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  • Re: KINGDOM COME!!! Are you a sheep or are you a goat?

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    The easiest way to find out whether one is sheep or goat is to simply check the tail...

    Hopefully DOU understands this someday.
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  • Re: Christian: "Logic is the devil's work and has nothing to do with faith"

    It's weird cuz I had relatives who told me the same thing. They said I "think too much" and that's the reason I don't believe. I asked them, am I supposed to turn dumb to believe in Christianity? They got real silent after that.
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  • Re: Mystic claims WWlll will begin on may 13

    SMH at that fake ass mystic
  • The Pope admits that sometimes he loses this common among Christians or others?

    The Pope himself, a famous Christian, admitted that sometimes he doesn't even have faith in his own religion. I find that interesting as a non-religious person because I stopped being Christian at age 15 or 16 for losing faith myself. He also admitted that he re-discovers his faith after some time, but for even the Pope himself to doubt his own religion at times at his age of 80 something is stunning to me. I would understand a regular person losing faith, but the leader of a church with millions of followers?

    Is this the case of reality coming through for the Pope? For anyone who is Christian or believes in a god, do you have moments where you doubt your god is even real? As a secular person, I tend to believe there is something out there, but never truly sure if it is a god or not.

  • Re: The Pope admits that sometimes he loses this common among Christians or others?

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    doubt is extremely common and takes different forms but for most people it's temporary even peter doubted

    That's what I always found a little strange about Christianity, people are supposed to believe, but for many, there is no compelling reason to believe. And I think the Pope at times himself feels there is nothing to back up his faith. Obviously he's still a Christian but it's a little funny that even the Pope says he himself doesn't really believe at times. I didn't know doubt among Christians was EXTREMELY common, interesting.

    I guess many Christians are getting impatient waiting for Jesus' return......

    If the people in the Bible doubted and had crisis of faith what makes you think that people today won't. The people in the Bible are like role models so if they messed up, don't you think we would too.

    Most Christians who are pre-occupied with the end times or in the return of Jesus are missing the point.

    With the foundation Jesus laid out for his followers, I would have thought that the POPE of all people would not have these kinds of doubts. To be a Pope, I would think that person has years and years of study and dedication to the Bible to believe 100% that his faith is real. Instead, he revealed he still has doubts up until this day.

    Pope Francis seems to yearn for his god to be more active, you think he's looking at Jesus the wrong way? Should Christians not expect their god to be active?

    The pope is not more faithful than peter and even peter doubted that's in the bible itself.... so you really should not think that the pope in 2017 is more faithful than peter.

    peter walked with Jesus and was still weak so this pope is no better. God is active but god being active the way we wish him to is just an example of man's pride and arrogance.... which are sins i expect all men even the pope to suffer from to some degree which could be why his faith faltered in the first place.

    I can understand Peter doubting, he knew what the prophecies were for the Jewish messiah. But since Jesus supposedly died and rose from the dead, his disciples should have laid the foundation for Jesus being the "savior". But the foundations the disciples laid out aren't even good enough for the Pope himself! He doubts the foundations of his own faith "often" and doesn't really seem prideful and arrogant.

    He actually seems like a mostly humble person, so his faith faltering so publicly is a little shocking to many people worldwide. Peter probably had doubts in his last days too to be fair, but in the year 2017, I would think the foundations of Christianity are pretty concrete. Yet Pope Francis isn't concrete in his own beliefs LOL, WOW. Very interesting.