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  • Re: Bible prophecy

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    bible prophecies are happening right before our eyes and many simply cannot see it

    Matthew 24:14
    "And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come."

    The Christian gospel has been spread all over the world, and the end still hasn't come yet. It's been a good 500 years since Christians rampaged around the world and spread the gospel. How come the end of the world hasn't occurred yet?
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  • Re: ISIS Strikes Deal With Moderate Syrian Rebels that Obama wanted to support.

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    the only way to fix all these problems in the middle east is total invasion and total war followed by with a long term occupation. isis taking over syria would be a horror no one trust america over there so we can have no allies nor should we back anyone that is not under our direct control.

    syria borders with israel and i don't think israel is going to stand for any of that bullshit if isis takes syria shit is going to get worse and the risk that it's only going to spread.


    IT WON'T TAKE WW3 IF WE DON WHAT WE HAVE TO DO NOW. radical islam has to be totally eradicated and pushed into obscurity just like nazism and maoism.

    Your idea of escalating the war is EXACTLY what ISIS wants. It's one of the reasons I posted the Flames of War movie earlier, ISIS WANTS American boots on the ground. It's great propaganda for them and a huge recruiting tool but you still don't see that. By the way, according to news reports, America has been bombing Syria for the past hour tonight. Allegedly, 25 air strikes have been hitting ISIS Syrian positions. Your dreams of a wider war in that region will come true sooner then you think.

    dog i don't care what isis wants, these people are religiously motivated, understand that, they think that allah is going to make them win no matter what happens. Therefore to obliterate this belief we have to fight them and totally destroy them.

    let them KEEP recruiting as much as they want in the end it will only mean more dead isis members. our number one mistake has been in delaying the inevitable. in the middle east this barbaric version of islam that is really pure islam needs to be removed from the world. period.

    ISIS is a religious group true but many of their allies are former members of Saddam's army and other less religious groups. Saddam was very secular, so for his former soldiers to join ISIS means this is more then just a religious thing. This is a mostly political problem, as even Americans have said. Of course, religious groups like ISIS are gaining members because they are beating their Shiite "oppressors", but as I said before, this is basically a Sunni-Shiite CIVIL WAR gone mad. If you want ISIS to KEEP recruiting easily, you are not thinking well at all. Do you realize how long a war this would be then? I forgot, you want America to open an empire in Iraq and lucky for you the MIC wants that too. There's too many oil companies and American contractor buildings to protect, question is how much is this gonna cost us? I hope Americans enjoy another trillion dollar war.

    just because saddam was secular that does not mean his soliders were also, and i don't want isis to keep gaining members i just don't care if they do or not because it's largely unimportant if they do or not. They lack the firepower technologically and logistically to really go to war with a real nation that has real fighters. And a war against isiS right now would not last very long at all, within a month they would be falling back to using sneak attacks and hidden bombs. i want america to govern certain nations in the middle east the same way we did japan after ww2 leaving iraq so soon was a mistake.

    with islam there is no political problems religious problems and political problems are the same thing if america follows your isolationist policy instead of fighting a trillion dollar war now we will fight a ten trillion dollar war 15 years from now.

    Okay, you will see for yourself how horrible this all ends up. ISIS if anything will be more dangerous when they start fighting guerilla warfare, remember Vietnam and the 50K dead Americans. Iraqis killed close to 5K Americans and maimed over 20K more, so it doesn't take a high technology group to inflict damage during guerilla warfare. Remember, you are giving ISIS what they want ,so be careful what you wish for. Enjoy your new , long ass war.
  • Re: ISIS Strikes Deal With Moderate Syrian Rebels that Obama wanted to support.

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    the only way to fix all these problems in the middle east is total invasion and total war followed by with a long term occupation. isis taking over syria would be a horror no one trust america over there so we can have no allies nor should we back anyone that is not under our direct control.

    syria borders with israel and i don't think israel is going to stand for any of that bullshit if isis takes syria shit is going to get worse and the risk that it's only going to spread.

    Fuck no, you still think your disastrous plan is a good idea? If Israel doesn't want to stand for this, then why aren't they committing to air strikes against ISIS??!! Fuck Israel and fuck your plan, we can't afford it. Soldiers in the VA are going years without treatment, and you want a total war the rest of the world doesn't want. Let Assad, Russia, and Iran fight this, and by the way, Saudi Arabia beheads people and has people that support terror too, should we go to war against them?

    lean to read, I basically said that if isis takes syria, israel won't stand for it ISIS would be too much of a threat BEING SO CLOSE TO ISRAEL, and we can afford an invasion if we do what is needed. american soliders don't get proper treatment not because we cannot afford it but because there is incompetence in the system.

    russia is not going to do a fucking thing except maybe loan weapons, iran would probably win against isis but that would only create more stress between sunni and shia in the mid-east. I personally would not advocate an invasion of saudi arabia simply because at least the state is organized and is a more stable society. I would however assassinate who ever funds groups like isis.

    if we went to a total war in the mid east i believe many of the nations in the rest of the world would follow us it would affect their economies too much if they did not do so and if they don't after we win we can use the oil as a tool to punish them for their lack of support.

    what is the alternative leave isis alone until they get stronger and eventually attack israel which is one of their goals. then when israel goes retaliates in the extreme way it is prone to do thereis more death and more destruction all of which the usa will share blame for no matter what we do or don't do.

