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  • Re: [Update]Full Game and Beanie Sigel Leaked Phone Call About Meek Mill Beef

    its crazy how niggas dont care about this shit no more now that beans aint looking right...

    but when it was meek...shit went on for like 80 pages.

    this is my problem with shit like this...the hate for meek is some other level shit....

    and a nigga like me just trynna understand why....

    niggas aint have this much hate for this dude before nikki.....he was just overlooked.

    a nigga fukkin a certain type chick got alot of niggas in they feelings ....but if everyone fukkin dimes....what the problem is.

    think about many L's have niggas gave meek

    none for beans...
    none for game....
    none for sean kinston....
    hell niggas even gave 50 L's on some jealousy shit over a messed up court case when it was clear the judge was biased...

    yall niggas

    Yeah this is more or less true, I've given Meek a few L's these past few months but Beans deserve an L for this too. Like @Backinwhite said, you don't throw a brick and hide your hands. If Beans wasn't trying to beef, he should have minded his business to begin with and let Meek deal with Game on his own. Beans talking shit about Meek behind his back after making a diss track with him and copping pleas at the same time is pathetic. And I say this as a Beans fan.
  • Re: To those who believe in the power of prayer, does god or the heavens keep a waiting list?

    It's the people who go through trials and tribulations that have the most understanding, or hopefully they should if they spend any time in reflection rather than resentment. It's usually the people who've gone through some shit or who've have rough lives that seem to have more compassion/understanding for others pain and suffering. They can relate and 'feel their pain' and comfort them. For people who've never had to experience that, they lack so much imo, maybe even lack humanness or maybe soul, idk quite how to word that. But the lack is apparent and can be felt by others.

    You know so for your friend, while her situation is difficult and unpleasant maybe, she in the long run is gaining things that are invaluable, you can't pick up a book and gain that insight or wisdom, you have to live it to understand it. And those are the things imo that put people farther ahead on the path than someone who has coasted through life. And who knows what her path is, only god.

    My friend is actually very compassionate, she took care of her sister's daughter for a long time when her sister had some financial problems and in fact still takes care of her time to time when her sister can't find a babysitter. She's definitely a soulful person, into singing, poetry and everything. Maybe she is gaining something from all the struggles she's going through, wisdom in many ways I'm sure.

    I do agree some struggle in life is good because it can make you a stronger person, but some things I think are just too much for one single person to deal with, liker her situation. Miracles do happen though, on a luck level or spiritual level, hopefully she and others get that. Probably won't come from prayer, but just some good habits, science and hopefully luck. And you think "god" can see a person's path ahead of time?

    There is something up, because when I look back at my life or even others lives, hindsight is 20/20. Like everything happened as it should have or at the very least you see how one thing connects to the other. If the past is connected and brought me where I am today, I surmise my future is connected also. It's a perplexing notion for me, I do ponder it often how that could possibly be.

    Lol @ "god", remember I speak as vague about god as vague as "god" is. For me god is interchangeable with universe(and beyond), a broad name for a broad entity. Or as something higher or most high above myself.

    I sympathize with that because I've gone through some challenges in the past and it definitely made me stronger and wiser in many ways. From a near death experience to some silly fights growing up to some other things, I've definitely bounced back much stronger. My future is unknown to me and pretty much everyone else that's not a psychic, but hopefully it continues to go on a good path, which I'm optimistic it will be. My homegirl is optimistic too, despite everything she's going through, and I actually admire that. My uncle is probably screwed long term, but at least his kids will be taken care of.

    And I understand your concept of god, it is broad as you said and does include the universe. All of my prayers (all 4 or 5 of them lol) have been to the universe or "heavens" as I like to say, since I stopped being connected to any single religion. Who knows, maybe one day the universe will speak to me and explain why the world is the way it is! I look forward to that day.
  • Re: Kanye West Given Free Reign At This Weekend's MTV VMA's (VMA's Thread)

    I'm hoping Kim Kardashian will walk and dance around the stage naked as Kanye raps or something. Otherwise I'm sure I'm gonna be disappointed.
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  • Re: To those who believe in the power of prayer, does god or the heavens keep a waiting list?

    WYRM wrote: »
    They on call waiting and screening all our calls. Why?

    1 WYRM 411:420

    Get over it and solve your own damn problems, God ain't got time for our petty shit.--AMEN!

    I could respect a god feeling that way. It would be more honest then what a few other holy books say.
  • Re: Upcoming Original Netflix Series About South Bronx In The 70's(Hip Hop & Gangs)

    Nice, Bronx stand up!
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