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  • Re: Best Rapper Of The New Millennium Final Four.... #1 50 Cent vs #2 T.I.( 50 In the Final)

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    King Tip my nigga
    But I'm rocking with 50 on this one..

    Fam....When did tip fall off as hard as woodface?? from 09 til 2014 all curly has dropped was that weed plate​animal ambition & I was being nyce calling that a mixtape...,.I'm telling u now if tip & woodface would have a album sell off woodface is really going to have to retire cuz he's getting dusted....U don't remember in 2010 when woodface was talking about dropping a swedish disco euro album called blk majic??? Curly is a joke n hip hop tip is still respek Ed & still dropping movies , TV shows& albums moving units woodface ain't/can't do that now imo!!

    Bro I understand everything you saying but the thread title ask who's the better rapper,
    I listened to 50 more..

    Lol well as long as u know this poll don't represent reality & that's ya own personal opinion cool......Cuz woodface would get beat like always if this was a real life poll cuz he ain't a better rapper than tip..
  • Re: How Would You Feel About Jadakiss or Fabolous Getting Help to Craft a Classic Album

    I know Jada would have to stop talking that top 5 dead or alive if he's pulling a Drake quentin Miller on niggas
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  • Re: I finally got around to listening to "More Life" and I must say...

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    What got me is when drizzy tried to diss meek but he really ethered himself & he proved he's just as delusional as his drakies.....Cuz wtf does the Canadian culture vulture Milli vanilli rapper mean fighting accusation of ghostwriters when Quentin Miller is real???.....I hope Drake ain't that stewpid too think that fantasy b2b record erased/deleted them qm reference trax cuz the whole world knows he's Milli vanilli thanx to #TwitterFingers

    Go home gee u drunk

    I only drink n the club & meek is the reason y Drake is known as a part time Milli vanilli rapper.....So on free smoke when drake was getting@ cudi he sounds stewpid cuz Drake & his drakies r the only 1 fighting facts qm ain't a rumor
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  • Re: Wale "Shine" Album Discussion MAY5th 2017

    Wale was the 1st & only rapper to perform @ a president state of the union address Kendrick & Cole can't say that... Wale is doing better than he ever dreamed of on mmg after being a slave on the shady interscope​cotton picking slave plantation...... Interscope had wale tryna to appeal to the shady Trump crowd wit Lady Gaga & that shit ain't him he had 2 get wit a blk label 2 b successful & #Shine
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  • Re: RICK ROSS Sentenced to 5 YEAR probation

    I know the Canadian culture vulture outsider drakie t/s panties got wet making this thread..
    DarthRozay wrote: »
    damn. now he can't come hangout with us thugs in the 757

    & Of course the reason cracka Klansmen Justin Bieber lookalike comes thru wit the corny shady crackkka humor..ha
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