    Wishful dreaming on your part, the powerful nations of the world want nothing to do with bombing ISIS right now. So what makes you think they would join a total war? You're too paranoid about ISIS, if Syria, Iran and Russia are already fighting and containing them, then there's no need to get involved. America not minding its own business is on its own making ISIS more popular, and the more involved America gets, the more popular ISIS is becoming. Don't take my word for it, this is what Middle Eastern experts are saying.

    And if Israel can take on ISIS on its own, LET THEM. If Israel retaliates in an extreme way as you fear, then that's the result of America defending everything Israel does for the last 60 years. Of course America would get the blame for any atrocities Israel would commit, it gives Israel weapons and money all the time. Israel loves total war, that's what you want right? It's no different then America waging total war in the Middle East, America is known for its history of committing war crimes itself. So frankly, your strategy is EXACTLY what ISIS wants. ISIS just chopped off the head of a British hostage today, so your wishes of escalating the war will come true, only a matter of time.

    You admit Iran and its Shia allies can beat ISIS and if that causes stress in the Shia-Sunni relationship, LET THOSE MIDDLE EASTERN NATIONS HANDLE THAT. We can work with the winners, the way America does business with the corrupt, beheading loving Saudi Arabian govt.

    isis wants to fight, they want to bite more than they can chew we should give it to them they have to be utterly utterly defeated and humiliated. how many russian troops are in syria?? none as far as we know russia is not really doing a fucking thing russia is limited to eastern europe they don't get involved too deep anyplace else. and if it's anyone containing isis it's the usa they would have done genocide a few weeks ago if not for usa

    yes we have been backing israel for 60 years it's too late to stop now if we can abandon such an ally then we can abandon anyone which would mean we lose respect worldwide. which means all the nations that depend on our power will increase there military spending out of fear that we are not dependable which could mean increased world wide tensions. and just to let you know israel has not gone to total war since it's founding.

    you want to work with the winners??? are you crazy the winners would most likely be iran it's not in the interest of the usa for there to be a stronger iran.

    listen there is no pussy way to deal with isis we have to kill them and keep killing people like them until no more exist.. they don't give a fuck what we do there objective is to rule it's like dealing with the borg resistance is futile that is the mindset of groups like isis

    Ahh, good old fashioned Dick Cheney thinking. Okay, I want to see what a war like this looks like. When things get messy, let's see how strong your resolve is. ISIS intimidates you quite easily I see. We've done over 160 air strikes to them, and the rest of the world does nothing. If Jordan and Turkey aren't too worried about ISIS overreaching, then we shouldn't be either. I'm not worried and nervous about ISIS the way you are, and most of the world isn't either. Why? BECAUSE THE REST OF THE WORLD IS SMART ENOUGH TO MIND THEIR OWN FUCKING BUSINESS
  • Re: Satanism....and all the misrepresentations about it.

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    God is alleged to be omniscient and omnipotent. Ergo, he knows all and forsees all.

    So, he knew evil would be begat as a result of his efforts.

    Get a dictionary, fool.

    it's not that simple jackass knowing the future is like knowing all possibilities and god being all loving does not judge his creations on the possible evil they might commit he judges them on the ones they actualize. now if he stopped them from choosing then that would run against his nature. because that would strip them of freewill.

    now go clean your vagina.

    Do you know understand what omnipotence and omniscience are meant to mean? By definition they mean he knew Adam would defy him, he knew creating Eve was a bad idea, he knew the serpent in the garden was a bad idea that would promote dissension, he knew Cain would slay Abel, he knew the Earth would need to be cleansed by The Great Flood, he knew Sodom and Gommorah would be razed, he knew Lot's wife would look back, he knew Lot's kids would get him drunk and rape him, he knew the Pharoah would defy him and force him to cull the first born, he knew his people would suffer wandering the desert, he knew the heathens would worship the Golden Calf while Moses was away, he knew he'd have to crack the Earth asunder to consume the sinners and deviants... this is even backed up when Michael as God's messenger told Mary she would suffer greatly, how Jesus knew and foretold his own death, it is why he didn't answer Jesus when he asked "My father, why have you forsaken me?" as he gave in to mortal weakness, begging for his life.

    You total moron, do you even know the meaning of words? Do you read your holy text? Fucking Hell, man. Get it together.

    You can insult me personally, you can defame me selectively, I don't care. You are the dumbass making death threats online in the Donkey, inviting people to come get clapped, like that's not an actual offense you can get called up on if the issue is pressed.

