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  • Re: Spinoff from Dope or Wack. Nore vs Gucci

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    Ooooooh shut up, you got niggas from every region that voted for nore. Really can't say the same for gucci. Y'all stay using that "regional bias" shit as a crutch

    Sun Gucci got 13 votes....Bet at least 10 from down south...The nerve of these

    it go both ways... none of u northern elitist will vote for Gucci knowing damn well Nore aint lyrical and be hollern on beats rappin simple

    Check on how many cats that arent from the east that voted for Nore...Cats from the south, west, midwest, canada and around the world are east coast bias if they voted for Nore? lol...I'm an elitist, when I voted the same for both Nore and Gucci? cmon b...Niggas running out of shyt to say

    Nore not seen gwop not in music money flow longevity gwop build a brand influenced a whole culture he changed the mixtape to what it is now treatin tha mixtape project like an actual album jeezy black balled em an he still came on top his game 10 toes down nore shouldn't even be mention in tha same sentence as gwop fu€kin goofies an most ya older 2 shame on ya

    Put that owop full a dust down gwop>nore eazy

    Lol wtf....Nigga I dont care about none of that shyt you talking about except for the music....Theres a few Gucci tracks in my ipod and and 2 cnn albums and Nore there as well so its all about what I listen to....Nigga you mentioned money like you benefit from it foh....Bet at the height of each of their popularity they're about the same and rapping wise they on about the same level....
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  • Re: Jay-Z Almost Ended 2 pac's Career: DJ Clark Kent Reveals Jay-Z Recorded A 2Pac Diss

    Yo, these niggas really hate NY.......whoa!! lol
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