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    The restaurant scene where Suge confronted that dude and made him eat made me rolling. I actually thought it was the Sam Sneed shit for a second.

    I thought Sam Sneed was the Kat that caught the beat down n the studio
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    Lol @ Pac performing hail mary

    On soc they had pac doing hail Mary wit Dre in the studio..
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    Yeah cosign Daz had like 5 seconds of screen time and Menace is not exaggerating. Dr.Dre had maybe 3 minutes tops, they recorded California Love and then that was it.

    Fam I left that theater fuming... PAC deserved a better Biopic than that 50 was not hating he was telling the truth..
    They were rushing through everything just to get to when he joined deathrow. They didnt even show snoop and dre that much on the deathrow scenes.

    And when he was out in the BAY where was Richie Rich,Spice 1 and E-40? This was straight hollywood shit.

    Catering to the mainstream fan base. The BAY played a huge role in PAC's career and they barely touched on that.

    Yeah they fucked it up.

    They should have done it in 4 pieces from when he was a kid, highschool, New York and then LA/Deathrow. The ending they should have made into a tribute for Pac similar to SOC.

    I am very certain WE you and I could have made a better movie that would have dominated the box office too and gotten critical acclaim....

    They touched on all that what aeom did u watch?? I guess different places got different versions of the movie..smh

    They did but it wasn't entirely in order. Some of the events were a bit all over the place.

    How the movie was done made perfect sense it was pac n jail telling Kevin Powell his story...yes alot of things was left out & inaccurate but for the most part they covered alot...u can't tell pacs story n 2hrs u would have to be sitting in the theater for aleast 5hrs to get the whole pac story

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    American hip hop greats with ghostwriters: Eazy E, Dr. Dre, Kanye West, etc

    All those people u named r not hip hop/rap greats like j cuz they all got a Quentin Miller like Drake if any of them would claim to b a nu j & top5 they would get laufed outta hip hop.......if u have a Quentin Miller n states hip hop ya just seen as a reciter/poser/entertainer ya not a rapper that ghostwriter hip hop lyricist great shit only works for outsider foreigner s like Drake n Canadian hip hop...

    Not only is he stupid he discrediting people who earned there stripes in music and put on countless others and made them stars. Enough is enough of this faggot ass niggas existence.

    If they didnt write they lyrics u really cant be best rapper

    Kanye and Dre even got ghost producers and are widely known for this fact. Do we discredit them for their producing abilities?

    I truly believe Drake don't have Ghostwriters. He did have QM on that pcroject which was obvious.

    I told EVERYBODY before he got exposed that he had some help on that project. Because there is no way someone can make an entire mixtape full of hits in that short time.

    But i think kanye wrote on college drop really his only cd that matters to afro centric crowd...i think drake write his own verses

    That's just it u can't b a hip hop/rap great n the states being a part time writer..
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    I fuck with this song heavy but the video didn't leave up to the hype that I thought it would.

    Off topic but what was Ross's sales looking like for this album? To me it's on of his best works.

    Also lol and SMH at Ross wifin up some skinny no ass white broad.

    Smh@ u believing that's renzels main SMH..

    Lol how you know?

    Didnt u say rozay knocked some chick up n Charlotte??

    Nope.......... Chick on IG with the Ross tat on her side her baby father is Ross. I posted her if before

    O ok..damn war backwards wit that
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    Take ross nuts out ya mouth

    Fuk u Canadian drakie faggot