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  • Re: Out of all the IC females, who'd you rather be your baby's momma?

    Fieldtrips murdered Kimi throughout this thread. So badly that Kimi would leave the thread several times to regroup just to resume typing to Field, she would go on to type numerous feelingsgraphs, meanwhile Fields is typing 1 to 2 sentences and still inciting emotion in each of Kimi's posts.
    Kimi wrote: »

    This is just a simple case of a Poster to stupid and prideful to know when he's in over his head and shut the fuck up.

    Everybody on here has lost battles or been ethered including me,but those with common sense know when to fold.

    This faggots brain is so clouded with estrogen and delusion that he doesn't realize he's losing, so it will only get worse from here.
    This muthafucka has no clue how hard I'm capable of me.

    Sourpatch 2012 is his nickname now, along with BITCH.

    Allow me to tally up your losses in this thread since you seem to be oblivious to them.

    1. Coming into this thread with your cape on for Bak. Bak doesn't care she was dissed, why do you? Bak is a wacc poster and deserves to be called out as such. She's not smart, she's not funny, she doesn't post any thing of knowledge or value. She's just eyecandy, nothing more, nothing less.

    2. You loss for using the shitty excuse of not knowing who a poster is, why must you know who a poster is to beef with them?

    3. You lost for saying you're leaving this thread to continue coming back and displaying your feelings in every single post you've made.

    4. Contradicting yourself at least 5 times in this thread, and doing exactly what you're attempting to diss Fields for doing.

    Fields won this battle and the shit wasn't even close.
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