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    Stew wrote: »
    If you've made it to a point in life where u realize you're not gonna go bald and somebody came up with an idea to keep your haircut the same way(length/lineup) forever, would you?

    Nigga you want the Jon B ceaser forever and ever amen ha?

    LOL I think I would. My shit grow all kinda crazy ways when it get long and most barbers can't cut my shit right. I've been going to the same barber for bout 10 yrs, nigga talkin about retiring smh.
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    Only girls drink vodka- Monizzle

    Add it to the list
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    First lemme say salute to 50 for that W in selling his shares before growing that brand to new heights. However idk if it is just me but what grown man actually drinks Vodka on the regular? Even that nigga diddy selling fruity ass vodka and shit and i was like wtf? Idk when i want a nice drink i prefer a a good whiskey over Vodka any day.

    You dont know many adults do you?
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    So work was a little strange tonight. We all just doing our thing like a normal game night and I'm walkin around the corner to go get some shit, in the corner of my eye I see this butt naked ass chic walkin around the corner outside of our station doors so I pause for a second, I see her try to open up the company doors across from us, locked, then she turns around, sees me and immediately hits the elevator :joy: I'm like wtf I go ask my co-workers "yall missin somebody butt ass naked locked outside?" Nope. So everybody jets for the Elevators lmao didnt even take a min, the elevator comes back up, opens, and all 4 of us see this bitch naked as fuck just lost as shit. The question is asked "you need some help?" She tells buddy to fuck off...ah hell nah I'm dyin now.

    Now we're gonna try to be some good Samaritans if she comes back up and grab her a station shirt cause ain't no way in hell she walkin outside where the game is at butt naked, low and behold she does(the Elevators are locked on levels 2 and 3 so she can only get to our floor and the bottom floor), ask her if she needs some help again, she fucked up on somethin and nothin so we throw her a couple shirts cause she's being ungrateful as fuck. This shit goes on for another hour of her being lost as fuck going up and down the elevator, a classic video is caught of her trying to get into our station wearing our brand :joy:(sorry can't post it). Anyway, guess she finally got the nerve to just leave with nothin but a t-shirt and vans on eventually lol

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