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    Pimp C’s “Big Pimpin” verse was only eight bars because he never wanted to do the song in the first place. He thought that UGK would alienate their core fanbase by doing a crossover record (“How is Texas muthafuckers gonna look at us?”), and that Timbaland’s beat wasn’t good enough, saying, “I don’t know about them flutes, man.” When Jive Records A&R Jeff Sledge later asked Pimp why he only wrote eight bars, Pimp responded, “Man, fuck Jay-Z, man. I ain’t giving him 16. I’m only giving him eight.”

    Lol if i was jay when i added that extra beers verse i would've cut pimp shit. I'm not tolerating such fuckery

    If they cut Pimp out they woulda hadta change the hook... Pimp thought UGK were being used, which Jay is known for doing...

    Also, Bun B gave him a ridiculous amount of bars and some of it ended up gettin cut for Jay's last verse....

    Imo Pimp's verse was the best way to end the song...

    Why would the hook change ?? Pimp c wasn't essential to that song, 8 bars ?? Shhh any southern rapper could've did the job. But if you're a fan of them you'll prolly see it different. I don't get this jay uses people less famous than him thing. Jay was international by vol 3 that was established with vol 2. So what is their you gain by using ugk
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  • Re: Kendrick Lamar vs Nas *AT AGE 29

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    "Thats a one hot album every 10 year average"

    If all of those Nas albums were as nice as yall saying they are, that bar (or string of bars) wouldnt have been so potent.

    "Niggas forgot you emceed"

    Lot of faking going on here.

    Nas didnt have a string of 3 GOOD albums by 29 like kendrick does. Stop it.

    Cut it out, it was written was 96 2 hot lp's in 2yrs
    I am
    Hate me now
    Undying love
    Nas is like
    Blaze a 50
    Small world
    Ny state of mind 2
    Life is what you make it
    Money is my bitch
    8 bangers outta 14 1 joint is a intro so that's 8 outta 13, you won't see me tonight was cool favor for a favor too. Survive etc you see where this is going right ?? 4th lp 15 songs 6 good joints some ehh others nah nas. So that whole verse jay spit was suspect. You got that selective memory huh
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  • Re: Is TheReason in denial? Are we living in a bubble?

    No they don't offer anything to the game except more ignorance. We need to pay them less attention then maybe the next batch will step the game up. They getting more money for doing less or putting less effort in the craft
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  • Re: Midwest Region Sweet 16.... #1 Kanye West vs #5 Royce Da 5'9 (Kanye Elite)

    Only based off albums smh I'm not comfortable with this vote
  • Re: West Region Round Of 64.... #6 Lil B vs #11 Vince Staples(Vince Staples advances)

    No man that calls himself a pretty bitch is getting my vote