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  • Re: Just heard White Iverson

    Anybody seen the homie Jesus lately? Haven't heard from him in a Judas acts weird anytime I bring his name up
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  • Re: BREAKING: LIL WAYNE Suffers Sezuire on Plane; Makes Emergency Landing

    This is what happens when you piss off Slim, I mean Death.
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  • Re: Reason Interview: P. Town aka ptowndonte

    BobOblah wrote: »
    gee757 wrote: »
    Yall faggots is stupid wat dont u fuk niggas get when I say there is always a faggot n these donkey reason interviews mentioning my SN I don't have to b tagged 2 know a faggot is mentioning me dumb fuks

    How many women did you fuck in your life time? I'm 32 years old and i've slept with 4 women.

    Best sex I ever had was with a mulat. Her father came from GHANA and her mother from Sweden. Her headgame was the best I ever had. Good memories. Too bad she cheated at the end with my best friend.

    Lmao this nigga 32 and just finished high school?

    So we gon let this slide?

    Too many Ls to keep up with. He's also 32 and only been with 4 girls, one of which cheated on him with his best friend.

    What a guy.. You win you have banged 30 girls and you paid for them all. I had sex with 4 women and I didn't pay for any of them. I did everything with them they were my girlfriends. How did I lost? Tell me how? You fucking loser. Also she cheated for a reason. I did other stupid things while we were together. I was drug addicted and she always cried when she caught me. I had problems in my life with my family n she always supported me but at the end it was too much since she was a sporty girl. She play bedminton for our Swedish national team so she hated that i did drugs, alkohol n stupid shit. So at the end she met my best friend who is a great soccer player and behimnd my back they were fuckin. It was only 1 time and she did it only because I keep let her down. This guy took his opportunity only because I once fucked his sister (the only I didnt had relationship with) Yeah now is it a L?

    I dont fuck women for no reason. I want more than just pussy. I want to be their friend, have some good times, go out do some fun things like fishing, listen to music, go swim, go train. You are very childish I think.

    & I took some time and think bout it I actually had sex with 5 women.

    posts like this are why he needs an interview @5th Letter
  • Re: The 2016 Powerful Porno Movement [Bad Bitches Galore !!!]

    who the fuck is that? the woman
  • Re: Drake- 4PM In Calabasas

    low key is the weakest of all the AM/PM in _______ tracks he's dropped

    still nice tho