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  • Re: Atheists/Agnostics

    HMMMMmmmmmmmmm, where do I start.

    1. Pedophile prophets/senseless war starters(none of their followers have an issue with this lol)
    2. Treating women like property and 2nd class citizens
    3. There's a million religions who all think they right and the others are wrong
    4. The most tragic moments in human history came from religion being involved some kind of way
    5. Pregnant virgins
    6. People walking on water
    7. Dividing people
    8. Talking snakes
    9. Magical garden that has never been found
    10. No mention of the dinosaurs or other planets in the galaxy
    11. Constant retellings over the years
    12. Shitloads of inconsistencies and just flat out fake shit
    13. A woman coming from a mans rib bone
    14. Makes people think they are better or know more about the world than others
    15. Most Religious people/religions(not all) usually denounce common sense(like science)
    16. It's pretty much nothing but a hustle now at days or just makes people feel better about being a fuck up
    ETC ETC......

    All that shit I listed is fucking madness. The people who follow it look like mindless drones to the free thinking people of the world. religion hasn't progressed shit!!! It's actually held us back when you really take a look at history.

    On some real real real shit though. I'm just gonna say this as clear as possible. 90% of all you "enlightened" religious folks are fake as fuck and you really aint bout that religious life. If you actually are, you aint 100% comfortable with it. Y'all aint no different from us none religious folks, except the fact that we don't think we're going to a better place than the rest of human kind when we die.

    And don't say you aint fake and break the rules of your faith every fucking minute every day. WE ALL KNOW YOU OR SOMEBODY LIKE YOU!! So more than likely you aint no special case. We see the fakeness all day everyday with y'all on here and everywhere else.

    You are not special!
    You're not a beautiful and unique snowflake!
    You're not your job!
    You're not how much money you have in the bank!
    You're not the car you drive!
    You're not the contents of your wallet!
    You're not your fucking khakis!
    You're the same decaying organic matter as everything else!
    We're all part of the same compost heap!
    We're all singing, all dancing crap of the world.

    Very blunt but you basically kept it hood and real, I've never been fooled by religious type people. Religious mufuckas usually don't even take their own religion seriously, so why should anyone else. And looking at religious folk historically, like jihadi groups that oppress minorities in Nigeria and elsewhere, or disgusting Christians who historically have been the most savage and despicable group of people to ever walk the Earth, I can say with great confidence organized religion and its impact worldwide has been extremely negative.

    How PATHETIC the biggest colonialists and genocide fanatics the last few hundred years belong to Christian groups. How amazing is it that Christian nations historically have been the most bloodthirsty and craven for blood and genocide compared to others. It just goes to show that religion in the end means almost NOTHING when it comes to improving behavior. Word to American Christian slave owners who enjoyed rape and violence, along with Christian pilgrims who used their Bible to justify the destruction, murder and genocide of Native Americans. Fuck all that organized religion shit.
  • Re: Atheists/Agnostics

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    What's good IC,

    This thread is for my atheist/agnostic brothers and sisters out here.

    Atheists/agnostics, list the reasons you don't believe in a Higher Power/God/Creator/Most High or whatever title you choose (or don't choose). Especially dealing with biblical doctrine.

    Also What is your concept or idea of (a) God(s)?

    I believe in a higher power but not the Abrahamic God. I use the terms God, Jah, Higher Power, etc. for namesake. I know that there is something that created the world we live in. I do not believe that there is one God because people have different beliefs/customs/rituals which define/govern their lives. Who am I to say that they are wrong because they don't have the same belief system as me.

    I have chosen to take a more spiritual/self examination approach to life. Religion (by definition a set of beliefs that is held by a group of people) has broken the seam of intellectual thinking. I have had several experiences over my lifetime that have shaped the way that I feel and think about religion.

    One of the major issues for me with religion is that there are too many questions that cannot be answered to my liking. And yes I said my liking because in order for me to fully accept something I must have a complete understanding or at least a concrete understanding of what I am getting myself into.

    Especially the bolded. (although to my liking.. well maybe just answers in general) And whenever I have questioned a member of a church or relatives etc, the answer is always that you must have faith and if you don't have faith then you don't believe. I find it interesting that many I have talked to want me to accept all of this on faith when I don't accept many areas of my life on just blind faith.
    It feels like sometimes we humans are taught to question everything but religion.

    *I will say that I have just found this thread and still reading through the answers, glad to see a good discussion on this topic so far*

    Pretty much how I feel, if the answers don't satisfy me, there's no point in me believing in it or taking it seriously.
  • Re: If you had to live on an Island the rest of your life, WHO WOULD U PICK ?

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    2Pac's greatest songs> Nas' greatest songs

    no rapper speaks to your soul like Pac. Nas could make music for another 10 years and he still won't surpass Pac's classic songs.

    Co-sign all the way
    ninetiesMr 202
  • Re: Is overpopulation the world's biggest problem now?

    Seansauce wrote: »
    Yeah we are way overpopulated in the sense that we can't all live peaceful in our current worlds model at the rate we are growing. Of course there is room to accommodate but it becomes about resources, being able to offer lives to the increasing number of people. As the population increases it just creates a larger gap between the rich and the poor which will end up being the biggest problem associated with over population. Countries will cripple fast.

    You nailed it and as I'm watching the news these days, this seems to be slowly becoming obvious to many. Nations worldwide as I've said here before are unable to properly take care of many of their citizens, some scientists even say global warming is part of the reason the wars in Syria are going on right now. Brutal weather/droughts wiped out a lot of farming in many areas there and also around the world, causing displacement and ugly competition between diff people. Water, clean water at least, is not available in big enough numbers at this time.

    If even Germany is complaining about the many people coming into its borders these days, imagine how bad poor nations are gonna have it when millions and millions of people don't have enough water or land or housing to themselves. Not sure how water scare nations are gonna handle the avalanche population wise that's about to come, but I hope they find a way to do so.
  • Re: Who's on the Mt. Rushmore of Rap?

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    'nuff said

    Jay cant be on mt rushmore for the stealing bigs rhymes.

    Snoop dogg>>>>>>jayz

    shit is insulting. Snoop is a tier below Jay.
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    Cybertr0n wrote: »

    Replace Jay with Rakim.

    Jay was nicer than Rakim, no explanation necessary.

    Snoop make better music than jay thats for damn sure. What jay albums fucking with doggstyle, the doggfather, da last meal, and da game is to be sold not told.

    I'm on the fence on Jay making an album better then Doggystyle, but American Gangster and Hard Knock Life Vol 2 are better then any other album Snoop ever made. Won't even bother mentioning Reasonable Doubt, it's not even fair.