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  • Re: VLADTV Memphis Bleek says Nas a liar & Takeover is one of the hardest record in hip hop

    1. "With Hawaiian Sophie fame, kept my name in his music."

    2. Camel.

    3. "KRS already made an album called Blueprint."

    4."First Biggie's your man, then you got the nerve to say that you better than BIG."

    5. "All I did was gave you a style for you to run with."

    6. "Wearing Jaz chains... Just Hawaiian shirts, hanging with Little Chase"

    7. "...You no-mustache havin', with whiskers like a rat..."

    8. "You ass, went from Jaz to hanging with Kane, to Irv, to B.I.G."

    9. "Eminem murdered you on your own shit."

    10. "Queens niggas run you niggas, ask Russell Simmons."

    11. "Shawn Carter to Jay-Z, damn you on Jaz dick."

    12. "How much of Biggie's rhymes is gonna come out your fat lips"

    No facts on Ether??? NEGRO PLEASE... And this ain't even counting all the circumstantial evidence that Nas dropped...

    NAS and JAY are 1a. and 1b. all time, but Nas WON this battle. Stop trying to re-write history!
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  • Re: Admit it. Rick Ross is the biggest fraud in Hip-Hop history!

    Rick Ross' fan base is full of white kids which is why he can get away with all that BS.

    Bullshit. If Ross's fan base was full of white kids, then he would actually sell records. Look at Ross and then look at Yeezus, J Cole, and Kendrick Lamar's record sales. His fan base is NOT white LIKE THAT...

    Look at MMG. It's all black. Look at his music videos (especially for Hold Me Back) and tell me he made those with white kids in mind.

    No, it is NOT white kids keeping Ross out there. The streets love Ross and just want to see a black man winning. Sure a a majority see through his BS and know the truth about him (another reason why he doesn't sell well), but a lot of muthafuckas don't care/ don't know about his past and love his banging ass beats and his simplistic flows about shit they wish they can someday get themselves (sadly most won't).

    I'm tired of this "white kids love rapper X". Outside of popular rappers like Jay, Em, Ye, Wiz, Tyler, Mac, and Wu Tang, most of the bullshit artists are perpetuated by major labels who signed the artist in the first place because they were "hot in the streets," not "hot in suburbia."

    In the end its about the beats and catchy hooks. None of that other shit matters to people who ain't on the internet studying cats like that.

    I'm just sayin'...

  • Re: Tupac Amaru Shakur "Hip-Hop's Greatest Artist"




    And I'm one hour from Oakland where the legend started... The Tupac Worship is brewing again I see... LoL.
  • Re: Yeezus Kardashian Album Thread (6.18)

    bbkg79 wrote: »
    Like other people have said this album HAS to be played on a sound system that's clean. Whether it's in the whip or at home in order to fully appreciate the and get the full effect of this album. I made the mistake of listening to it from my Bluetooth first. It has nothing to do with white or black listeners, if you're a fan of music, and dig different genre's and sounds you'll love/like and replay the album.

    My gripes - Blood on the leaves is fucking ill, BUT, he had to Master P it towards then end and ruin the song.

    Also, he needs to seriously be threatened for using Autotune. Any song that has that shit is just ruined on the album or anywhere in the universe. I have no idea why he still feels the need to use that shit. However these critics rate shit, Yeezus lost 2 points from me so ( 3 out of 5 stars or 8 out of 10)

    1. SOL Republic HD headphones with the V10 technology and my fully loaded whip with a 12 speaker + sub SONY PREMIUM set did not make On Sight suddenly sound pleasant. In fact, played at its clearest with the system only at half volume, 3-4 songs on this album WILL induce headaches... You CAN'T bang this album all the way through in the whip.

    2. I'm a fan of MUSIC, but a LOVER of hip hop. In this respect, Kanye put his core fans in the backseat for almost the entire album. Yes the album has great replay value if the beats do anything for you, but lyrically Kanye did not try very hard this time around.

    3. Co-Sign. It wasn't so much just that he Master P'd it out (I mean he was pretty much sampling C-Murder anyways) but the fact that he did it with autotune. At this point I was like "WHY KANYE?! Damn!" LoL.

    4. Autotune... nuff said...
  • Re: This shit got me in a trance right now..

    Seriously I loved Recovery and Dark Fantasy, but this album is just on another plane... Best album of 2010... fuck just hip hop, musically it was the best album of the year PERIOD imo...
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