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  • Re: Classic/Dope songs on wack albums

    Nas- Come Get Me... Classic Premo FIRE... From Nastradamus though.

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  • Re: XXL - New Study Shows Rap Mentions Drugs the Least Among Other Genres

    Y'all fallin' for the Chappelle Okie Doke.

    Rap got the drug references on lock. "They" just haven't figured it out yet, so their results are heavily skewed haha.
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  • Re: Name Groups/Artists That Have 4 Classic Albums In A Row


    Quoted for Greatness.

    This thread should have been called "4 great albums in a row" or something... classics? nah.
  • Re: Kendrick Lamar Album Discussion 4-14-17

    This album is a major improvement from how to pimp a butterfly.

    Agree. But neither is a classic nor are they touching GKMC.

    This is a GOOD album. But the fact that people are seriously considering K-Dot Top 5 is ridiculous at this point in time.
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  • Re: Let's Settle This, Who's Got The More Annoying Stan Base?: Eminem vs Pac

    I understand why Em is winning this thing big, but let's keep it really real...

    When it comes to the relevant hip hop community (not 13 year old white kids from the suburbs) it's Pac stans by a mile- at least from what I have experienced living in Cali all my life.

    Pac stans act like he really was Jesus reincarnated. They act like he really dropped 5 classics in a row before he died (and some cats really act like R U Still Down? was a finished product before he died).

    I hate Em stans, but outside of the occasional argument for his first 3 albums being undeniable classics, Em stans don't usually try to say that EVERY album he ever made was a classic (especially Encore and Relapse).

    Em stans are at their worst when they act like he's the greatest lyricist of all time because of the different flows and speeds he can rap at- completely ignoring the 30% of his content that is just homophobic, annoying accented, stupid yelling clown garbage that has no real substance to it.

    What takes the cake about Pac stans for me though is that these motherfuckers don't even know the man's catalog but are ready to FIGHT YOU because you disagree with them. At least Em stans actually know all his shit (including all the stupid gay shit), but most Pac fans I know couldn't name 5 tracks off any one particular album, nor spit a verse that's not off a radio hit.

    Pac stans also act like he changed the world with 2Pacalypse Now. That album is actually pretty boring and he is clearly rapping like a lost member of Public Enemy with no identity of his own yet. But ask a Pac stan and they will tell you that you are "stupid as fuck BRUH" and that "Trapped" and "Brenda's Got a Baby" are Genesis and Exodus of Pac's biblical scripture.

    Eminem will always be the most overrated rapper of all time because of his crossover appeal with tens of millions of people that don't even listen to rap outside of him, but in the community (at least where I live), folks who haven't put on a Pac record since Better Dayz are still acting like he walked on water and his "lyrics was prophecy" (yes I have literally been told that before).
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