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  • Re: The Game - 300 Bars and Running - revisited 10 years later...what y'all think?

    It wasn't just ny niggas gettin @ woodface n 04-07 it was niggas all over the map like westcoast niggas was mashin on gggg-uflop 2.....yukmouth dropped a mixtape called all out war n 05 shittin on woodface & gayme lol & the whole gggggay-unit & it SOLD over the westcoast been dissin woodface wit woodface hood bang em smurf n 04 long before game & that fake g-unot movement

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  • Re: Drake about to give Joe Budden 5minutes of fame UPDATED 16/05/16: Joe Budden to retire?

    i'm not sure how this turned into a gunplay vs joe budden situation...but objectively speaking...and i'm taking no sides on the actual POSTER saying this...I have NO allegiances, let me make that clear...but gunplay at least went out swinging and attempted to defend himself, even if he caused it...

    whereas joe budden just sat there and got punched and didnt do anything

    The t/s turned this 2 gunplay vs budden
    Shizlansky wrote: »
    Nigga bought that trash album. You really are a MMG groupie.

    I know mmg niggas in real life mmg is heavy n the 757 u idiot smh
    Shizlansky wrote: »
    His name is gunplay. Claims he's a killer


    Got his ass whipped and didn't use gunplay.

    Trust me if that wouldve happened n the streets not @ a award show where guns ain't allowed gunplay would've shot all them muuunkees down from across the street the cops would've arrested gunplay 4 animal cruelty lol
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  • Re: Drake about to give Joe Budden 5minutes of fame UPDATED 16/05/16: Joe Budden to retire?

    Shizlansky wrote: »

    He hooked off then got hurled out.

    Hilarious moment in rap history.

    Smh @ this nerd now gunplay went out like a bitch cuz he wasn't scared of no wild muuunkees & hooked off & got jumped & tossed around & still landed on his feet n the end swinging @ 1 of the apes who jumped him? Who raised u faggot bitches? If anything that was the weakest jumpin ever n hip hop history cuz gunplay went out swinging he didn't pull a hoe move & get punched & do nothing but get a ice bag & cry & blog
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  • Re: Drake about to give Joe Budden 5minutes of fame UPDATED 16/05/16: Joe Budden to retire?

    Lol joe didn't get jumped he got punched by. 1 guy & cried like a bitch & got a ice bag & started blogging smh..... while gunplay went out swinging after being jumped & tossed around by 5 weak apes

    ^ u can clear c gunplay swinging @ that muuunkee Mike knox
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  • Re: Drake about to give Joe Budden 5minutes of fame UPDATED 16/05/16: Joe Budden to retire?

    Wasn't even talking about you to stupid motherfucka I hope you choke on your wingstop and die foh don't you have a step baby to take care of nigga teach it how to be a losing ass bitch nigga like you

    I know who u was talking 2 u goofy square I was just saying u got some nerve 2 b callin some1 gay when ya faggot ass b studying niggas pix....& stfu about that Puerto Rican chic I was fukin her blk Mexican gf 1st b4 her & they r married now that ain't my girl or baby dummy

    Well, Rae never accepted the square dance challenge, so you could take it as Joe got punched in the face on camera by a bunch of goons and made a video about it, then challenged Rae to a fair fight and Rae either felt sorry for dude just didnt want to (wich is understandeable, but still, at least Joe wasnt afraid to ask for it).
    50 is a well known snake and he probably never liked pr cared enough for Buck in order to do something about that chain, but MMG is marketed as the "Untouchable", yet Gunplay got jumped and nobody did shit about it, even Jimmy Henchman got tony yayo's grandma house shoot up after yayo jumped his son. What did anyone on MMG did?

    I don't care hoe should've been hookin off after he got punched at least not cry like a bitch & get a ice bag & do a gay ass podcast.....u wanna bring up gunplay well at least he went out swinging after getting jumped & tossed around by 5 muuunkees.....renzel/mmg is the 1 rapper/label that went up against woodface & has been well rewarded...since the beef has started n 09 all woodface got Fromm mmg is a chain that he didn't even snatch it fell offf....while renzel has got 100k watch & a beat & a feature from woodface x baaaawse Gay ass Dre & woodface owe mmg Mills & he gotta pay mmg won....but back on topic Joe druggie depressing raps will not stop a popstar like Kirby end of story
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