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  • Is the NBA heading into hard times?

    I made this thread last year (I tried to bump it, but it won't work). But essentially the point was is the NBA heading towards a rough patch as Lebron ages, and eventually retires that it won't have a Superstar (meaning bigger than the game, not meaning very talented), to help bring in viewers? This year had the best record in league history, Spurs chasing a perfect home record, Kobe's farewell tour, the possibility of Westbrook and Durant's last run together, and what may be the last year of this amazing aura around Lebron. All that helps the league, but you'll have probably none of it next year, so something/someone else has draw people in

    With all those things being done, is the NBA going to be feeling the negative impact of Lebron fading/retiring down the road since it doesn't look like another superstar will emerge that can fill his shoes? I think this is going to lead to bad times for the NBA.

    Note: Who are the mods now, so I can find out how to close this thread, and just bump the old one?
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  • Re: Emmanuelle Chriqui. Dimepiece

    Waitin for the lyin ass dudes that come into every thread and say pass....
  • Re: The official 2016 NFL off season thread

    O.G. wrote: »
    Steelers vs Ravens is the best rivalry bcuz they actually meet up in playoff games or in a position to keep the other from the playoffs.

    I think Bengals v Steelers is taking over. That hate is looking strong as hell
  • Re: General Manager - Which Sport Is The Most Challenging To Turn A Sorry Team Into A Winner

    I'm still sticking with nfl over NBA. Like you said, having a generational talent is HUGE. If you do land a Bron, that's a deep playoff run each year. No one in the NFL can do that for you. You need to put together a dominant group, and your team is always falling apart because NFL careers are short. Between the Broncos 2 SB's (just 1 year between them) they lost damn near their whole OL, J Thomas, that fat DT that went to WAS I think, Moreno, Decker, anf I forget who else. That's a lot of holes to be constantly filling. NFL GM's need to be constantly getting talent. You're always in rebuild mode and that's harder to me.

    Here's an interesting question. No players are signed, and you get to pick your own roster. Someone says they'll give you a million dollars if you can put together a championship team and you get to pick if its an NBA or NFL team. Do you even have to hesitate on which sport's team you're putting together? Most NBA fans can probably do a list off the top of their head and win a ring.
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  • Re: The Official 2015/2016 NFL Season Thread

    fortyacres wrote: »
    this Lovie Smith situation is bullshit breh

    Naw, it's a smart move. Dirk Koetter leaving is a huge part of it. You saw what happened to the Falcons offense this year compared to last year? Last year they had Dirk Koetter. As soon as I saw other teams wanting to interview him, I said I hope we fire Lovie to keep him.

    People who think it's racist think about the situation more in depth. If we keep Lovie, then we lose Koetter. So now black Jameis has to learn a new offense each of his first 2 years in the league which usually ends up poorly. And the new OC he gets will likely be less talented than Koetter. So we'd likely end up doing bad again next year (which is the 1 more year you think Lovie deserved), so he'd get fired anyway. Which probably means they clean house, and Jameis is now learning a new offense AGAIN in his third season, and not comfortable with it until his 4th. That fucked up development, AND Lovie being fired is what you wanted?