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    S2J wrote: »
    R.D. wrote: »
    Would you rather have a boss and make $5mil a year and not worry once you leave the office... Or be your own boss and make $500k and take home the pressures of owning your business...
    This is the trap. Everybody isn't built to be an entrepreneur though. I would also like to point out that the most vulnerable people(Black) are the most dependent on employment by people outside of it's group and have the least amount of self own businesses. The two issues seem to correlate.

    L.O.S.T. wrote: »
    He contradicts himself. He said when he made paid in full he had to ask to put Cam in the movie. If he had to ask then he wasn't a boss. When he was with rocafella regardless of what he says he had someone dictating what he does and cutting him a check.

    You didn't listen. He said he does things himself now so he don't have to ask anybody for permission about personnel.

    I can understand what Dame is saying, but I also disagree with alot of what hes saying... I ran a hydraulics depot before we sold up, and now Im a sports coach and work with disabled kids... So now technically I have a 'boss', although I do what a want to an extent as Im on casual pay... I still have the mentality that I wont be told what to do as I had all theses years of doing what I want... But technically I have a boss and earn ALOT less, but I dont care because Im doing what I like...

    Yea but what you said was a huge flaw if entire groups live by it. I don't agree with everything Dame say but that point of yours actually made Dame Dash points stand out more.

    @black caesar listen earlier today. Good discussion.

    Not really bro, theres no point owning your own business unless your gonna be better off financially then if your working for someone else, or if the pros dont outweigh the cons... There is nothing wrong with working for someone and being financially secure, especially if you have a family and have big bills to pay...

    But if your in a schitt job and want ago at working for yourself then hell yeah more power to anyone going for it... Im just saying if your in a great job like Sway or the Breakfast Club, why would they wanna leave start up their own business, earn LESS money and a risk that if they suddenly dont cut it they have no contracts to fall back on...

    What kinda mindset is this ?

    Why not?

    Sway is a brand and a legend, how can you be content with the same position offering limited growth when opportunities are there

    Cmon here little ngga, lemme school you. Yes, Sway is a brand, he has followers, he can do his thing...but the next logical step given the market would be a Serious radio show. Like Howard Stern, like Jamie Fox. People who make ridiculously more than Damon Dash btw.....

    buuuut, oh nevermnd, they are employees.

    Yes, thats right, Howard Stern--- who has a net worth of (does googles) $500 million---is an employee. He amassed his fortune by working for Clear Channel and the E network. By doing ONE thing. Speakign on the radio. He didnt branch out and sell oil, nickel bag movies, art galleries, etc.

    BUT LET DAME TELL IT: Its better to sidestep the powers that be (Serius) and instead "put your own bread up" and go AGAINST Serius. Say, Sway Radio. With limited distro and reach but hey atleast he'll be able to smoke in his studio and be THE BOSS...because thats how they do in Harlem.

    Mind you Howard Stern's deal to work FOR Serious was 500 mill. He makes 100 mill/yr as an employee. He'll be a billionaire before he checks out. All for doing ONE thing, FOR another company.

    Btw, you my son.

    Lmaooo you say all this to say what ?

    If They can afford to give Stern 500mil, got dayummmm at what they making off of him

    How you going piggyback off what another nigga said and go google it and try to school somebody

    Then you used a white Jew to make your point, the most successful group in America

    You seem smart to stupid people lmaoo

    Btw I could never come from a African, they tend to have bitch in them and you carrying on tradition.....plus another bitch ass nigga said that 2 posts before you...get off his dick day day
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    Stew wrote: »
    rip.dilla wrote: »
    And props to another HipHop legend Dr. Dre for overseeing this project seeing a mainstream release

    I know the bullshit NaS went through with Def Jam for NIGGER .. .

    More reasons why he's the GOAT producer. No question about it.

    Kanye> Dre

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    Flagged for disrespect

    Belly is trash
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    Yeah Jamaicans should've been dead

    All them bloodcot bitches