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  • Re: "I Fear I May Have Integrated My People Into a Burning House" - Martin Luther King Jr.

    janklow wrote: »
    I think the Civil Rights generation did what they could. They helped give us opportunities we've never seen before, access to more government funds and protection that we never had before.
    there's also a distinction possibility that, while systemic problems still exist, people don't realize how much BETTER things are than before the civil rights generation.

    In the grand scheme of things, this is true, financially at least. This is why I don't put down MLK or his non-violent peers of the past, I don't agree with everything they did or said, but they without question helped Blacks more then hurt.
  • Re: Best hype man

    5 Grand wrote: »
    Tony Yayo and Memphis Bleek were actually rappers with albums.

    Flavor Flav was just a hype man.

    Flav rapped on a lot of songs though.....
  • Re: Tupac Biopic "All Eyez On Me"

    This was one of the best movies I've seen in a while

    What's with the fake outrage?

    Seriously everyone that's saying they left out alot.

    What exactly did they leave out?

    My thoughts exactly, what did they leave out, outside of the marriage? I wish they mentioned the marriage but outside of that, the movie was powerful and from what I saw, most people in the theater loved it. The 2pac songs and the ways it fit in the scenes was real powerful too, especially when Dear Mama and Brenda's Got a Baby was played. Otherwise, they covered about 95% of the major events in Pac's life, that's a hella good percentage for a two hour plus movie.

    Right and people were praising straight outta Compton but they left out more.

    1. No mention of Michelle
    2. No mention of Dre and Eazy disses
    3. Completely wrong timeline with pac
    4. No mention of Dre's violence against women
    5. Dre being a super thug
    6. No mention of Bone except for a tape at the end. No mention of them prior
    7. Eazy being broke when he was obviously richer than Dre and still made money of him

    I actually liked All Eyez On Me more then Straight Outta Compton, though the acting in SOC may have been slightly better as a whole. But yeah SOC left out a lot......

    After Jada Pinkett said she didn't like the image of Pac in the movie, I guess a lot of people just started getting bad expectations, but 2pac was a complex character. The way he was around her may have been very different around other people. The image of 2pac I had was actually what I saw in the movie, I think the portrayal of Pac was mostly on point. The only thing that baffled me was that Puff was nowhere to be seen in the movie, but outside of that, all the major players were there.
    Busta Carmichael
  • Re: KINGDOM COME!!! Are you a sheep or are you a goat?

    b'mer... wrote: »
    The easiest way to find out whether one is sheep or goat is to simply check the tail...

    Hopefully DOU understands this someday.
    soul rattler
  • Re: Christian: "Logic is the devil's work and has nothing to do with faith"

    It's weird cuz I had relatives who told me the same thing. They said I "think too much" and that's the reason I don't believe. I asked them, am I supposed to turn dumb to believe in Christianity? They got real silent after that.
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