    You are an idiot. I am a certified genius in the upper 1.4% of the global populace. You are a child kicking the shins of a king, thinking your efforts matter to me. They don't. I am a man of letters, math, science and knowledge. You belive in ancient stories. Fuck, you believe in The Little Mermaid too, child?

    Stop trying to antagonise me, it's sad. I'm Mr T to you, because


    Particularly when you are so foolish you don't understand how stupid you truly are in the perception of someone like me. It's like teaching kids judo and having to let them throw you, you don't even realise I'm playing along for the sake of my own entertainment in the hope you gain something,

    Lol a fucking avalanche of words i must really of hurt your feelings

    you are a narcissistic megalomaniacal MAD MAN. i am a proponent of open theism so what gods omniscient power does in effect may not mean to me what it means to you. as for your feelings i don't give a fuck. you ramble on and on but give no sources for what you believe but you still want me to take your self believed intelligence seriously?? you must be losing your fucking mind now go clean your vagina

    You are a child talking as a man and when a man talks to you as a man, you act like a child with ADD and illiteracy issues. I read entire book texts as part of my job and correct them. You think me typing a few paragraphs is a problem for me? I type 90 words a minute, child. Writing and reading as an adult aren't problems for me. Clean out my vagina? Ask your mother to douche and go to a clap clinic, the impediment she has apparently given you via birth suggests a birth defect intellectually. If she'd got that herpes or syphillis treatment back in the day, maybe I'd be conversing with an intellect of opposing force, not an apparent idiot with apparent defects and delusions beyond their clear position.

    Don't hate on me because your momma didn't get to that penicillin sooner. You can keep insulting me, it doesn't matter, I think to anyone with a clue it's apparent you're dealing with a half deck and I have aces up my sleeve. Keep on with the sexist bullshit, the assumptions, the accusations... it doesn't matter that much to me. You're a chihuahua thinking they are a doberman. Believe what you want, it is apparent that is all you do. You are clearly inferior to me and I couldn't care less about the mewlings of a manchild I passed intellectually by actually graduating high school.

    More words LOL just to say how much you don't like me and to brag about how smart you think you are LOL the amount of words you type mean nothing IF what you say is not fact. Now you are disrespecting my mother but i'm the childish one?? I have two masters i really don't give a fuck about you or your JOB I AM SELF EMPLOYED, IF YOU WERE REALLY SMART YOU WOULD BE ALSO.

    Anyway until you can come up with an actual credible source that says bill gates engineered a microchip i am done with the topic, you are sick man seek help and don't forget to clean out your vagina.

    You can't even spell employed right.

    No wonder you are self employed, ain't nobody hiring illiterate fucks making death threats on the internet. Sling on the corner, chuckles, IRS ain't giving a shit about you.

    I enjoy company benefits subsidised, that's how I'm smarter than you. Child, I pity you. You keep talking about cleaning out vaginas... you mother should have, your girl should be, projecting the bitches that be infecting you on me... you understand the principle of repetitive blame displacement?

    Probably not, you can't even spell employment right.

    Sling that shit, duffel bag boy, I got a pension plan accumulating, child. Can't spell, can't equate, can't write, can't type... I feel bad for you because when life gets long in the tooth, it's got bite a chunk off you something proper. You can't even see the long game because you're too stupid to realise how stupid you are. Pray for mercy to your invisible Arabic provider, see how that has worked out for all the pedo priests that begged for mercy.#

    Sucker ass retard.

    GODAMN!!!!!! LOL.....great posts by the way you're on a roll

    **goes back to retiring from thread**

    AS FOR YOU, YOU LIVE RIGHT HERE IN NYC and so do I you can say whatever you want to me face to face if you are man enough.

    I'm tired of sending people to the hospital. My last err fight was in 2011, the guy was in the hospital for a week and looked like the elephant man for a month. His girlfriend was so disgusted with him she wanted to smash me out but the problem was I was already fucking her sister.

    I'd prefer you not end up like one of my victims, and like your lord and savior, I shall show mercy upon you. It's the internet fool, grow a pair.

    **retires from thread again**
  • Re: So all these years later. All everybody can seem to talk about is Jesus

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    Yall have claimed to have read The Bible and studied it but ignore The Old Testament.

    The Sovereign Lord said he'd kill niggaz who worshiped other false idols/gods. So wat exactly were u expecting lol?

    OHH so the Bible god is such a weak kneed, jealous, insecure pussy that the people who don't believe in the Bible god because there isn't enough PROOF deserve to be killed off and their idols destroyed???

    NICE!!! So I'm gonna be even MORE disrespectful to the Bible god now! Continue on, let the world see what a pathetic jackass and mass murderer the Bible god is.

    How do you like it now that ISIS is RAPING and MURDERING OFF a ton of you Christians in the Middle East and your PUSSY Bible god isn't doing shit about it? Why is the Bible god such a bitch made pussy when he talks so much shit?
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