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    Who besides cotto avoided ggg?
    Lemieux until now
    Bruh you trippin'. All I've heard Quillin and Jacobs talk about is wanting to fight GGG. Lemieux ducked GGG? C'mon bruh.

    Danny Jacobs out his own mouth last year said he wasn't ready for GGG yet

    Quillin made up some bullshit excuse which I translated as "I'm a bum and GGG will eat me the fuck up"

    Lemieux camp was hesitant when the topic came up last year and then this year, they agreed...props

    And I forgot Sergio wanted no parts but he was done so that's whatever

    To act like GGG ain't been avoided at 160 is just hate
    Well I stand corrected haha I only heard them dudes talk about wanting to fight him. I thought Jacobs needed more time to get his swag back after the surgery he had?

    Quillin is a fucking bum but apparently he was just "talking."

    Didn't know Lemieux had already been pressed about GGG.

    none of them dudes challenges anyway...MW division is so terrible

    I feel like when you think about it MW been terrible even when B Hop had the title...his best names were 154 pounders
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    Some old ass bitch ass white nigga got mad cause I walked out in front of his car at a light while I was jogging even though the whole line was stopped and he like 15 cars back

    Bitch ass going beep the horn and start talking shit

    So I ran up on his car when he got stopped by that same light and was still 5 cars back...bitch ass ain't want any problems

    Wrong week to test my "G"
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    Caesar and Dutchess deserve each other
  • Re: Dr. Umar Johnson at The Breakfast Club

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    Man listen. At the end of the day black people in America need to stop looking for celebrities to fund causes or donate their hard earn money to shit. It's the other 30 million black mfs who have the power to affect change. Niggas always looking for leadership in black leaders or celebs which is wrong imo.

    This is the stupidest and most naive shit

    You only take this stance cause he specifically name Jay Z and you're a fucking groupie

    These celebs have the biggest platform...once you're in that light, you have the responsibility to do certain shit and set examples because whether you want it to be that way or not, millions of little black kids are following and looking up to you

    Hold these niggas accountable

    A regular civilian don't have the reach a celeb does....We all can't be leaders all the time...

    He addressed that fuck shit you talking about...the people put that fucking money in their pockets because they believe in reach back and uplift them...we don't have the luxury to be out for our fuckin self once you attain certain levels of success

    We fucking behind in this country and getting fucking lapped cause of this dumb ass mindset and that's why we get treated like shit and waking niggas up and getting them to believe start with these niggas with the platform to reach millions doing their fucking part

  • Re: Master P At The Breakfast Club

    Why do 3 movies, you could run into the risk of spreading each one thin. Would it not make more sense to make one movie with 3 parts and have each part lead into the next and ONLY use the best material from each part and pack all into one movie.

    I think once he sits with a producer/director, they'll reel him in