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  • Re: Tariq tells black people don't vote let Trump win

    I'm voting 3rd party, I have a lot in common with Hillary overall compared to Trump but her flaws are so serious I can't bring myself to vote for her. Her wanting beef with Russia and her vote for the war in Iraq is enough for me to vote 3rd party.
  • Re: The Official Game vs Meek Mill Beef Thread (The Reason roasting Gee)

    Seriously, Beans must still be smoking rock after pulling that fake AK shit, that's just crackhead behavior right there
  • Re: Chaos In Dallas

    4th officer dead : )
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  • Re: Is Eminem a considered a legend to black rsp fans

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    Em is a legend to white people

    Plenty of Black people I know fuck with Eminem, ask Rakim, 2pac's mom and Redman what they think about him
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  • Re: Don't you ever get tired of threatening people with Hell?

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    So I wasn't paying attention when I read this:
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    all that innocent blood has to be atoned for

    Pretty sure that's what got this all rolling down hill into a big pile of steaming shit like you're well known for starting.

    If I didn't know better, I'd swear you were a chick.

    The atonement aka the punishment of hell is not about stopping sin it's just a JUST punishment BECAUSE THOSE WHO DO EVIL and die without Christ cannot atone for their sins. therefore THEY END UP IN HELL... WHICH IS WHY I BROUGHT UP THE example i made for you.

    those people who are evil and live long happy lives never atone

    So if a person doesn't amend or recompense(atone) their sins, they go to hell for eternity?

    It's a ridiculous concept. Whether it was "inspired" by god or made in the mind of man, it's ridiculous.

    You atone for your sins through Christ if you don't then you go to hell and what do you expect??? for evil people to also be allowed into heaven and never be punished for their wrong doings???.... you can think it is a ridiculous concept all you want but you're just a human being and YOU WILL STAND BEFORE GOD AND WHAT you think will be irrelevant then.

    AS FOR THE ETERNITY OF HELL????? that is another topic altogether, when you sin you alter reality as god would wish it to be the damage you are doing is actually incalculable

    Correct me if I'm wrong but doesn't the Bible say all sins are forgiven if one pledges faith in Jesus? So technically, evil people can go to heaven?

    read what i wrote i answered that question already... If you would pay attention you would not be asking me this remedial question

    My point is that the Bible god tolerates evil people in heaven too, proclaiming faith in Jesus can make up for dozens of rapes and torture murders in the afterlife lolol. There is no unforgivable sin according to the Bible, as long as one proclaims Jesus as savior, ANYTHING can be forgiven. There are many ironies to that.

    If you accept Christ in your heart you cannot be evil, you cannot do evil therefore evil people do not go to heaven it's not proclaiming faith that gets you into heaven

    LMAOOOOOO!!!! Are you fucking serious??? People who accept Christ into their hearts can't be evil??? Word??! How do you explain the Christian Nazis who did what they did, or the conquistadors who raped and pillaged? The Christian sex slave drivers who kidnap young kids to force them into all kinds of viciousness aren't evil? You may have lost your mind man.