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  • Re: The 2016 NBA Offseason Thread

    Beta wrote: »
    Shawn Marion a hall of famer?

    Let Paul Pierce in too while we at it
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  • Re: Trump vs Hillary Debate Round 1

    Swiffness! wrote: »
    R.D. wrote: »
    I just don't understand black people thinking we have a side in this

    Which side wants nationwide stop and frisk again?

    MAN Trump could literally promise to put every black person in a mass grave and some of ya'll would still be on that "they're both equally bad" shit

    Lmaooo both sides want the same thing

    Trump don't even have a side. He's a sideshow

    You niggas going complain either way when it's all said and done
    If you just took a second to think and realize Hillary needs your vote, your people might actually make her earn it and get something out of this

    But you niggas stay on the defensive,that's why the black community done here

    I don't give a fuck about stop and frisk, I might die if I get pulled over tonight

    No matter who wins, I'm still going uphill and ain't shit going stop me

    Which candidate going help your community nigga? Hold the country responsible for what they done to your people ?
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  • Re: Trump vs Hillary Debate Round 1

    Black ppl rather die slow than quick
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  • Re: Lil Wayne speaks on retirement tweets; Even if Baby pays him, will not work with him again

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    lmaoo niggas blame Baby for everything

    These noggas never say

    Fuck Lyor, Fuck LA Reid, Fuck *insert random Jewish nigga name here*

    nah im pretty sure people have mentioned other label heads when "screwed", a lot of times tho artists realize there are worse deals.

    like someone else mentioned baby doing it is worse tho. ESPECIALLY in wayne's situation. regardless of any gay rumors about them, dude was a father figure to him from 9 and acted like a family for years.

    What did Baby do ? Everybody assumes Wayne getting shorted? I remember an interview with Baby saying Wayne was paid like 100 mil? Now if Baby is correct, what Wayne do in music to generate 100 mil?

    Hearing these niggas speak about anything just made me cautious of shit they say especially in business. These niggas will say Puff, Baby, Dame, etc didn't pay them but can't explain how

    Niggas rappers, rarely businessmen

    U niggas really got to read....the paperwork regarding his suit against Cash Money is public record.....also in a civil suit seeking damages ( financial) u have to itemize ur demands and it's value....
    Make a long story short, there s a piece of paper out there that details and itemize Waynes financial demand and reasons
    Even longer story short

    I don't care enough to go find. Let me hear it from his mouth, not a document prepared by some lying ass Jew nigga...does that document that I'm not reading give me Birdman's side as well

    You make a post just to say nothing with a weak attempt at condescension

    Congrats, you played yourself nigga

    With love, eat a dick

    U make a post asking why Wayne is asking for a specific amount of money....

    I tell you there is a document that details Wayne s demand and ur reply is " I don't care enough to find it" if that's so why did you bring it up....

    Idiots like you are the reason for the decay of our culture

    I not only already sonned, I countered everything you said in that post in my reply

    Simply stated for the the less elevated...rappers ain't businessman

    Hoe ass nigga
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  • Re: The Official Boxing Thread

    Mastery wrote: »
    R.D. wrote: »
    That hate in y'all heart got y'all missing out on All timers lol

    You bring up Jacobs, I address him. You still ain't addressing shit. Lol

    I know you don't want to talk down on your boy but facts is facts dog.

    Same way I got at Brook for all those unnecessary "mandatory" fights.

    lol I'm just saying you ain't ever seen a man have a whole division not want to be the champ cause they was scared

    Paq is an all time great fighter

    And they both get hate for not being niggas I guess

    Witnessing history