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  • Re: Is it fair to say that the gods or our higher power is lazy? Or just incapable?

    Speaking of the devil, a Satanist created an interesting website. He worships Lucifer, and actually argues that if god exists, then it likely is evil haha. Not saying I agree with this, but it's very interesting
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  • Re: Is it fair to say that the gods or our higher power is lazy? Or just incapable?


    I just finished reading the book Sapiens.....I gotta say, after reading it, I lost a lot of respect for humanity. Of course, humanity has accomplished a lot, but at the terrible sacrifice, torture and misery of billions of other living things on Earth. Including other humans, but especially farm animals. The chapters in which he describes the human farming system was pretty shocking to me. Humans in general treat other living things very badly.

    The author seems to be an atheist, which is very understandable, considering the world we live in. On that note, based on human history, if there are any gods out there, maybe they feel humans don't deserve intervention or help. After reading the book, I can understand why any gods out there may have abandoned us.

    Then again, what does that say about the forces that created humanity? If we are indeed made in "god's" image as some religions say, then god must be one scary motherfucker. Great book, that last chapter was deep. One of the top 5 best books I've ever read.
  • Re: Is it fair to say that the gods or our higher power is lazy? Or just incapable?


    The book came in last night. It's a lot bigger then I thought lol, but I've read a good amount of pages so far, very incredible.

    I can tell this could be a life changing book, I'm only afraid that it's gonna horrify me, humans didn't get this far by being nice, that's for sure.
  • Re: Is it fair to say that the gods or our higher power is lazy? Or just incapable?

    excerpt from a book im reading..

    "Monotheists have to practise intellectual gymnastics to explain how an all-knowing, all-powerful and perfectly good God allows so much suffering in the world.

    One well-known explanation is that this is God’s way of allowing for human free will.

    Freedom of will allows humans to choose evil. Many indeed choose evil and, according to the standard monotheist account, this choice must bring divine punishment in its wake.

    If God knew in advance that a particular person would use her free will to choose evil, and that as a result she would be punished for this by eternal tortures in hell, why did God create her?

    For dualists, it’s easy to explain evil. Bad things happen even to good people because the world is not governed single-handedly by a good God."

    Makes a lot of sense, what book is that?

    I remember believing in one god a very long time ago and ALWAYS playing mental gymnastics in my head lol.....

    Like how a single good god could watch the world in the shape it's in now and yet do nothing. I don't see ANY sense in believing in a single, good god anymore. Not sure how anyone can believe in such a god, unless one can accept it ALSO being a very lazy or perhaps heartless god. Then it wouldn't be so good.


    not necessarily about religion, but homo sapien as a whole i guess. good read though, especially for those that think objectively

    Sounds wild interesting, I'm a history fanatic so I should cop that.

    The human experience is so different for so many around the world, I wonder what the book says about human history and our desire to create so many different religions and belief systems in general. Back in ancient times, people almost universally believed in multiple gods, but times have changed.

    definitely worth the read

    The reviews are incredible online.....I'm gonna order it this weekend, props. I'll post my thoughts on it hopefully not too long from now.
  • Re: "I Fear I May Have Integrated My People Into a Burning House" - Martin Luther King Jr.

    janklow wrote: »
    I think the Civil Rights generation did what they could. They helped give us opportunities we've never seen before, access to more government funds and protection that we never had before.
    there's also a distinction possibility that, while systemic problems still exist, people don't realize how much BETTER things are than before the civil rights generation.

    In the grand scheme of things, this is true, financially at least. This is why I don't put down MLK or his non-violent peers of the past, I don't agree with everything they did or said, but they without question helped Blacks more then hurt.