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  • Re: Drake finally acknowledges Joe Budden by name ...

    The whole argument could be shut down by anyone simply asking Joe "well shithead, for someone who claims to be such a dope fucking rapper, how many classic albums DO YOU HAVE?"
    Mood Muzik are mixtapes btw, and not really classics.
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  • Re: Lil Wayne Hospitalized Again after Suffering Another Seizure before Performing at Pre UFC 200 Party.

    Each one of these gets him closer to the last one. Sorry wayne stans.
  • Re: TI’s NYC Show Ends in Shooting (TroyAve's Bodyguard killed,TroyAve Indicted on Shooting Charged )

    AggyAF wrote: »
    Troy Ave, of Crown Heights, accidentally shot himself during the chaos in the leg, sources said. He was charged with reckless endangerment and illegal weapons possession, according to sources.

    Oh shiiit lmao

    "If i shot myself, i can finally be one step closer to becoming 50!" .-Troy ave's logic.
  • Drake about to give Joe Budden 5minutes of fame UPDATED 16/05/16: Joe Budden to retire?

    Last week, Joe Budden released his another episode of his I’ll Name This Podcast Later, where he critiqued Drake’s recent album VIEWS, stating that he feels Drake sounded uninspired throughout the project. Having always been one of Drake’s most vocal supporters, Budden clarified that his stance was coming from the perspective of a fan and friend. The story soon became viral, having many fans and music pundits weighing in.

    Earlier this week, Drake paid a visit to French Montana in a New Jersey studio where they were collaborating on some new material. French shared several clips to social media, but one in particular caught the attention of fans. While previewing some new music, Drake can be heard starting his verse with “Pump, pump, pump it” which is the main refrain from Budden’s biggest hit 2003’s “Pump It Up.”

    As soon as it was posted, fans quickly assumed that Drake will be firing shots at Budden on the verse. Only time will tell if that is the case but in two clips posted to his Instagram account, Budden can be seen speaking with some associates, discussing the possibility of Drake coming at him in a verse. His friends believe that this is the case, with one stating “There’s no reason for any artist to start a verse with ‘pump, pump it up’ other than I got something to say to you know who.”

    Joe quickly shoots down the possibility sharing, “Y’all are so narrow minded. First of all its not a verse coming number one. and if a verse do come all that means is I inspired him like my goal was anyway.”

    Joe responds:

    Hope the memes are as funny as the meek's.

    In a shocking turn of events, Joe Budden implies that he's retiring (probably, i dont know, solo career maybe?):

    If you’re a fan of Joe Budden, check out one of his next six shows - they may be your last time getting to see him live.

    After a tweet that listed six shows, Budden tweeted a surprising announcement.

    “To whom it may concern, these are the last Joe Budden shows ever… Thx to all of you that helped me live out my dreams,” he said.

    The announcement is unclear: is this only the end of his solo shows? Is he only done performing, or will he still record music? What about the Slaughterhouse album on Shady Records? DX will keep you updated.

    The shows are at the following dates: May 27 at Underground DTSA in Santa Ana, May 28 at The Roxy in Los Angeles, June 2 at The Met Cafe in Rhode Island, June 5 at Cambridge in Monroe, June 13 at B.B. Kings in New York City, and June 15 at B.B. Kings in Washington D.C.

    If this is the end of Joe Budden’s career, he leaves behind a memorable one. Coming up in the mixtape scene with DJ Clue, the New Jersey native signed with Def Jam in the early 2000s. His self-titled debut, lead by the Just Blaze-produced single “Pump It Up,” was his only album with the label, but it was all he needed. His vulnerable storytelling and punchline-heavy bars that quickly referenced current events earned him a rabid fanbase that made him one of the most respected underground MCs of the 2000s.
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  • Re: The Official Drake ‘VIEWS’ Album Thread

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    No me gusto este album. Este disco son para los vatos sin huevos.

    @KillaCham can you translate for me?
    No idea. I don't speak Broke Faggot.

    Is this why you and the biggest bitch in this site (a.k.a. @Bcotton5 ) claim to like nicki's "music" tho? you can understand what she's actually saying?