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  • Re: shmurda and sha money xl arrested on drug trafficking charges

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    Police coming down on NYC crews heavy. They just took the entire block. It's wild that you all get a thrill out of seeing yet another black man thrown in jail. I know it's on him, but damn, you nigga's always talking about this that and the third is fake like you wanna see nigga's trip up. Hopefully he has enough legal money left over to make his Prison stay somewhat tolerable. What's even more crazy is his pops is down for the same reason. They were on some NY to FL Haitian Money & Violence shit. Good luck lil homey.

    Those arent "black men". Those are some NGGAS.

    Nggas make it hard for black men to get jobs, to get a fair shake in trials *ahem* etcetera, etcetera.

    And they arent being 'thrown in jail' like the system has wronged them. I dont wish this on nobody, but miss me with the Mandela no more apartheid speech my G


    Cops don't really differentiate btw the two bro, my bro has never been about that life and he's been harassed by cops and everything. He was stopped and frisked 3 times within an hour, and he's a regular dude who works a 9 to 5.

    Look what Amadou Diallo went through.
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  • Re: Do you practice a religion besides Abrahamic religions?

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    Jews adhere to the original text, how can you claim they're the confused ones?

    Because of the new testament.

    Jesus was a RABBI and made clear the Old Testament was to be followed if one wanted to have any chance of entering heaven. He told his followers over and over again to follow and obey the Old Testament laws, so technically, Jews are the ones being the most real with what your lord said.
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  • Re: Can Earth survive without religion or belief in God?

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    What religion did could have been done other ways, without the negatives that came along with it

    how??? nothing else existed there was no order that was especially true for western Europe. today some of the things religious organization did can be done by secular entities but the fact still remains that it was religion that started many of the things that help birth the modern world.

    Religious folk have done some good, I won't deny this but in the grand scheme of things, religion has held people back socially and morally. For every great religious person who started a school or library back then, there were more religious fools pushing for slavery, rape, and genocide for the sake of a religious book that matched their perverted and evil needs. If it wasn't for the Bible, Torah and Koran, I bet much of the horror and terrorism we see in the world today would be eliminated. Word to Boko Haram and the Christian Europeans who fucked the whole world up. The world is still suffering from the after effects of evil, Christian slavers and conquerors, who are glorified mass murderers.

    Or do you think it's a coincidence the biggest beefs in the world today revolve around Jews, Muslims, and Christians? The biggest ether against organized religion is how people in Abrahamic religions TREAT EACH OTHER
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  • Re: Can Earth survive without religion or belief in God?

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    Hell fucking no, LOL......

    When Christianity was big in America, America had govt sanctioned slavery, genocide, and oppression of people all over the western hemisphere. Religious fools in America and in Europe used the Bible to justify all kinds of terrorism and evil. If the Bible or Abrahamic god NEVER existed, human progress would have been accelerated. Muslim slave traders used the Koran to ruin lives all over Africa and the Middle East, while Europeans used the Bible to ruin lives all over the world. Organized religion has been one of the WORST things to ever happen to humans.

    Humans don't need religion to be civilized, that myth has been broken already, catch up.

    Was big in America??? Christianity is still big in America. And most abolitionist were Christian but you are correct the bible was misused . But from a totally objective standpoint religion has done more good.

    You hate the God of Abraham but I am
    Talking about religion period not just the religion you hate

    Christianity is "big" in America on a shallow level, most Christians do not take the Bible here seriously. But back when Americans DID take the Bible seriously (in larger numbers compared to now), American politicians EXPLICITLY used the Bible to support manfest destiny and slavery, oppression, and even stealing land. Now that Christianity isn't taken as seriously, people (for the most part) think these things are wrong in this country. I can post up quotes from various American politicians in the past who used the Bible to support everything I said.

    And non religious people in America are 25% of the population now, that number would have been unthinkable just 25 years ago. I expect the number to grow as time goes on.
  • Re: Can Earth survive without religion or belief in God?

    Poorly worded question. The Earth existed billions of years before humans much less religion arrived. I assume you mean society. Of course, humans, even in primitive hunter and gather tribes didn't need a holy book to tell them that killing other people was bad. In fact, religion retards society morally and technologically. Look how scientific advancement halted when religion ruled western society. we call this period of time "the dark ages" Look at non-religious Counties compared to ours like Sweden.

    Lots of truth to this, although I give credit to some Christians and Muslims who made big advancements in science in the middle ages. But religious die hards did hold back a lot of progress in the past, what Galileo went through is a perfect example.

    Muslims to this day in many areas in the Middle East don't even want girls to learn, despite the fact that women have made big discoveries in science, like Marie Cury. Non religious nations tend to have less beef with the world and get along better with other nations, unlike the religious ones like Israel and many of its fellow neighbors. And we all know how America acted when it was a religious nation, smh....

    I was actually going to bring up Galileo. Great point. Heliocentrism aka the earth being the center of the universe was a popular belief held by the church in spite of scientific findings. More harmful were the beliefs held by the church that illness was caused by "demons" as opposed microscopic organisms. It also begs the question, why didn't God put these things in the bible. He could have saved millions of lives.

    Notice @zombie‌ didn't dare to argue my point about morality. Morality has improved in-spite of the holy books. Things like slavery, violence to women and non-believers are endorsed. Especially in the bible. By the way, what type of science do you have a degree in?

    Bravo, great post. Couldn't have put it better myself.