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Yall niggas weird bro


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  • Re: 50cent speaks on bang em smurf and deportation

    Flagged for spoiling you trash ass bitch
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  • Re: Rift between Jimmy Butler and Derrick Rose ????????

    Right now it's not a fair comparison since Butler been around longer and had far more playing time...I don't think it's laughable to debate who could be better at this point

    Jimmy need to humble his self if this shit coming out is true though
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  • Re: The Official Boxing Thread

    Khan & GGG are exceptions for R.D. nobody else. These two can fight Willie Monroe Jr & Algeri type opponents and it's okay.

    Lmaooo sad part is I don't even like Khan

    You niggas Just be buggin

    all these niggas on the come up bubbling at the same time but none of Em wanna take out the niggas next to them for the spot

    Everybody just wannna cheat their way to Mayweather...will be better once he retire for seeing some pride again
  • Re: The Official Boxing Thread

    Mastery wrote: »
    Here comes the ol' 'Khan is the exception ass nigga' lol

    Khan ain't shit bruh. He been fighting weak opposition the last 3 years. Whi has he really fought and won against though.

    It's kind of hard to bring up a resume when you lost your biggest fights lol

    Nigga never avenged his loss to Prescott. Beat a faded Marco Antonio Barrera lol Malignaggi? Nope, try again. Washed up Zab Judah, nope try again. Devon Alexander beat down was impressive, but Shawn Porter did the same so what is that saying?

    While those names are ok,

    He gets credit for Maidana (although Maidana kills him in a rematch since we all know he is a much better fighter now, when compared before)

    Peterson? Yep, he beat Khan.

    Garcia? Yep, he beat Khan, too.

    So really, the only fight he can get FULL credit for is the Maidana fight.

    Resume? Resume ain't shit unless you get the W. Big difference between fighting upper echelon fighters and actually winning.

    Now you doing the same shit that Rum nigga was doing with Canelo resume nitpicking

    Add Kotelnik to that list of niggas he did btw

    And you talking bout it only count if he get the W when your man ain't fought anybody to not get the w

    Lmaoooo you buggin

    Who cares about making more money for one fight when you getting a good check and the exposure to make that money you giving up and more to fight Mayweather...and the fight with Brook will still be there..

    That's logic...it's not even about Khan
  • Re: The Official Boxing Thread

    I got less of a problem when Khan do it because Yall don't want to hear it but he's paid his dues

    Nobody under 30 has a better resume than Khan(maybe equal but not better)

    But when these next wave of niggas start doing it, it's a problem

    Thurman,Brook,Broner, Guerroro

    Niggas ain't beat shit

    I'm not giving Khan a pass to duck Brook but I Dnt have a problem with him making him wait

    Brook beat nobody to demand a fight with Khan

    How tf Thurman think he giving out shots? Nobody gives a fuck about Thurman