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  • Re: Young Buck dissing Rick Ross

    I'm not surprised buck is dissin now after the wing stop remix....but this shit is not gonna help buck career get off the ground he's finished.....buck made a mistake going back 2 gggg-uflop he should've got down wit mmg winning...
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  • Re: Rick Ross vs 50 Cent

    Man sit yo lyin fat illiterate ass down somewhere.The album debuted at number six on the Billboard 200 chart, with first-week sales of 74,444 copies in the United States.[30] It was a 50% decrease in sales from his previous studio album, Mastermind, released eight months earlier that year, which sold 179,000 copies in its first week of sales.[31] It was also the lowest first-week sales of Rick Ross' career, selling 69,033 copies shorter of its competitor, the Shady Records compilation, Shady XV, which was released that exact day and also debuted at number three.[30] In its second week, the album dropped to number 42 on the chart, selling 15,513 copies.[32] In its third week, the album dropped to number 64 on the chart, selling 10,171 copies, bringing its total album sales to 50,128 copies.[33]

    Thank you u fat pimple face gggg-uflop loving cracka 4 post in up numbers showin ya a dumb fuk if u think Ross had a bad yr last yr & doo doo did better
  • Re: Rick Ross - Wing Stop (Remix) [50 Cent Diss]

    Like i said retard are you going to take the bet,or no?
    And you the last to say speak on the topic lol

    Stfu & speak on the topic bitch not me
  • Re: Rick Ross vs 50 Cent

    grYmes wrote: »
    You can say the same about Officer Ricky. At least 50 lived most of the shit he raps about. While I'm not a 50 fan any more at one time I was. Can never say that about Rick Ross. Everything about this dude SCREAMS "I'm an actor", and not a good one at that. Nigga waits till after he's famous to try to be a thug, lol.

    real rap fuk opinions let's deal wit facts....since 09 wen the beef started til the present day u can't tell me rozay ain't shit on doo doo musically that's facts...& according 2 doo doo he's been lyin the whole time talkin bout he stanky rich but the whole time he was a window shopper...& go listen 2 hood billionaire cuz rozay is official n the 305 he's not cb4 that's y he's still here shittin on doo doo
  • Re: Who Had the Worst Week So Far?

    Meek, Drake, AB, Safaggot and Tyga is a draw of L's.

    50 cent isn't broke, he's just really smart with his business move and maintaining his image. Black ppl need to take note. He's the real life Ghost from power.

    Post up quotes of people sayin doo doo is broke..... & if u think doo doo is doing a smart biznizz move lyin n court u gonna b a fool smh......I will give doo doo props 4 having the most gullible hip hop fan base ever tho
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