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  • Re: The Official Game vs Meek Mill Beef Thread (The Reason roasting Gee)

    Seriously, Beans must still be smoking rock after pulling that fake AK shit, that's just crackhead behavior right there
  • Re: Chaos In Dallas

    4th officer dead : )
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  • Re: Is Eminem a considered a legend to black rsp fans

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    Em is a legend to white people

    Plenty of Black people I know fuck with Eminem, ask Rakim, 2pac's mom and Redman what they think about him
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  • Re: Don't you ever get tired of threatening people with Hell?

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    So I wasn't paying attention when I read this:
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    all that innocent blood has to be atoned for

    Pretty sure that's what got this all rolling down hill into a big pile of steaming shit like you're well known for starting.

    If I didn't know better, I'd swear you were a chick.

    The atonement aka the punishment of hell is not about stopping sin it's just a JUST punishment BECAUSE THOSE WHO DO EVIL and die without Christ cannot atone for their sins. therefore THEY END UP IN HELL... WHICH IS WHY I BROUGHT UP THE example i made for you.

    those people who are evil and live long happy lives never atone

    So if a person doesn't amend or recompense(atone) their sins, they go to hell for eternity?

    It's a ridiculous concept. Whether it was "inspired" by god or made in the mind of man, it's ridiculous.

    You atone for your sins through Christ if you don't then you go to hell and what do you expect??? for evil people to also be allowed into heaven and never be punished for their wrong doings???.... you can think it is a ridiculous concept all you want but you're just a human being and YOU WILL STAND BEFORE GOD AND WHAT you think will be irrelevant then.

    AS FOR THE ETERNITY OF HELL????? that is another topic altogether, when you sin you alter reality as god would wish it to be the damage you are doing is actually incalculable

    Correct me if I'm wrong but doesn't the Bible say all sins are forgiven if one pledges faith in Jesus? So technically, evil people can go to heaven?

    read what i wrote i answered that question already... If you would pay attention you would not be asking me this remedial question

    My point is that the Bible god tolerates evil people in heaven too, proclaiming faith in Jesus can make up for dozens of rapes and torture murders in the afterlife lolol. There is no unforgivable sin according to the Bible, as long as one proclaims Jesus as savior, ANYTHING can be forgiven. There are many ironies to that.

    If you accept Christ in your heart you cannot be evil, you cannot do evil therefore evil people do not go to heaven it's not proclaiming faith that gets you into heaven

    LMAOOOOOO!!!! Are you fucking serious??? People who accept Christ into their hearts can't be evil??? Word??! How do you explain the Christian Nazis who did what they did, or the conquistadors who raped and pillaged? The Christian sex slave drivers who kidnap young kids to force them into all kinds of viciousness aren't evil? You may have lost your mind man.
  • Re: The devil loves you

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    I guess I'm the type of person to question things thoroughly before I believe in it, but I agree many things about life are great, without a doubt. I'm sure you can understand though why many people remain skeptical about the Christian viewpoint, it seems there's more questions then answers when I think about the Christian view. Maybe I have unrealistic ideas of what a god is supposed to be, but otherwise I don't see any evidence the Bible god is a real god at all. It seems just as active as my dead guinea pigs.

    I get that. It's all gravy. As long as you not like some ppl that go around purposely lying about the facts.

    I be praying that ppl come to their senses about the word but if a person won't be honest with themselves it's's like something ppl refuse to do these days it seem.

    Maybe your mind is completely made up already. I had a couple friends like that....some of them I'm no longer friends with. Not because I did anything wrong to them but just because my strong held biblical views...but at least I know the reason they don't wanna be friends isn't because I wasn't being real with em

    Yeah I got friends who are Christian and it's a shame you lost some friends over your beliefs, but I wouldn't stop respecting someone just because they have different religious beliefs then me. My homegirl (the chick on my avy) is herself Christian and sometimes after smoking weed she likes to get a little preachy on me, and she knows exactly how I feel about the Bible god but respect is respect.

