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  • Re: Infamous : Second Son

    PimpMVP wrote: »
    stoneface wrote: »
    KillaCham wrote: »
    stoneface wrote: »
    KillaCham wrote: »
    I like how they're doing the good/evil thing this time.

    They did that in the first game.
    I didn't say I like that they're doing it... I said I like HOW they're doing it, stonebrain.

    This guy. Oh yeah, that is what you said...after you edited your fuckin' post. You originally said "I like that they're doing the good/evil thing this time". My bad for thinking you meant something you actually said.

    Naw.. He actually said how.

    lol I know what I saw. The guy's a mod (I think), so he can manipulate whatever he wants here. I don't care, though, it's whatever.

  • Re: NBA 2K14>>>>>>>>>

    lol @ Kyle giving me feelings, because he caught feelings. I didn't mean anything personal by that, dude. Man up and stop being sensitive.
  • Re: NBA 2K14>>>>>>>>>

    Lol na man, i dont get this more intuitive and enjoyable to pull off shit u kick.

    If this year is more precise as you say (which it is), that,automatically makes it more intuitive and enjoyable to pull off.

    I think what you wanna say was, you was geeked that a new euro step tap was introduced in 2k13 and u had fun using it. Youre prolly not even.a shot stick guy lol.

    No. I use the shot stick to shoot when it actually makes a difference, not just whenever for the purpose of making myself feel like a more advanced player. I use it, for instance, when I take it to the basket because it legitimately gives you more control in that situation. I use the button to pull up for regular jumpers because there's no reason to use the shot stick for that, accept to try to be cute.

    I don't see what's so hard to get about what I said, though. I liked the feel of the euro step controls more from last years game and found them to be more fun and responsive (especially against trickier defenses), therefore, I say they were better. This year, they allow us to more effectively choose the direction in which we wanna step with the shot stick, so yeah, on paper it's more precise in THAT way; but it isn't as responsive or as fun to pull off as the double tap from last year. My opinion, so fuck it, we disagree.

    I'm a vet, man. I've been playing this game since 2K1 on the Dreamcast. I didn't "geek" for the euro step controls in 2K13 but I did find them to be a HUGE improvement over the clunky ass, unresponsive ones they implemented in the previous installments. This year, it's solid, but I still prefer last year's .
  • Re: The Last Of Us (Most Awarded Video Game in History) - Coming to PS4

    KillaCham wrote: »
    It challenged the importance of narratives in gaming, challenged the importance of video games in popular culture, broke barriers for complex characters and women in gaming and prevailed without the massive sales, hype, and budget that its greatest competitors had. It has clearly resonated and impacted critics and gamers more than any other game in history, and these awards prove that.

    Good luck topping this masterpiece Naughty Dog.


    This game is great and merits praise, of course, but really? "Broke barriers with complex characters and women in gaming?" LOL who originally typed this dickride piece?

  • Re: Ryse: Son of Rome Launch Trailer

    Try the game yourselves and form your own opinions
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