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    My nicca maybe to y'all he was something but he was just a normal ass Compton nicca who wanted to be down. I can't speak on 50 but this nicca was known to pull up in different hoods no security no nothing here in LA. Seen it with my own eyes .

    all I'm sayin is suge & j prince had doo doo scared 2 diss them
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    Niccas act suge or irv has pull. I'm in these LA streets and suge gets zero luv on the west side of SC. That nicca use to employ my OGs to put in work and sum shit happened to where suge could NOT move through the 40s-100s...

    suge ain't wat he use 2 b n the 90s but i can promise u 1 thing that wanksta doo doo will never say fuk suge or fuk j prince cuz donkey Kong shouldve been said fuk suge & j prince when they was callin him a rat wit irv but he didn't cuz he's a shook 1
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    xxCivicxx wrote: »
    White people have a habit/history of hating black art right up until they love it. I don't think that'll ever change

    yep...& they(white supremacy) r real sneaky about they DEVILISH ways like FEMINEM & JUSTIN BIEBER cuz them 2 klansmen got 2 houseniggas like dre & usher(i was rockin wit usher till the whole bieber kkk shit) 2 sign them.... cuz they knew they had racist tapes shittin on blks so when they got xposed 4 bein RACIST it was set up 4 them 2 2 say 'IM NOT' look who signed me NIGGERS! that marshall mathers kkk skit is REAL thanx2the RACIST TAPES!

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    5th Letter wrote: »

    Here's the issue back in the days hip hop always policed itself. That wack bubblegum hip hop shit got no love among the hip hop community. It didn't matter whether you were white or black, or from the east, west or south. When Father MC, Vanilla Ice, Marky Mark etc was out they were deemed as jokes. The PM Dawn's of the world made cheesy music and was deemed "hip hop" they got no love.

    So let's recap my first point. Hip hop as a whole kept the wackness in check and hip hop didn't respect those cornball artists.

    Then along the way once those wack south artists started to blow up, and hip hop attempted to put them in check southern fans gave them a pass. They shitted on anyone who spoke ill of the wackness. Saying stuff like "he's getting money" and "it bangs in the whip". Hip hop became divided in regards to the standards of music and lyrical ability.

    But here's where it got tricky those same southern fans would shit on DJ Webstar and Mims for their wackness, while hip hop fans from other regions would shit on them too thus making them look like a joke in hip hop. But as time went on the quality of the music dropped because record labels are profit driven. And these wack artists are selling ringtones and racking up YouTube views. So naturally they're gonna push that music because it's selling.

    Let's recap my second point. Hip hop lost its power to keep in check those wack artists because hip hop became divided. Record labels push wack artists because that's what's hot.

    So now with hip hop losing its power to dictate what's hot and what's not. Because of regional pride, people missed the bigger picture. So now any ole cracka can come in to hip hop and we can't do anything about it. Whites no longer need the black cosign, whites can now have a career despite niggas not feeling them (MGK, Macklemore) and this started because niggas fought to give passes over 10 years ago.

    Let's recap my 3rd point. Hip hop fans voice means nothing anymore.

    u shouldve figured that out when feminem got xposed as a klansmen & the kings of hiphop(J&NAS) was scared 2 def 2 diss fem cuz kats like jigga & nas was scared of losin they WHITE FANBASE after dissin the cracka klansmen gaawd mc!
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    xxCivicxx wrote: »
    I spent most of my formative year playing lots of instruments and sitting through many music theory classes. I genuinely do not understand why the south gets so much hate. Pretty much every musical genre created by blacks came outta the south, that's exactly what the south excels at, with enough soul and creativity you can create emotionally moving music. The next musical genre that black people develop will probably come out of the south.

    The south has nothing to do with a majority white nation gravitating towards white artists. That's the industry machine maximizing profits. That machine was never meant to be fair to black artists. Black artists have persisted through that by simply making better music and letting that speak for itself, which is why I feel like there will still be lane for black rappers for a while

    tru....anything us blks create n AMERICA & we allow whites n it eventually white supremacy is gonna take over like wat happen wit hiphop now thats y white america is tryna condition us now 2 think that the racist cracka klansmen gaaawd mc FEMINem is the KING OF HIPHOP & he invented it!