    As far as my mind being made up, as I've said throughout this thread and others ones, I'm open to a god proving itself to me. But if my basic questions about life can't be answered, then my mind will remain closed to the Bible and whatever stories are in it. Believe it or not I myself prayed when I was younger to have my faith be increased, but all I felt was silence. Being honest with myself, I decided I can't believe what I don't see or feel. But congrats on being able to feel the Bible god's presence lol

    I appreciate that you question stuff though. Questioning is good, but it's better when someone around that know the right answer that can quickly help, since Christianity is a religion of teaching. and in the Bible it teach that belief (faith) is necessary, but that belief is based on "hearing" the truth. which Jesus said the word of God is (actually) truth...truth is what people really hungry for. majority of what is taught in mainstream CHristianity is watered down versions of this's missing the nutrients and substance. therefore it doesn't produce a true 'hearing' (understanding) in the ears of many non-christians with questions..and for many is probably why it lead to disbelief. gotta go to the source to get the real deal. Society and mainstream Christianity is not teaching yall how to fish.

    But i'm not gonna get too deep in the game, i'ma leave it alone for now. lol.

    I actually went to Catholic school when I was younger, went to one for about 10 years, elementary and first two years of high school, so I know the Bible very, very well. I've read it over and over and while I was always questioning things then, I was at one point a Christian.

    I've read it and I gotta be honest, many parts of the Bible disgusted me. There seem to be too many lies in it, remember what Jesus said about prayer? Didn't he say he'd come back "quickly"? 2,000 plus years later, nothing is going on. Million year old grudges? Nevermind the ridiculous things the Old Testament supports, the more I read it, the more I realized the Bible god is some kind of nutcase, not a reasonable being.

    I do agree mainstream Christianity is watered down, but that's because Christianity and the Bible have lost a ton of influence worldwide. If it wasn't for European colonization and them destroying the cultures and religions of millions around the world, a ton of people wouldn't even be Christian right now. Think about that.
    As for what Jesus said about prayer, not sure what verse you referring to...I assume you mean the verse where Jesus says if you ask anything in his name he will do it? The key to understanding this is in the meaning of 'in his name'. In his name means with his permission.

    Jesus saying he will come "quickly" if u referring to verses in Revelation the key is in the meaning of 'quickly'. It's translated from the Greek word "tachu". It don't necessarily mean "shortly" or "soon". It can also mean by surprise, or all of a sudden, which is consistent with other verses about the 2nd coming. It's the same word translated here: "As soon as she heard that, she arose quickly and came to Him" (John 11:29)

    Mentioning European colonization occurring doens't explain the reasoning why every individual choose Christianity as their religion of choice, plus it's purely hypothetical to imply that Christianity still wouldn't have spread if not for European colonization.

    Jesus still lied his ass off though several times, assuming the writers of the Bible even knew what Jesus was saying. How many years was the Bible written after Jesus' death in various books, 50 to 80 years?? It's possible Jesus never even said these things but supposedly, he is quoted as saying this about prayer....

    "Truly I say to you, if you have faith and do not doubt, you will not only do what was done to the fig tree, but even if you say to this mountain, `Be taken up and cast into the sea,' it will happen. "And all things you ask in prayer, believing, you will receive." (Matthew 21:21-22 NAS)

    Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks, receives; and the one who seeks, finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened. (Matthew 7:7-8 NAB)

    These are just outright, boldfaced lies, and it calls into question everything else written there. The verses speak for itself, EVERYONE who asks and SEEKS, the door WILL be opened. Umm, that hasn't happened for many around the world and I actually called out to Jesus on this very forum about a year ago, nothing happened.

    I'm sure the translators who mentioned Jesus coming "quickly" knew what they were doing, didn't divine inspiration make the Bible? Is the Bible full of human mistakes? What kind of "divine" book is this? Perhaps we should just admit the Bible is a man made book, full of human errors as any other book. The translation argument always hurts Christians because it makes it obvious the Bible was written by faulty humans, how can the book ever be trusted then.