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  • Re: Woat job you ever worked? How long did it take you to quit/get fired

    4 hrs.

    When I was 18 I got a job working in a factory operating a machine cutting fiberglass into sections.

    You had to be fully covered. I had on a flannel, t-shirt under tucked into jeans, gloves, pants, workboots, goggles.

    Keep in mind there were fans all around.

    All day I was itching and after 4hrs it was time to go to lunch.

    I went to get some water and realized I could not swallow without pain. Think of the worst sore throat you've ever had.

    I pulled up my shirt sleeve and my arm looked like it was made out of glass. The damn fans blew that fiberglass all through and under my clothes. My whole body itched like hell.

    I told the manager to kiss my ass, got the fuck up outta there, and went home to soak in a bath. I took off my clothes and everything from my chest up and calves down sparkled like crystal. This was the worst bath ever....sitting at home for hours gargling warm water. seats all fucked up too from the ride home.

    Had the same experience I lasted 4 days , it was at a factory making sunroofs for cars. I was the only nigga there that spoke english besides my boss.That fiberglass was torture, I would wash my clothes and the fiberglass would still be in there after. Had to throw all that shit away

  • Re: Lil Wayne - Off Off Off (Cavs Song)

    Lol at niggas giving wayne credit for making songs for teams/players that win. Nigga be making song about contenders and flip flopping bandwagons so of course he is going to be mostly right. He wrote a freestyle about jobe bryant during the time they were on their last come up. He never made a rap about the packers till they made it to the super bowl vs pittsburgh.

    Now lebron had a healthy team in the finals and he making songs about Bron. When is YM athletics artist JR Smith was on the knicks was wayne boldly making songs about the knicks? Hell no because he knew they wasn't gunna win lmao.

    Didn't read , bitch.
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  • Re: Lil Wayne - Off Off Off (Cavs Song)

    Wayne the reason they won last night
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  • Re: Street Fighter V dropping exclusively on PS4 & PC

    Lol its jus my ps4, I got a bootleg as connection using a WiFi 3xtender cause the ps4 nic is a cheap pos

    My ps3 is the same location and the connection is twice as fast
  • Re: The Official 2015-16 NBA Thread

    Shizlansky wrote: »
    Love played big as a defender and rebounder

    Love played his ass off tonight but niggas won't remember it
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