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    The plot thickens....

    So my last day at my internship is Friday and Im approaching that stage of a possible FT role upon graduation in Dec.

    So Im working late tonight and luck would have it that my sexy Office admin is pulling a long one as well.

    We talk for like 30 mins and I have her rolling and laughing and stuff. She tells me about when she went to Jamaica and was getting hella love from a stripper. She tells me about her future aspirations in life, what her scene was in college. Her out of work persona. Regular stuff

    Then she metions how

    "We have to get together for drinks. Non-work related of course"

    DAMN! Earlier today I communicated to her how I'd like a FT position if offered one.

    Idk man, tough call. Plus she added me on FB and I accepted.

    Not to rain on your parade but there's not enough to really tell if she's interested on that level tbh. Gotta be sure on that, the workplace is loaded with friendzone traps.

    The coworker and your homie's girl. 2 classic traps. Ever wonder why dudes always swear their homie's girl is 'looking at them ". Its bc at work and the gf of your homie is 2 situations where women let their guard down. That openness can be mistaken for feelin you if you don't pay attention

    ^ man speaks the truth...when women feel comfortable they act mad flirtatious/friendly even if they're not fully interested. That's why the whole "work husband/boyfriend" thing exists.

    ...or she could just be legitimately choosing on a young man she knows will amount to something one day...most women want to pick the fruit when it's ripe (they wait for you to make the money...they wait for you to start poppin...they wait for other hoes to validate how desirable you are to decide you're desirable)...she's smart enough to know she's less likely to get dogged if she gets with the dude before he blows up.

    Ok so about 2 weeks ago this chick at my job motions for me to come over to her desk. I walk over and she says "before you hear it from anybody else, I just wanted to tell you that you're my work husband". Shit caught a brother off guard at first...had me like...


    I just kinda laughed it off like "ok...ummm...alrighty then". One of the other chicks in that department told me that ole girl had a thing for me, but I just laughed and brushed it off cause 1) I've got a girl and she's >>>>>>> and 2) even if I didn't have a girl or was on some playa shit I still wouldn't fuck w/ shorty. She's cool and all...just not my type. I usually keep convo w/ her cordial and to a minimum so I'm not sure how she got the idea that she could elevate a nigga to "work husband"

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    I made this thread last week and it mysteriously disappeared into cyberspace..??!!


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  • Re: Do ya'll find Leslie Jones funny?

    That exchange between Du and that angry guy was more entertaining than anything Leslie has ever done.
  • Re: See this is why ig hoes shouldn't do anything but take pics

    T/S needs to get some real life pussy.

  • Re: What Are You Listening to Right Now

    Game - Support Compton

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