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  • Re: The Official DC Cinematic Universe thread - Now Showing - "The Justice League"

    If you havent grown with comics dont waist your time with these movies because imost of the time you will find there TASTELESS.

    Add to that thread...

    blackrain wrote: »
    deadeye wrote: »
    lol I get what you're saying, but those same examples of insults can and are made with other words frequently also. You trying to say you never heard "ur acting like a bunch of girls," "hoes be tripping," "women ain't shit."

    Does it somehow make it less sexist if a guy expresses the same sentiment using "woman" instead of "female." The guys that make those comments have those opinions, and they may use that word to express them, but that doesn't make the word inherently bad. So it's silly to attach that connotation to the word and condemn the word rather than just condemn the mindset.

    Take this article:

    I don't know if the author is a feminist, but I believe feminist writings are common on the site. She's actually comparing "female" to bitch, cunt, and slut in its level of disrespect and implying that guys who call women females are more than likely disrespectful people. Arguments like this is why I say feminism or people who using feminist mindsets are full of shit.

    Hell her first bullet point is that female it isn't specific to humans where words like "woman" are. That's true, but that doesn't mean that using female automatically strip away humanity in the way she implies. Not all vehicles are cars, but if I refer to a car as a vehicle, I'm not discounting the fact that it is a car. No one would ever make that argument because it's stupid. So why is it valid here?

    and we are talking about human beings capable of thought and not pieces of metal...and since only a human can be a woman, if you call a woman a 'female' one can argue it can be interpreted that you are downgrading her to a lower status

    implying that guys who call women females are more than likely disrespectful people, is a stretch

    Keep up the good work.

    This is exactly the kind of thought process that's causing more and more people to not take the feminist movement seriously.

    Look at how @jono 's flipped.

    Lowkey that's one of the funniest, refreshing, and revealing things that I've seen on the IC in a while.

    What's most disturbing to me is that.........if you consider yourself to be a moderate feminist..........and you think like this.........


    Granted, you admitted that it was a stretch to think that calling a woman a female is an act of disrespect.

    However, the fact that you also acknowledged that you understand how someone can make the case for that speaks volumes.

    And yes I do think the whole female thing is overblown but seeing as how it can be used in a disrespectful way I'm not shocked some women don't like it. Same as some women don't like being called bitch even by other women in jest because of the connotation it carries

    Really? Female is "disrespectful"?

    O boy
  • Re: DAMN. vs 4:44

    Mr.LV wrote: »
    Loyalty is the weakest track on DAMN it always gets the skip from me ..

    One of my favourite jawns on DAMN. I got sick of bumpin it for some time

    The chemistry between him and Rihanna was fluid on the record.. and they brilliantly sampled a hit song that was just a year old which sounded unique
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  • Re: Eminem 8th studio album "Revival" TBA?


    How many Black male rappers would JAY-Z offer Beyoncé a guest spot to? Did Eminem even ask for the feature?
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  • Re: Smh Reaction thread.

    Lefty_ wrote: »
    They tossed us

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