% of his games

    So my question is where was this irreplaceable "anyone can win" situation pre-Brady? When BB had 6 seasons as a coach, 5 of them were losing seasons, and he made the playoffs once, where was the system? When Bill has 64 losses and reached the playoffs once in just over 7 seasons without Brady, vs 61 losses, and reaching the playoffs 15 times in 16 seasons WITH Brady, can you back up the system claim?
  • Re: My NFL team is wack ...volume 2

    I'm OUT this mothafucka!!

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  • Re: Unpopular sports opinion

    The BDB wrote: »
    Reggie Bush is actually a good RB..... but no RB is gonna look good only getting 5 carries and never getting into a rhythm.therefore niggas say he stink,fell off,yada yada yada

    NAH...If he could run the ball they'd let him run more. Dude's soft
  • Re: The Official 2016-2017 NFL Season Thread.

    NFC South is so trash


    Naw, ya'll are still trash. NFC South performance doesn't change that