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  • Re: Will Drake and J. Cole take over Jay and Nas as the front runners in Hiphop goin forward??

    Kendrick & J Cole
  • Re: Best Writer Vince Russo, Jim Cornette or Paul Heyman

    Gotdamn...can u read...I said if u were going to put blame on anybody it would be Bischoff...Yes he created the NWO & had a lot of great/known talent but guess who beat him with new unknown wrestlers.....Russo...When E.B. was trying to expose WWF & laughing at them for giving Mankind the title(Russo idea), thats when everyone turned to Raw & the ball began to shift...I was a WCW fan but Facts is facts. WCW started to lose viewers b/c they had old talent, people got tired of hogan, & they ran that NWO ish dry...WWF was unpredictable(b/c off Russo at that time) & everyone loved it...ECW was a company with great matches but wack storylines. The cliq isnt dx nigga...kill that ish...chyna wasnt in the cliq...the cliq didnt have everybody going around sreaming suck it...Russo made WWF the highest rated wrestling company again & he took them to the highest rating they ever had...Paul didnt do that....V.M. didnt do that...when Russo went 2 WCW, he inherited a problem & still brought the ratings up...WCW released him & hired him back within 6 months b/c the ratings dropped & he did it again.
  • Re: Best Writer Vince Russo, Jim Cornette or Paul Heyman

    Just read Russo's Wikipedia page. I didn't know he was that instrumental in the Attitude Era, but I did know that he almost single-handedly destroyed WCW in the last stages of it.

    So, Paul Heyman wins, cause Cornette never had control on that type of major level.
    Nigga you didnt even know he was involved with the attitude ear so how can u say he almost single-handedly destroyed WCW...I remember WCW,,,he actually made it better...AOL Killed WCW & if u want to put the blame on somebody that bad I would have to say Bischoff did it. He was giving people like Nash, & Hogan to much power prior to Russo coming in...Thats why Russo screwed Hogan b/c he was tryna get rid of the old wrestlers & give the younger generation a chance (like he did for WWF). Stone Cold Mick Foley, etc etc left WCW b/c they werent giving a chance...Russo gave them a chance in WWF.
    Oh yeah...& russo created DX...& russo made wrestling unpredictable...even brought nudity to wrestling...& he took wrestling outside the arenas...& allowed male wrestlers to fight female wrestlers....

    Hogan getting screwed: starts at 6:30 mark

    Russo didnt create matches? Nigga Kill yahself...3 cages of hell, TLC, First Blood, Graveyard match, hell in the Cell etc, etc...

    guess who wrote this storyline:

    UNdertaker hangs big bossman

    Paul just had violence period...ECW storyline wasnt great either...mafuckas tryna rewrite history up here.

  • Re: Ayo B.. Is the only way Jay Z can officially win his beef against Nas

    U said it best in the title..."Ayo B is the only way Jay can officially win"

    B...meaning Beyonce is the only reason this nigga is still relevant.
    Already Home_17illedoutDarthRozay
  • Re: Nas on the set of "Daughters" with his daughter Destiny

    smdh...niggaz wanna smash Destiny...cant do better than that, eh...