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  • Re: The Official Game vs Meek Mill Beef Thread (The Reason roasting Gee)

    These arguments are completely worthless really...

    Beefs in HipHop like 70% of the time have started through misinformation and heresay ...

    Jigga and NaS are cool with each other but 15 years ago detested each other so what gives? We have an 'Ether' reaction button today we use. If the cause of the beef between them was 'real' why aren't they still in bad terms?

    It was a tragedy we lost 'Pac and BIG to senseless violence and who knows if they were alive they'd be cool with each other today...

    Niggas are so invested in entertainers personal lives it's sad. Niggas wishing death on a rapper because he dissed their favourite rapper?!? Shocking....

    We all wouldn't know anything about a single rapper in the industry today if not for the music they make first and foremost

    Y'all should grow up
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  • Re: The Official Game vs Meek Mill Beef Thread (The Reason roasting Gee)

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    It's called Ooooouuuu because that's Young MA beat. That's the name of the original track.

    OK i get 'Ooouuu' is Young MA song (prior to this didn't know who she was) who is a chick... why he dissing a nigga on a chick song with that title anyway?
    That shit is the hottest shit that dropped this summer

    Shit getting mad spins everywhere

    That's like asking why would someone rap over Panda smh

    Watched the video in the other thread... she definitely wants to emulate Bobby Shmurda

    And with her lesbianism? Pass
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  • Re: Free Chris Breezy (in a standoff with police at his home)

    Vellum wrote: »
    9 pages about chris brown because it involved a white chick. Yall niggas gay as fuck for this bipolar dumb ass. lol

    The same chris brown that is threatening to kill a nigga every other month? lmao.

    This nigga whooped rihannas ass. Flew to vegas just to get at tyson beckford over a picture. Threatened to kill, and or hurt kevin mcall. Fake gang banging as if we dont know. Is constantly going ham on everyone on twitter randomly. Threw bottles at drake over a woman whose ass he already beat.

    I mean, the list is long with this nigga, and yall caping for him like you his bottom bitch. LMFAO!

    All irrelevant to me...

    He's a great entertainer. The best choreographer and dancer since the late Michael Jackson IMO
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  • Is It Safe To Say That ...

    ... the West Coast/California in the last 2 years as a collective both mainstream and independent have put out the best quality studio albums across the USA?

    And impressively they don't try to ape the sound of other regions/coasts; their music is still primarily inspired by Funk

    TDE/Black Hippy
    Georgia Anne Muldrow
    Warren G
    The Game
    DJ Quik
    TY Dolla $ign
    Vince Staples
    Adrian Younge
    and of course Dr. Dre

    I've listened to music released by the listed artistes between 2015-16...

    Just got through YG's Still Brazy album... concise and dope

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