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Holly shit i didnt know i could post here, guess i had to be high to do it.


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  • Re: Snippet of a rap track made by Lebron James & Kevin Durant

    Doesnt sound bad, i like the beat.
    What are the odds of getting a 7 game finals again.
    Durant is a beast but he a hoe for going off to the team that took OKC out last year.
    I.T. my favorite player.
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  • Re: "Mask Off" Remix feat. Kendrick Lamar

    Straight out retarded shit.

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  • Re: Papoose signs to MMG Records

    Now he may be able to afford a hair transplant and finally be free of the hat industry.
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  • Re: New Kendrick Lamar - The Heart Part 4 (throws shots at Drake)

    Kendrick Lamar has murked Big Sean everytime they've been on a record together.
    Big Sean is on par with Wale but not better than Cole at rapping, besides like drake his fanbase is mostly hoes and emotional ass guys.

    not on that Major Keys album..

    What did Khaled said?

    “Kendrick Lamar went so hard,” DJ Khaled said. “His verse I feel like is gonna be one of the most talked about verses. Also, I wanna be super clear. I got this Big Sean verse. Aw man, it’s so crazy.”

    so u base ur opinion on what others think!??
    and not off what u hear??!

    they tell u to love it and u jus comply right??!

    sorry myG.. i got my own mind form my own opinions and dont jus follow the crowd.. i aint sheep fam. lol & smh

    its so much politics in everything including music for all we know Khaled was told to say that shit.. why!!? cause they know niggas like u go eat that shit up..

    nigga fuck yo link i aint clickin..
    nothin Kendrick said resonnated within u..
    Big Sean's shit did wit me tho.. and thats why i fucks wit it..

    and by no means is Kendrick wack..
    he aiight.. but how u go try and tell me who to like and who i should feel is better.. Kdot is borin as fuck..

    nigga say Nas is better than Jay.. technically may be..
    shit Cannibus technically is superior to LL..

    but makin songs.. albums??
    im fuckin wit Jay over Nas..
    im fuckin wit LL over Canibus..
    and Big Sean over Kendrick..

    u weird goofy niggas can have Kendrick...

    i cant relate..

    Nah little bro, i posted Khaled's response to the verse based off the fact that most Kendrick haters in here like to say only people on the internet saying he's the best, fucking Khaled would tell you Sean got murked and Khaled's a living meme so it should be easier for anybody with a highschool diploma to recognize Kenny murked Sean.

    I aint gotta try to change other's people's opinions, big sean is a lame, and if you're down to ride for dude good for you, but keeping it real only his hardcore stans say he's underrated, Kendrick Lamar has 2 classics under his belt, Big Sean aint got shit but a dope mixtape.

    Big Sean fans are one poppy bullshit sing song away from becoming the same bunch of femenine ass people riding for drake.

    stopped readin at "lil bro"

    dont lil homie me nigga..
    who the fuck is u??! try again..

    or leave our convo where it lay..

    This lil homie must be so woke, he even put it in his sign and everything.
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  • Re: Official Lupe Fiasco Drogas Wave Album Discussion 2.10

    Light was T & Y if the label had their way. It was Lupe doing modern music. T&Y was ahead of its time. He used word I never even heard of. The beats were like nothing out there. Light served to gain some mainstream fans, and settle up with Alantic. Plus it gave him more time to finish the Wave album. Light only had 3 or 4 wack songs. It wasn't what we want. But it's comparable to what's consider rap now.


    Naw, his full post was on point, fam.

    So this piece of shit album is doing modern music thats whats considered rap now even tho it sounds like nothing on mainstream nor underground hip hop?
    Were the beats on T&Y really all that great to y'all? Like i went into the album looking for bars and Lupe delivered and it felt refreshing because unlike Lasers my ear wasnt been raped.
    This piece of shit album gained Lupe some mainstream fans even tho it sold like 14k?
    How the fuck does this album settle things up with Atlantic if its listed as a 1st & 15 album? wouldnt that mean that he had more creative control over the final sound of the album?
    So he needed time to release the "Wave" album even tho he's independent now and could've released just a good album instead of these shit full of beats that even Nicki fucking Minaj wouldnt hop on?
    Shit only had 3 to 4 wack songs? I fuck with 1 out of 14 songs of the album, the rest is Lasers level of wack.
    I cannot believe the same guy that made Food & Liquor and The Cool was even capable of considering anything on this album worth been listened by someone who's not deaf.

    Had to clean my ears from this shit listening to something that's actually dope for change:
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