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  • Re: Its been over 16 years Eminem since dropped the MMLP and after listening to it again.....

    MMLP is a classic. Don't care what anyone says. Em was in his prime in syllable slanging and could make a serious song, a sad song, a funny song, and lyrically destroy it.

    Eminem from '99-03 is what makes him Top 5 to your favorite rapper. It's a shame he lost control of the drugs in 04. Hasn't been the same artist since sobering up.
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  • Re: Lebron will retire with 4 rings , that trumps kobes 5 rings

    Peace_79 wrote: »
    Nah bruh. There is some distance between the two

    As great a player as Pippen was, he always had Jordan while sustaining that level of play.

    Imagine Pip as your #1 option...

    How many rings would that team have?
    Hell - How many births would they have in the Conference Finals?

    You mean like in 1994 when entire Bulls squad's defensive rating and shooting percentage went up, the Bulls only lost 2 more games than the year before, and Pippen was 3rd in MVP voting only to Hakeem and David Robinson and was the All Star game MVP? If not for that awful call that cost the Bulls game 5 in the series against the Knicks, Pippen probably would have taken the Bulls all the way to a title.

    Yes Pippen only sustained his great level of play with Jordan around... Like when he averaged 15 points, 9 rebounds, 4 assists and 3 steals against the Lakers in the 2000 Western Conference Finals at age 34...

    I think some people here are seriously underrating Scottie Pippen.

    Yo homie you talking to young niggas on this board. shit is just like hip hop. If they didn't witness it on their own accord, the shit never happened.

    Kobe is a much greater scorer than Pippen that's a fact. But when you talk about all around ball skills Pippen shits on Kobe and that's a fact.

    It's a reason why he was ranked one of the top 50 players of all time.

    This post is on some 100%. However, the bold isn't necessarily true because these same young heads grew up with SpaceJam and YouTube and think Jordan is God and can't accept anyone else even being in the conversation.

    These same dudes that talk about Kendrick being on some Top 5 shit because it's who they are witnessing first hand are the same dudes that will shit on LeBron, no matter the greatness he displays RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEIR FUCKING EYES.

    One of my homies in real life said Westbrook is the best player in the league and said LeBron is an AVERAGE shooter, AVERAGE rebounder, AVERAGE passer, and AVERAGE defender in the same sentence.

    LeBron was 25/7/7 on 52% from the floor. Russell was 23/8/10 on 45% from the floor. They are damn near the same player, but LeBron is more efficient, can guard 1 thru 5, and is 6'8, 260lbs and still almost as fast as Westbrook- all while playing FORWARD.

    These younglings don't get it. SMH.

    _God_Louis DevinearCleveland7venty6
  • Re: Lebron will retire with 4 rings , that trumps kobes 5 rings

    Peace_79 wrote: »
    For one, that rationale is emotional - not factual.

    And that small market argument is garbage in 2016.

    -San Antonio
    -Memphis last 5 years
    -Minnesota next 10 years
    -Portland etc

    San Antonio is the only one with any hardware on that list from recent memory.
    Now look at:

    -LA Lakers
    -New York
    -Washinton DC

    But... But ... They're big markets. Who tf cares?

    Yeah, you conveniently forgot Chicago and Boston.

    Between the Lakers, Pistons, Bulls, 76ers and Celtics, the big markets have WON 24 of the last 36 NBA championships since 1980. Take out Philly and 4 Big Market teams have won 23 of the last 36 NBA championships.

    It's about the players, the coaching, and the culture. It doesent matter how you accumulate the aforementioned.

    And once you have them, how does the difficulty acquiring them factor into the greatness of those players / that team???
    LeBron has never had all 3. Even now in Cleveland he still doesn't. That's part of what a lot of people like about LeBron that many haters can't understand. LeBron has yet to win with the formula all the other GOAT players have had.

    Peace_79 wrote: »

    3. LeBron James has never had a core or a supporting cast anywhere near the great teams of all time. Doing it this year or next year with this cast would only further cement his status as the GOAT to those who value the all around game and can see through the mainstream propaganda.

    So are we going to pretend like Lebron's Heat Teams weren't some of the most talented teams in the entire league?

    And this year's Cavs team is scrap metal, huh?

    LeBron's Heat teams were not that great outside of the Big 3- only in 2013 with Ray Allen and when all healthy were they special, and even then they weren't that deep. This Cavs team is better overall, but you also saw what happened when LeBron lost Love and then Kyrie for the Finals.

    The man turned Hercules and went 36/13/9 for the Finals. He nearly averaged a triple double for the Finals, but did anyone care? No, he just got hated on for going 2-4...

    And who ever said you have to have one of the greatest teams of all time to win a championship?

    Doing so does not make you the GOAT.

    1990 Pistons
    2010 Lakers
    1977 Blazers
    2003 Spurs
    2004 Pistons

    No one said you have to have an All-Time team to win a championship. But in general, for winning chips, and for boosting your legacy with the Ring Logic crowd, including ESPN, it sure does help to have that, which LeBron has never had yet still gets ripped for being 2-4 in the Finals.
    You giving Bill Walton and Chauncey Billups the same credit you give Lebron?

    Yes, Bill Walton gets a ton of credit, and so does Chauncey. But neither is in the GOAT conversation like LeBron is, so they are irrelevant to the thread.
  • Re: Ones Gotta Go: All Around Player

    Shizlansky wrote: »
    I dont understand why LBJ and Bird has any votes.

    Like I said in my previous post, mine was a mistake while scrolling on the mobile. Maybe a couple of others did the same thing.

    If not, it just proves the ignorance in the youth on this board lol. Why The Big O has any votes is beyond me. Wade is clearly the weak link here.
    Louis Devinear
  • Re: Ones Gotta Go: All Around Player

    _God_ wrote: »
    How Scottie pippen has 8 votes shows how some ppl on here do not know about basketball

    Scottie is forever Robin to those that don't know. His game was amazing and he gets no credit unless it's to compliment Michael.
    _God_Intelligent_Hoodlum Crude_