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  • Re: Lorde Calls Out Drake & Nicki Minaj, Calls Their Music Irrelevant

    I agree with this girl 100% and don't think she's trying to criticize Hiphop. Drake and Minaj have little to no substance IMO
  • Re: Kool G Rap ft Nas- Fast Life

    "Roots of Evil" might be his most lyrical b/c lyrical game had stepped up by '98 compared to when G Rap first started rapping. Either that album or 4,5,6. Dude was spitting hard on "Mobstas"

    Man "Fast Life" is still an all time favorite of mine. Nas & G Rap jsut went in
  • Re: Why can Yelawolf Represent Alabama,but Gucci Mane Won't?

    lol @ people on the IC always twisting up the facts
  • Re: The Official Juicy J "Stay Trippy" Discussion (8.27)

    I doubt this can top "Chronicles of the Juice Man", but I'll give it a listen since y'all say it cranks.

    I never thought I'd listen to a Juicy J album after his "comeback"
  • Re: Talib Kweli speaks out about homosexuality in hip-hop

    jono wrote: »
    the gay agenda is being pushed on the black community to promote population control.

    If all u niggaz turn gay then who's gonna make the babies?

    let alone who's gonna raise the babies because you have that going on already with fatherless children

    almost like someone pleading to get every pet spade and neutered.

    There's no such thing as "turning" gay. Either a nigga gay or he isn't.

    There's no better way to say it than to say no matter how good or skilled a rapper is, no matter how dope his songs or how many records he sells it won't be enough to make cats who don't want to have sex with men start to.

    It's nonsense.

    no you right but look deeper. you have some impressionable youths out there who aren't even sexually active, the agenda that you are arguing for distorts the natural order before some even understand what it is. you have some who might experiment with the gay lifestyle because they are still learning who they are which would further confuse things.

    to where you might have someone who might have not been gay but experimented at a time when they where becoming sexually active and now the stigma of who or what they really are persists.

    which may have not been such a issue if the gay agenda that you are arguing wasn't forced fed every time you look around.

    Right, I think homosexuality being so much more prevelant within society effects the mentality of the youth.

    I'm not against gay rights, but the more homosexuality is accepted in society, the more kids will be curious and experiment with it. Half of those kids won't even be naturally gay, but influenced by what they see.

    When it comes to a rapper being gay, I have no problem with it. I'm sure some of the rappers that I listen are already gay or have committed a homosexual act in their life.

    As long as the music is dope and he's not talking about smashing dudes, I don't care.