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  • Re: Jay-Z Appreciation

    My 2nd favorite rapper of all time, at least 4 classic albums, Hove has done it all. One of the few rappers who has nothing left to prove.
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  • Re: Does anyone here believe in reincarnation?

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    Yes to both of your questions. At first it was a personal belief, perpetuated by A doctrine that had continually revealed itself to be true.

    But then I had my taste of it myself

    Interesting, how far back was this past life? How did these visions come to you, in a dream or something that you constantly envision? With the people I know who claim to have past lives, they usually say it's a bit of both.

    This has actually been my exact same experience, suprisingly. It began as a vision, rather mundane, I was sitting in a chair in a weird looking house, I was a Caucasian man. This happened to me when I was a teen.

    Fast forward around 10 years later, as I walked the path I began having dreams that were more surreal than any I could recall having, of being this same Caucasian man in the middle ages. There's no real way of me knowing the time frame but I'd say anywhere from probably 700-900 years ago.

    crazy thing about it is that it started happening when I started to tinker with the heart area energetically. This is significant because in Buddhist esoteric philosophy they instruct their initiates to focus on the heart exclusively. So their emphasis on reincarnation is no longer a coincidence in my experience.

    These are the kinds of insights that can only come from practicing, rather than intellectualizing, theological doctrine.

    Wow that's pretty incredible, what race are you, if you don't mind me asking? My ex was light skin Black but she recalled her past as a White woman in medieval Europe, and she claims she was a witch during this time period. She even remembers being thrown off a cliff as punishment for being a witch, even having nightmares about it. It was things she thought about when she was at work or wherever.

    Also, what do you mean by tinkering with the heart energetically? Is this during meditation?

    I'm black, Cameroonian descent. lol... Bruh I put it on my family the same shit happened to me in one of those dreams. I was being chased for practicing the occult lol... Don't know if I was killed for it or not but I guess it's likely. I was friends with a duke though so maybe I got away with it. Need to get deeper to find out.

    This is quite the synchronicity. But this happens a lot in this...

    Yea mediation technique. I'd say more but I don't want somebody reading this and fuck around and mess their self up

    That's crazy lol, I can only imagine what you've seen. You must feel a little bugged out when you see these visions as a Black man. But it's really amazing so many of these stories have so many similarities, my ex said she dated a knight or a prince during the time she was a witch, but he betrayed her. Her stories were very deep (and I admit to falling asleep several times listening to them, she was very vivid), but what's interesting is that she wasn't into meditation as far as I know. I suppose different things can trigger the events, as you said earlier.

    The most surreal part of the occult is participating in present day society knowing that at least 80 percent of people walk around believing that western science is the only valid way of looking at the world and those that think different only THINK so rather than know... It's a whole nother level when your beliefs are validated outside of the accepted theoretical paradigm

    It's especially a trip When the occult sciences ruled the world for the vast majority of our existence... It really is like the matrix in many ways.... There's a special bond made with people that have lived what u have and KNOW....

    Most of them think of normal people who are told what to believe about reality as less than dirt Ima be honest with u... But for me it just feels more like a specialization imo... Even though most humans are missing out on like 80% of what it means to truly be human... But I digress.

    You're definitely right on the occult sciences, it helped humans for most of our existence and has helped reveal many useful things about life in general. Looking at the world through only western eyes is a big mistake for anyone, there's a lot more to the world then what we can actually see. I'm definitely interested in learning more about different occult practices, I feel like there's so much more I can learn out there.

    From the ancient Romans to African and Mesoamerican communities, the occult has been crucial to human development. I get the feeling you're VERY deep into this.
  • Re: Does anyone here believe in reincarnation?

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    according to hinduism depending on how you live your life
    if you don't accumulate alot of bad karma, you are going to come bacc to a nice position after reincarnation

    And so we must just keep going and going until we finally evaporate or some shit.

    In some gnostic and Hindu train of thought, once a high enough karma is reached, one can become an angel, spirit king/queen or some other superhero type of shit. Not sure if that's true but it sounds interesting.
  • Re: If Bambatta Wig Ain't Split Within 72 Hours I Lose All Respect For The "Gangsta" Element in Rap

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    Dude molested hundreds of boys. Put out the hit. Put money on that nikkaz head stat. You Bronx nikkaz need to step up to the plate. We need to handle this shit in house.

    these nyc cats aint gone do shit. I still haven't seen any smoke or as much as a broken glass in Brooklyn let alone seen any pig blood spilled after the chink pig got away with murder. from the bx to the bk them fags are shook. they talk all that tough guy fake gangsta shit but none of these "gangstas" have avenged eric garner or akai gurley. as long as bam, chinck eyed pigs and george zimmerman walk around untouched nyc "gangstas" will get as much respect from me as florida "gangstas"

    As a NY dude, this shit is bothering me too. I'm dying to do some shit myself but too many people rely on me right now. But I truly feel what you're saying, Charles Pantelao and Peter Liang should all be smoked right now.
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  • Re: NYPD pig who killed unarmed Akai Gurley to facing sentencing. Update: Judge gives him 5yrs probation

    Looks like the Judge and District Attorney found a "chink in the amour" in the case.

    This fucker immediately called his union head after the shooting, while neglecting his duties (administering life-saving techniques to Akai Gurley).

    It's bewildering to me how all those Asian protesters are out there with their pitchforks, eyes blood-shot red filled with tribalism & ethnocentrism as the default instinct. Pesky facts of the case apparently mean nothing to them. They just want a piece of that good ole "white privilege", that's given to white officers when they murk an unarmed black man.

    This yellow-back pussy should have never been a cop.

    He was sacred shitless in the pink houses. Fired his gun at the first sight--shadow of a silhouette, then chucked his professional posture out the window and went straight into cover up mode.

    If Akai Gurley was my relative.....I'd be on some Samuel Jackson "A time to kill shit."

    If this bullshit happened to my brother or someone I was close to, best believe I would be on a fucking rampage right now. These cops really need to be taught a lesson, this is getting ridiculous. The system is totally set up for cops to literally get away with anything, and it's about time we check them. I'm gonna celebrate and throw a party if I hear some news about NYPD cops getting shot or stabbed up, for real. Enough is enough.
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