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  • Re: Whats The Weirdest/Strangest Experience You've Ever Had?

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    I remember one time, back in the day when I was 18 and living in Nebraska. We were just bored as shit driving around backroads. We went down into this one creek bottom on an really old abandoned road that's probably only accessible when things have been dry for a long long time. It was private land, but it wasn't posted so we figured we would follow this old road through this dark creek bottom anyways.

    Well this road ends up just being a long a driveway to this super old and creepy abandoned house. Being stupid, we figured we should go inside and check it out. We were miles and miles from the nearest house so we weren't worried about someone coming down and yelling at us. Shit, we could have had a party down there and nobody would have ever known.

    It was clear the house wasn't inhabited, but whoever lived there before had left everything. It was like they just one day decided to stop living there. There were dishes in the sink, a few blankets on a couch, and cans of food in the cupboards. Every room had a layer of dust about an inch thick on everything, except one. As we go into the bathroom, its actually somewhat clean. Like really clean still. No dust on anything. The mirror is damn near spotless, a bright white sink with no stains or rust on the faucet.

    The weird thing about the bathroom tho, was that it had this big old Victorian style bathtub. I walk over to look at the tub, and I can't believe it, but its about 4/5 full with a water thats almost black in color, and floating on top of it one of those old types of dolls that are like sewn together and stuffed and has buttons for eyes, i can't think of the exact name. A rag doll or some shit.

    For some reason I grab the doll which is floating face down in the water, and as I turn it over, the face doesn't buttons for eyes, but instead somebody had pulled the eyes off and sewn two X's there instead. I said "what the fuck" and looked over at my buddy, and in the slowest way ever I tilted it so he could see. We both looked at each other like had seen a dead person. I dropped the doll and we both ran out of there as fast as I could.

    We jumped in my Pontiac Sunfire that I was driving at the time and murked off so fucking fast and never went back down that road ever ever again.

    nice drop, that would be creepy as fuck

    Nah ya'll should've went back with ya squad and seen what was up. Or at least ask someone about the house
  • Re: The Official Dragonball Super Thread (All my DBZ fans come in here) - Future Trunks Arc

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    I don't think goku and Vegeta fusing . I can see Vegeta and trunks baiting black zamasu while goku gets ready for mafuba if they don't fuse

    The jar that you seal someone with when you use the Mafuba got destroyed with the Time Machine... There will be a fusion, I think it will be Vegeta and Trunks that fuse instead of Goku and Vegeta

    They have to be close or equal in power for that to happen
  • Re: Azealia Banks Says She's Signing With RZA

    Smh why won't she go away
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  • Re: Would U Put Anna In The "DIME" Category?

    I'd love to suck them tits
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  • Re: Kidd Kidd spits MY favourite G Dep verse of all time...

    joint is like 30xs better with faith
    water ur seeds