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  • Re: The Official Dragonball Super Thread (All my DBZ fans come in here) - Universe 6 Arc

    There should be adbz dark where these mf's really get busy like when kid boo beat ass in the living world and after life
  • Re: NEW: Joe Budden- Making a Murderer Pt 1 (Drake/Meek Diss)

    blackrain wrote: »
    Listening to a new podcast Joe put out tonight...within the first 2 minutes he says "It wasn't a diss" lol

    *Edit: Now he's saying he didn't diss Jay Z either. He's just "offering perspective"

    Good, because this shit was lackluster. Nigga just rambling. He made this for his internet warriors, because the neutral side and Drake fans ain't trying to hear this half-stepping shit. So now you left with .01% of rap fans lol. Ol' "I was letting my thoughts out, no disrespect" ass nigga.

    Drake could easily hit up Quentin and friends and body this nigga in one or two lines.

    And after hearing Jay the past few years (when he's on a track with niggas that know how to rhyme), Buddens don't want those problems either.

    Lol who actually out raps Budden ??
  • Re: DMX At The Breakfast Club

    wish that dude could kick the habit for real if he hasn't already
  • Re: NEW: Joe Budden- Making a Murderer Pt 1 (Drake/Meek Diss)

    He gotta Lil plan he knows drake joint gonna get air play so that snippet must be plan be to bring attention to his lp. Got his pawn protected by a bishop chess moves
  • Re: NEW: Joe Budden- Making a Murderer Pt 1 (Drake/Meek Diss)

    Few things I have to say...1) the beat was overbearing 2) his flow wasn't smooth it sounded like a fucking mess

    If you're going at drake make the beat a New York fucking classic simplistic beat and crush him

    THe burger and five guys line is enough that if Drake just loops that and spits one verse he will win. What a terrible oversight. I'm embarrassed for Budden to honeslty have no one on his team to talk to him and remove that bar before it got to this. I'm not sure he comes back from the five guys burger line. I really don't. It's like the only thing memorable about the track. He needs a much better beat next time. Hooks were good but he needs to hit up a consultant next time. The bars were okay I understand this isn't a kill shot it's like a test the waters thing but wow did he blow it with that cringe inducing line about five guys. Drake is in control becuase he won't miss on production nor will he blow it with a corny line. Budden is in serious trouble.

    The hell did you listen too, if that one line overshadowed the whole record diss records aren't for you. There's so many ways that line is tough. Ya'll just looking for an exit for drake