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  • Re: Video:So your walking w/ your girl & some big brolic n!gga walks past & smack your girls cheek meat.

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    caddo man wrote: »
    A group of niggas is your real problem. That is when bravery crosses over to stupidity. Best case scenario is if dude friends really dont want trouble and leave the nigga out to dry. Worst case is getting jumped and they go after your girl. Never happened to me but I have disrespect niggas girls while in a crowd. Shit wasnt cool but I was young and dumb.

    niggas did me like that one night at a football game....was walkin thru wit my lil gf and somebody in a crowd of like 30 people yells "quit handcuffin that hoe mane!"


    i stopped, observed my situation, tallied the odds....


    and took my L like a man


    LOL no shame, you did the right thing bruh
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  • Re: Failed Marriages

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    Kwan Dai wrote: »
    marriage is one of the greatest things i have ever experienced. its also one of the hardest things. ever marriage is different. learn to communicate with your spouse.

    This... Just choose your wife wisely. Don't marry for Love. Marry a woman who is spiritually grounded, pious, business oriented, and challenges you to be the best Man you can be. Then be sure she is attractive to you and meets your standard of beauty. Lastly don't get involved with a woman who believes in this we are married for life bullshit. You put your all into your partnership and if it doesn't work out the both of you aren't treating each other like property.

    Nigga what the hell is the point of getting married if you think it won't be for life??

    I agree but people sometimes change and when they become different from the person we love, it's time to walk away. Sometimes people put on a good mask and masks can be built with lies, that's why love is not enough.

    People can fall in love with someone they never even met, so in the end, love is just an emotion. It's a great emotion/feeling but it's not enough for a good marriage. It has to be backed up with more concrete qualities that really stand the test of time.
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  • Re: Walgreens Employees Put Hands On An Alleged Shoplifter (Fair/Foul)

    Fair, if someone steals from me, I'm coming for that.....they did the right thing. Watch Walgreens bosses give them a bonus check on the low. I did security back in the day and can tell some funny stories.

    Steal stash from your local weed spot and see what happens but I agree the punching was excessive.
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  • Re: Iraqi troops suffer mass slaughter one mile from Baghdad: the general ISIS Chat thread

    Islamic State as a country/state is in big trouble now....coalition nations are gonna pour tons of bullets and bombs into Turkish bases, and America is gonna make it rain like crazy in ISIS territory. It's gonna be an interesting next few days
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  • Re: Am I The Only One Who Thinks Hilliary Clinton is more Full of SH## Than the Average Politician?

    Hillary is taking a beating in the polls, only 39% of Americans have a favorable view of her now.....even Democrats are not looking at her as favorable anymore

    WASHINGTON (AP) — More Americans now have an unfavorable than a favorable view of Hillary Rodham Clinton, according to a new Associated Press-GfK poll that finds negative ratings of the former secretary of state have increased over the past few months, especially among Democrats.

    Just 39 percent of Americans have a favorable view of Clinton, while 49 percent have an unfavorable view, according to the new survey. In an AP-GfK poll conducted at the end of April, 46 percent had a favorable opinion and just 41 percent had an unfavorable opinion of Clinton.

    --If these poll numbers for her keep going down, don't be shocked if a Republican eventually wins the presidency. I have a feeling more Democrats are gonna try to enter the race in the next few months.