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  • Re: Death Row vs WuTang... who you got

    This thread is purely opinion cuz if we went by numbers/impact death row wins this easy cuz the Wu was never worth 300mill
  • Re: 50 Cent: I Don't Understand Why People Wouldn't Like Me

    In the words of Whitney Houston R.I.P.

    ya favorite muuuunkee is a white mans bitch/dog! #Facts
  • Re: Bomani Jones Wonders Why J Cole Spoke Truth Then Said "Just Playing"

    Who give a fuck if he half white, y'all sounding crazy. Aint no half white when cops kill a nigga. You don't get half discriminated against, and aint no white ppl claiming these half white/black ppl. Barak is the first blacl president, aint no one calling him the first half black president. Black is black nigga. You need to get off that color shit. If you got black in you and you claim it then you in that struggle with me. I don't only fuck with the half black in you.

    J cole is black. End of story. Aint no whites like ima buy his shit cause he white but I won't buy wale cause he black.

    And unless you can trace your lineage straight back to the zulu warriors, then you got some white in you too. Fuck outta here with the bullshit

    smh@ yall Cole fans not only do u have selective hearin yall also have selective reading cuz did u not read wat Cole said bout color n hip hop? Again Cole said that light skin dark skin sells explanations & y Obama is prez cuz he's half white & LIGHTSKIN!
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  • Re: William Roberts calls Freeway Rick Ross a snitch. If he believes that, why won't change his name?

    @T.Dogfacefaggot stfu u scary faceless bitch
    FuriousOne wrote: »

    Jim Jones is dead bruh and most rappers either alter the name or take the name from folks whom have no use for it anymore to up their status or give props like 50 cent. Even 50 showed love to the real 50 family. Most rap acts don't use the name of living people unless they get a cosign or those people have no connections to the streets. Freeway the rapper showed love to the real Rick Ross but at least his name isn't as blatant as taking someones government name. It's funny how he lost the case for his name yet Biggie Smalls had to change his name to The Notorious Big.

    i know jones is dead but that's my point Ross ain't the 1st rapper 2 use some1s real name as a RAP naame......u c how AZ sued AZ sugar hill & Kelvin martins fam aint fuk wit doo doo especially over the real 50 headstone.....
    FuriousOne wrote: »

    So now you condoning somebody calling someone else a snitch when his record is laid out for all to see? Did he snitch on the government? I guess that counts since the government be hard on whistle blowers. Rozay, Ross whatever the fuck would know all about jail snitches being that he was a overseer. Technically, that cop career funded his rap career.

    where did I say I agree? All I did was explain y Ross is callin freeway a snitch now cuz freeway lied & said rozay was funded by 5-0.....& I can't believe u think a co is out n the streets arrestin people...r u white? Ross was a co @ 19 4a yr & some change that shit does not make him a career cop smh
    L.O.S.T. wrote: »

    So Roberts is lying? He knows freeway was not a snitch but is lying to make him seem less credible? And that doesn't seem hypocritical? This isn't the kind of person that I want to support just based off of his character. And the bad part is I enjoy his music

    again im just explaining y Ross is callin freeway a snitch cuz freeway was popping shit 1st......
  • Re: William Roberts calls Freeway Rick Ross a snitch. If he believes that, why won't change his name?

    FuriousOne wrote: »

    Nigga, don't come in here trying to turn the tables questioning my blackness. A CO is a overseer helping to keep black people imprisoned (and we are overly represented in there). I would never take that job brah. Point blank period. You know damn well how they do us in those prisons. They participating in modern day slavery. A year is a long damn time and he signed that paper work to become a officer regardless of the time. You also have to factor in the time allotted to training.. Like i said, that CO money funded his rap career.

    Azie was right to sue the AZ not because of the name because if you think about it, that wasn't really his name, but he was a rapper using that a similar rap name actively. AZ doesn't make me think of Azie Faison. It makes me think of A to Z. My point was that he is using the name of a man that is still actively using his own name unlike the other people. He's also using his image and credibility in the streets. Calling somebody a snitch for wanting you to stop faking like you them is some retarded shit.

    u was actin like Ross was a career cop so I had 2 question u cuz that's some shit a white boy would say...& rozay was 19 when he was a co nobody wit sense gives a fuk about that....& so wat if he lied bout that that don't make him a cop.....& AZ sued AZ the rapper cuz the real AZ was tired of people asking was he droppin a suga hill single....& the real AZ felt like he had a gun pointed @ his head as a suga hill drug dealer & the rapper aint go thru that so he shouldn't use the name
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