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  • Re: Prodigy from Mobb Deep passed away today

    Damn... another one of the GOATs gone. RIP P


    EmM HoLLa. wrote: »
    There is a lot of projection going on in here... Believe what you want and do what you want.. However, know that whatever it is that you believe is not the only point of view.

    As mentioned already some folks rather pay and skip the BS as opposed to running game/courting a female. Other would rather do the opposite. There is no right or wrong approach. It's just a means to an end..

    here's the difference: A cat with a mouthpiece can fuck far more women than a cat with a few dollars. You can't just roll up on a random chick at Target and offer her $200 to smash, but you can roll up on a known "escort" and spit game just right and smash without a dollar coming out your pocket if your game is tough. Money can open doors to broads that are willing to fuck for it directly, your brain and what you spit can open those same doors and then some.

    Most of them chick on Backpage/CL got at least one dude that can fall through whenever, eat up the shit in her fridge, and blow her back out and ain't spent na'an dime for the pussy.

    Be THAT dude.

    I know this generation of hoes think bass ackwards, but the chances of you rolling up on a "known" escort and fucking for free are slim to none and slim is out of town. A whore's time costs $ and a good mouthpiece is not going to be a coupon for free pussy, not happening.

    The common marriage is nothing more than a trick/hoe relationship in my opinion. You wine and dine a bitch for so long, play house, she only considers marriage after you spend several thousands on TWO rings-engagement and wedding-and then you go to a job mainly to support her and her lifestyle, and if you lose your job or make less money she wants a divorce. Love and marriage have one stipulation, and that is your income. What a joke.

    blacktuxCashmoneyDuxrip.dillaChi SnowIntelligent_Hoodlum
  • Re: " Happy Wife Happy Life!! " Do you subscribe to this motto?

    Like Water wrote: »
    Bunch of fairy tale, beta male, pussy whipped, liberal responses in here. Man up pansies

    And these responses sound like they're coming from petulant children who had their hearts broken and never figured out how to cope with the aftermath. Buncha niggas in here that sound like they didn't get enough hugs from mommy. Smh.

    And you niggas have no reading comprehension either.

    How many of y'all niggas that put "no" have been/are in a successful marriage?

    B... women's emotions change like the wind, they are emotional by nature. I would never bend to an emotional creature's will by making that bitch happy every time she throws a temper tantrum. When you try to cheer a bitch up and make them happy ALL the time you become boring and predictable because you give them what they WANT instead of NEED. Crazy thing is you actually make a bitch happy when you check or ignore their pissy behavior.

    Only a sucker would let a woman's perpetually changing emotions govern his. Did you know when you do that you're just like the bitch?
    Neophyte Wolfganganeed123Meester
  • Re: Nick Cannon on Celebs Gang Banging: It's a Source of Insecurity...

    T. Sanford wrote: »
    I remember when I used to perceived him as corny but he been on some real shit for a long time

    Remember in the late 90s when Nick Cannon and Keenan Thompson dressed in drag on Nickelodeon's All That?

  • Re: Tariq Nasheed Is On Fox News Again 12/20/16

    Never was a fan of Tariq but this is the last straw. Tariq has to be getting some kind of financial compensation by the very same white people he says he is against, or he is a moron. I wouldn't be surprised at the former and hope he is a moron, but I don't think a moron should be the "representative" of our people.

    LOL @ him calling his books satire. He was right about one thing in that interview, his "game" is comical, lol.