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  • Re: Wack100 Calling Tupac A Rapist

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    RickyRich wrote: »
    gee757 wrote: »

    Why the fk r u postin pics of game. This is bout wack n steady bringing up game . Yes i do kno wack is his manger but this topic game has nothing to do it u stupid fuck

    I hate when muthafukas who dont live n the states b tryna speak on states shit.....I'm on topic u Canadian culture vulture outsider drakie wack is sisqo manager/pimp & game has a Tupac tat Faggot that's y I posted the pik bitch...gtfoh

    And wat he has a tupac tat ?

    SMH games pimp is calling the nigga he got tatted on his arm a rapist.... games chump ass should knocked wack1 head off for telling that lie but game is a hoe & wack1 is the pimp..
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  • Re: Rick Ross - Idols Become Rivals" (Birdman Diss)

    gee757 wrote: »
    gee757 wrote: »
    Lmao y you lyin tho? I tell u what fat ass send me a message of your legit address and we'll meet up so i can smack the pack of franks off the back of ya neck... Ill wait

    & These donkey mods say I b derailing threads??? U r a faceless scary shit talking bitch u can't b identified & nobody knows ya location bitch.....Stfu net thuggin making threats online pussy if u ain't gonna pm me wit a proof pik so I know who I'm dealing wit, date , time & place when ya bitch ass is gonna be out here stfu & gtfoh....

    Scary Berry runnin away i see. Shouldve known you'd bitch up. But then again i guess its in your blood. Wantin pics of posters on here? Wtf? MrCee757 if youre lookin for dudes u on the wrong site. Take that shit back to rainbowland

    Scary ya the 1 that's faceless bitch stfu & gtfoh I can't believe these fuk ass donkey mods is lol @ ya pussy net thuggin instead of banning ya Faggot ass from the thread cuz this thread is not about me u faceless bitch it's about renzel shitting on birdman

    Lol @ u thinkin u know what pussy is. Ol trapped in the closet ass batch. Fuck around and turn this shit into another gee roast keep playin. Youve been warned

    @i ro ny

    Yo let's go film this shit and then Gee could show us his 'hood'

    SMH this is a perfect example of the gay ass donkey n the reason. ....Wtf does anything this weirdo is saying have to do with the topic?..Y ain't these fuk ass donkey mods Banning that faggot talking about travel in 2 meet wit male posters 2 see a male???? This clown has never posted a pic on here he's a faceless weirdo worryin​ about another male poster like a Faggot.....If u pussies can't see the 757 fuks wit renzel & mmg hard that's y a procedure/mmg affiliate from the 757 VA got 3 trax on ratheryouthanme o well y'all geeks can call me a groupie idgaf
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  • Re: Wack100 Calling Tupac A Rapist

    SMH faceless bitches is posting off topic pix & these fuk ass donkey mods is lol instead of banning the faggot?!SMH....Ok


    @Stewpid wtf is going on n this pik u the white Mexican pac or something??? Wtf do got that rag on like u r a thug?? Ha & of course u would b hanging wit feminem look alikes like a tru shady cracka lover...smh
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  • Re: The Official Rick Ross - "Rather You Than Me" Album Discussion(3.17)

    Mr.LV wrote: »
    gee757 wrote: »
    cant believe that nigga ruined this thread

    Stfu u wack ass ic rapper u & that midget bitch Mikey is delusional cuz if u read the 1st PG of this thread there's nothing but drakies & woodface lovers saying negative shit........All I did was post a pic on topic bringing something positive to the thread& faggots is flagging me.......Faggot bitches like u ruin threads by coming n them beggin for my attention u r a wack ic rapper idgaf about u u need to worry about ya failed rap career not me faggot..Did u even cop the album bitch? Gtfoh
    gee757 wrote: »
    This is a decent album tho

    The reason is saying it's wack so u know the album is good lol...

    Lmaoooo at this

    I stand by what I said the real world is fuking wit this album

    Smmmh rozay did a number on this 1 when it comes to renzel u can't take the reason serious full of bias clowns ... .....Imean rozay got a Grammy nod for purple Lamborghini & squares is asking y rozay still rap....Ha yes bitch cuz he's good@ it