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  • Re: Street Fighter V dropping exclusively on PS4 & PC

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    Nah Best Buy hasn't emailed anyone. Seems like they have a history of being too late with the Betas. Make a decision though man. Don't wait til the Beta is over. lol

    you can do like I did and preorder on amazon then cancel they dont charge you until it ships so its free

    It's too late now. You had to preorder before the 17th or something like that.

    no you didnt i preordered on the 20 th and got it
  • Re: The Powerful Pet Thread

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    The world's new ugliest dog was crowned last week

    She's Been Named The 'World's Ugliest Dog,' But We Think She's Beautiful


    If you have to be ugly, you might as well be the best at it.

    A 10-year old, hunchbacked, mixed breed dog named "Quasi Modo" was awarded first place at the World's Ugliest Dog Competition on Friday, according to a press release for the Petaluma, California, event.

    Quasi, whose short spine makes her resemble a hyena, "epitomized excellence in ugliness" Chief Judge Brian Sobel said. The designation won $1,500 for her owner.


    This wasn't Quasi's first rodeo. Last year, the spunky Florida pup won second place, losing out to small, wild-eyed dog named Peanut.

    Quasi's pageant bio says that despite the multiple birth defects that contribute to her odd appearance, she is a happy dog who loves to run and play. She also works as an "ambassador for teaching people about acceptance and tolerance for things that are different," according to the bio.

    Veterinarian Virginia Sayre and her husband, Mike Carroll, adopted Quasi from Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control about nine years ago, according to a Palm Beach County press release.

    The lovable dog "gets along well with everybody," but sometimes other people are alarmed by her appearance, Sayre told The Palm Beach Post last year.

    "People who love dogs get her, but I've had grown men jump on top of a truck to get away from her. They don't know what to make of her," Sayre said.

    Though the press release and the Associated Press both initially identified Quasi as male, the dog is female, Andrian Guthrie, who worked at Palm Beach County Animal Care when Quasi lived there, told The Huffington Post in an email.

    Event spokeswoman Karen Spencer confirmed that the press release made an error and that the dog is female.

    If you can't get enough of Quasi, you can keep up with her adventures on her Facebook page.



    The dog doesn't have a fucking neck, bro. I'd shoot that shit if it came in my yard.

  • Re: Favorite NBA Player (Non HOF)

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    Before Ray Allen, Dale Ellis used to cut loose 2r6e1wp.jpg

    Him Hershey Hawkins Chuck person and Dell Curry used to shoot Dat rock

    And you can't forget EJ

    Basketball changed so much. Today guys like that would ride the bench due to "defensive liabilities" and not being super athletic but they got high bball is can shoot lights out and won't miss free throws

    cause niggas these days dont develop and get better from high school/aau to college to the league

    top draft picks these days be ass
    Peezy_JenkinsBlackAX410king hassan
  • Re: Bone Thugs and Harmony-"No Surrender" appreciation

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    And I'm going to the funeral to shoot that bitch up

    Wish had the best verse on this classic song!

    wish had the best verse on mo murda too
  • Re: Young Thug - With That (Official Video)

    my bitch she a jew!