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  • Re: The Official 2015/2016 NFL Season Thread

    aneed123 wrote: »
    aneed123 wrote: »
    Lol Bennett did the ravashing Rick rude

    I used to like Bennett (he was in Tampa), but then all the undeserved hype he got in SEA made me hate him

    He a good dude him and his brother are hilarious to me

    They're both assholes, haha. Entertaining though
  • Is the NBA on its way to a collapse?

    This thread is a spinoff from the thread about NBA lacking superstars.

    The NBA is doing really well now. The ratings for these finals are through the roof. The league is pulling in international players. The global market is growing. All's the other side.

    The NBA doesn't have much in the way of superstars (It has 2. Kobe Bryant...Lebron James). Say what you want about whoever else you want. Then go ask the middle aged ladies at work about Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, Kevin Durant, etc. Your grandma recognizes the names Lebron and Kobe. The problem with this is the NBA is a league VERY dependent on superstars, Lebron is 30, and the next guy to reach his level of stardom hasn't emerged yet. So with the decline of Lebron, so goes the decline of the NBA. The impact? Look at what the NBA Finals ratings would have been like with the Hawks in instead of the Cavs.

    Is the NBA's dependence on superstars about to come back and bite it in the ass?

    Side note NFL>>>NBA
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  • Re: Is the NBA on its way to a collapse?

    Anthony Davis will be the next superstar. League will be fine

    You may be right. But people may have said the same about Rose, Howard, Durant, and others at a time.
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  • Re: NBA or NFL... Which league do you prefer?

    Back to give the NBA some credit. The first round of the playoffs was good. I enjoyed watching the games I did catch.

    Wack part now is "Is the team that came out the East the past 4 years going to play the team they beat last year, or the team they beat 2 years ago?" Same story, different day.
  • Re: NBA or NFL... Which league do you prefer?

    I Like football a lot but I truly love basketball overall.

    Basketball is just easier to explain to people and more entertaining to follow. I understand why most like the NFL though and it is because it's less games in the season which put more emphasis on each game.

    I think it's funny that people try to say it's more parity in the NFL as opposed to the NBA because in both sports you always get the same teams that are competitive. What saves the NFL from having the same champions every year is injuries and 1 and done playoffs, which is why my favorite sporting spectacle is the NCAA basketball tournament. It's perfect because it's 1 and done and basketball is the only team sport where 1 player can drastically effect the outcome of a game.

    I forget how long the streak was, but 5 of the 12 playoff teams weren't in the playoffs the previous year in the NFL for a lot of years. Look back a few years and people weren't checking for the Broncos, 9ers, Seahawks, Bengals, Panthers, Chiefs. The Steelers, Giants, Ravens, Texans, and Falcons have all fallen off recently. The NFC West went from a laughing stock to the Deepest division in the league. So I would say the NFL changes more than you give it credit for.