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  • Re: Said It Like It Is: Tupac Shakur's Profound Words & The Relevance Of Today! R.I.P. Tupac Shakur

    no matter what pac still wanted to help black community unlike jayz who never say shit about whats going on .

    2pac spoke on Black issues a lot and I always loved that about him. Jay-Z doesn't speak up on it as much but he gained a lot of respect from me this week when it was found out he's been bailing out protestors who protested for Freddie Gray, Michael Brown and Eric Garner. He wired thousands of dollars to a fund that bailed out dozens or hundreds of them.
  • Re: Social Organizer Says Jay-Z Wired Tens of Thousands of Dollars To Cover Protesters Bails

    Nice job Jay-Z!!!!!

    **throws the diamond sign**
  • Re: Iraqi troops suffer mass slaughter one mile from Baghdad: the general ISIS Chat thread

    More proof this war is gonna turn into the neverending story.....America gets a little win in Syria and Iraq's govt says the very next day their largest province Anbar is about to fall into Islamic State hands lol....... Whatever happened to the days America could win its battles and wars in 3 or 4 years?

    Iraq's army has been getting billions a year for 12 years now, and they have been assisted with 6,000 fucking air strikes and American special forces, all this while America's rail system and infrastructure is old, falling apart, and becoming more and more prone to accidents. Word to Amtrak!

    Iraq's Anbar in 'total collapse', on brink of falling to Islamic State

    BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Islamic State militants overran one of the last remaining districts held by government forces in the Iraqi city of Ramadi on Sunday and besieged a key army base on the edge of the western provincial capital, security sources said.

    Anbar provincial council member Athal Fahdawi described the situation in Ramadi as "total collapse" and said local officials had voted in favor of the deployment of Shi'ite paramilitaries to the Sunni heartland.

    "Daesh fighters are in almost every street. It’s a chaotic situation and things are sliding out of control. Ramadi is falling into the hands of Daesh," the officer said.

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  • Re: The Notorious B.I.G.'s Verse On "Notorious Thugs"

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    So during this time my favorite artist were Bone and Pac by far boardeline stan status. I fucked with Biggie though I use to listen to Ready to Die everyday on my way to school. Damn I grew up in that era lol. But when I heard this shit my mouth dropped. Niggas talk about em murdering jay on his own shit. Biggie massacred these niggas with their style.

    One of the greatest verses in Hip Hop history. I might even put it as #1 because of context nobody new biggie could flow like that, shit was left field niggas was use to that slow laid back flow. When I read the credits I was like okay he got my niggas on here had no idea what he was about to do. Wasnt no leaks, blogs and shit back then. Hearing that song for the first time is a top hip hop moment for me.

    What was it like or what was Hip-Hop like when Ready to Die came out?

    NY was on FIRE when Ready to Die came out. Warning and Big Poppa Remix were played ENDLESSLY on the radio and you couldn't go 5 minutes without a car blasting at least one song from the album. Magical days, for real. Biggie was the unquestioned King of NY during those days, there was basically no debate.
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